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Project Overview

Cablesmiths are a company in the audio visual space, their primary product being bespoke AV cables. If you’ve never seen backstage at a music event, just know the spaghetti of cables and wiring is enough to send anyone crazy. With so many different makes and models of speakers, microphones, instruments and controllers, all using different fittings, connecting it all together becomes a real challenge. Enter custom cables, the only real solution to the absolute rats nest that ensues if you try and put it all together with off-the-shelf components and products.

This is a story about one of the greatest challenges we’ve tackled so far, and a product we built we’re absolutely stoked with. In 2019, Cable Smiths approached us with a unique problem in a very interesting space. They wanted to make the traditionally complex and difficult activity of ordering custom AV cables easy, intuitive and visually engaging. We were the people they chose to make the incredibly hard… easy, with a bespoke, world class tool to match bespoke, world class products. 

Cable Smiths


Ordering custom cables has always been a painful process, the online builders out there are all multi-page, form-filled and clunky- you’re never quite sure if you’ve ordered the correct cable. Things get lost in translation, so you call to speak with someone in person, two weeks later the bespoke cable arrives on your doorstep just in time for the concert. It doesn’t fit.


That’s the reality of the situation, and really highlights the difficulty of custom cable ordering. There’s never been an app, website, or any other tool that allows customers to build their custom cable in a responsive, intuitive and visually engaging way. Until now. We built Cablesmiths a fully custom-coded tool that operates seamlessly and smoothly- visually rendering a custom cable in real time for the customer to see exactly what they’re ordering, with an instant quote displayed alongside. 

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At the briefest glance, the team here at Dilate built Cablesmiths an awesome tool that enables their customers to create and order their perfect, bespoke cable. But it goes way deeper than that. When we do things, we go the full mile- covering every base and building everything with full integration- in line with our mission of delivering maximum value to our clients. The Cablesmiths website is built on shopify, a brilliant platform for ecommerce. Shopify is traditionally quite a vanilla platform, built for usability and speed. Essentially, you plug your products in, make it look great and go for it, it integrates well with inventory and payment processing providers, and takes most of the hassle out of building an ecommerce storefront.

Cable Smiths
Cable Smiths
The Solution


Our team popped the bonnet, and supercharged it. Brian, the owner of Cablesmiths, doesn’t dropship or get the cables made in China- he orders parts, and builds the orders himself. This means that his cables are built correctly and with care, but it also means keeping inventory of the parts he uses and will need to fulfill orders can quickly get out of hand. Our Dev team not only delivered a brilliant user experience to the customer, but untangled the inventory management side of custom cables. Not only does the custom program work seamlessly with Shopify, but we also integrated it with TradeGecko. It’s an excellent inventory management tool that brings many quality of life features, including stock level management and easy re-ordering from suppliers. 

We could go on about the benefits of the tool from a marketing and sales perspective- increased engagement, a seamless user experience leading to an industry-topping conversion rate, but you get the picture.

Ready to maximise your sales funnel, streamline your ecommerce process and raise that bar for user experience in your market? Give us a challenge.

We dare ya.

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