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At Dilate, we’re automotive specialists. We’ll bring you more leads than you could have ever imagined with powerful web design and sales funnels tested for years to get you results. We know how to get cars moving almost as fast as Nicolas Cage in Gone in 60 seconds.

We’ll help you move your cars to more customers with our specialised automotive lead generation techniques and sales funnels. Want to know the nitty gritty?


adwords basics


  • (Google Adwords) Target your audience
  • (Facebook Advertising) Custom and Creative Image Ads
  • (Display Advertising) Huge Reach
  • Landing page design
  • Monthly spend reports
Seo Services Perth


  • Keyword Analysis
  • Page Optimisation
  • Link Building
  • No limit on target keywords
  • Easy to understand reporting
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  • Powerful & interactive digital experiences
  • Represents you aesthetically
  • Responsive for mobile devices
  • Maintenance packages
  • Help and ticketing system


  • Stick in your audiences mind
  • Complement to any existing lead funnel
  • Customise design based online interests
  • Lookalike audiences on Facebook
  • Creative ads provided
email marketing software


  • Strong Reporting Functionality
  • Build Customer Relationships
  • User-Friendliness
  • Self serve software platform
  • Automatically capture data from web leads
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  • Loyalty Marketing
  • Sales and Service
  • Mobile Websites
  • Use emails to reply to texts
  • Keyword triggers and response sms



  • In a world were we rely heavily on Business via the internet you need the right people giving you the right advice. Bodie Czeladka is that person. Bodie and the team at Dilate have helped City Subaru become Perth's number 1 Subaru Dealer in a few short months. Don't waste time and money with those who talk the talk. Call Bodie now and let him show you how to walk the walk.
    John NossiterSubaru
  • City Subaru has been working with Dilate since 2013, and in the shortest of timeframes saw a huge impact on our businesses bottom line. Dilate came in and completely revamped our website and did so with lead generation taking precedent. We saw a ten-fold increase in converting leads.
    Ben Sporn
    Ben Sporn( New Car Sales Manager, City Subaru )
  • allcredit has been in Dilate's hands for a while now, and they have helped us build, market and now scale our business to the point we're receiving 1000+ leads per month! They handle our branding, web design and web development, and their landing pages convert amazingly!
    Daniel Schram
    Daniel Schram( Manager, allcredit )
  • The very nature of the car business is so competitive that any advantage you can have over other dealers is a must to stay ahead of the pack. The new web site and mobile site was set up in just days and the response was immediate. The changes saw a four fold increase in leads!
    Sean Allan( Honda )
  • Wanneroo Mazda have been working with Bodie and the team at Dilate since July 2013. They created a professional, easy to navigate website and mobile site for our business and continue to support us in web design, hosting and support and online marketing. Changes are prompt!
    Neil Forsyth( Wanneroo Mazda )

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We became the number 1 Subaru distributor in WA

Thanks to Dilate, by the third month we’d been working with them, we cracked 100 cars and now we’re the number 1 Subaru distributor in WA.

City Subaru worked closely with Dilate to funnel viewers to their site through concentrated ad campaigns and convert them to leads with persuasive design and copy.

Read more about how Dilate got City Subaru rolling strong...

City Subaru is an extremely well-performing Subaru dealership. They are an authorised dealer of the innovative and popular WRX STi.

Dilate began this project by designing and developing a new website for City Subaru. We kept some functional elements from their previous website and styled it all with a fresh and sleek new appearance. We showcased the Subaru vehicle range using photographs and review-style text to create a vibrant and exciting ambiance.

This was a vast improvement on the feature listing style used on many dealership sites. This move away from flat data style text allowed the vehicles to have greater appeal to both the car enthusiast and novice buyer.

We also developed an AdWords Pay-Per-Click campaign for City Subaru. Working with a sales funnel, we could ensure the investment of marketing funds was an immediate return on investment and that the strategy was scalable.

Once the website and marketing campaign was established and optimised, the team at Dilate then assumed responsibility for the maintenance and management of the SEO, marketing and website lead collation.

All our combined efforts resulted in a sleek and attractive live website, a marketing strategy that continues to be planned and implemented for maximum online visibility, and a constant and growing stream of visitors and leads. The City Subaru team can effectively concentrate their efforts on their core business, secure in the knowledge that new online customers can easily find them.


We’re receiving 600+ leads per month!

Dilate helped us build, market and now scale our business to the point we’re receiving 600+ leads per month.

Not only did we build allcredit (an automotive finance company) a fantastic modern website, we created an unbeatable finance sales funnel and developed an easy system for them to manage the mountains of leads they now receive on a regular basis.

Read more about how Dilate created a leads volcano for allcredit...

allcredit is a lender specialising in vehicle finance. The company has over twenty years of collective experience in securing automotive finance solutions.

Despite their experience, allcredit was in dire need of establishing a strong online reputation and brand. They were looking to commission a website which reflected their friendly, fresh and easy-to-understand approach to assisting clients with their finance solutions.

We kept the design of the website simple to ensure optimum ease of use for new and existing clients. We began a strategy to establish the allcredit brand online by utilising the phenomenal power of social media. We created a Facebook page and ensured all the content and posts were both light-hearted and fun. This challenged the conventional view that lenders are intimidating and unapproachable.

We also commissioned a professional ghost writer to compose a number of finance themed articles, designed to provide engaging information and answer common finance questions and queries. This immediately established allcredit as an authority in all aspects of finance solutions.

We also established an AdWords Pay Per Click campaign for allcredit, and working with a strong sales funnel we ensured the investment of marketing funds was an immediate return on investment.

With Dilate’s help, allcredit now has an attractive and effective website in place. Their online marketing strategy promotes their brand so that the allcredit team can focus on their continuous stream of leads. Dilate continues to maintain their marketing strategy, social brand and website.



You need any advantage you can have to stay ahead.

The very nature of the car business is so competitive that any advantage you can have over other dealers is a must to stay ahead.

We had Peel Honda’s new mobile-responsive website set up in just days and the visitor response was immediate. Together we saw a four-fold increase in “actual leads” coming into the dealership from visitors to the site.

Read more about how Dilate sent Peel Honda skyward...

Peel Honda is a smaller dealership based in Mandurah who are now performing on par with many of their Perth-based peers.

Dilate began this project by designing and developing a new responsive website for Peel Honda. We carried over many elements from their older, more restricted website and made our own changes to the appearance and calls to action to guide viewers in to the range of fantastic vehicles. We accomplished this with clearer layouts for car pages and an easily accessible specials section.

This was a great step up from the previous iteration of their website, which was disorganised, out-dated and made it difficult to add dynamic elements and information.

We also worked with Peel Honda to establish a very strong AdWords campaign to lead website visitors through to call-to-actions for their specific tastes in vehicles.

Dilate continues to monitor and manage Peel Honda’s advertising, website and search performance to ensure they get the best from their more local and Perth-based audiences.

The result for the dealership is a strong web presence which puts them at the forefront of Honda dealers in WA and encourages visitors based on their professionalism and customer service, as well as an advertising strategy that keeps them fresh and continues to drive leads to their site.

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