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Bespoke Shopify Web Design

Bespoke Shopify web design

We’ve had the pleasure of building some really wild things with Shopify that even we didn’t think were possible- until a client asked us to do it. Interactive, responsive tools with real time visual rendering? You got it. We love a challenge, and Shopify allows you to set one as crazy as you’d like. Whatever vision you have our Shopify Experts in Australia can make it happen.

With multi-talented design and development experts at Dilate Digital, and brilliant teams to support them, we can leverage decades of cumulative experience to make your design goals a reality. A eCommerce site doesn’t need to sacrifice functionality to look amazing. We make sure that’s what you get. The best creative minds in the space can help you find the answer you’re looking for, and Shopify will give you the solid foundation to sell the digital realm.

Do It Right with Certified Shopify Experts

Do it right with certified Shopify experts

Shopify is easy to use- that’s one of it’s biggest selling points. Shopify has become the Apple of the eCommerce world by providing a brilliant product that enables anyone to launch their own online shop. But while anyone can take a store live in a couple of hours, there’s a thousand tricks and tips that’ll ensure you receive the most out of the platform. Dilate is a certified Shopify Experts, meaning that we’ve got the inside access and have put in the time to learn how to sqeeze the most of Shopify as a tool.

It’s true that for every need there’s probably an app to help you do it, but finding exactly the right one out of many can be time consuming and frustrating. As a Shopify Expert specialist, we’ve already got it figured out, and can go straight to the good stuff. If the answer you’re looking for isn’t there? Then we’ll make it. An in-depth understanding of Shopify at a fundamental level means we can tweak the code, or re-write new stuff that’ll give you the solution you need.

One of the main benefits of using a Shopify expert to build your website and provide support, is that you get access to all of the knowledge they’ve learned through trial and error. Don’t bother making the same mistakes as every other new user of the platform and skip straight to the good bits. Having our experts to consult with and implement your ideas means you can get maximum conversion potential at launch, rather than having to spend time figuring it out and trialling new product page layouts, descriptions, user flow and more. Using an experienced person to build your new online store will provide the best return on investment, and minimise needless expenditure. They can walk you through the set up procedures and explain the charges and costs associated, and if anything breaks? Only a phone call away.

If you’ve got a need for speed, don’t spend hours trying to figure it out and get it all set-up, that’s costing you money in time and lost sales. Get in touch, and we’ll get it done fast.

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It’s Super

It’s Super

Shopify is incredibly easy to use. It’s designed to enable businesses, small and large, to sell their products online. An all-in-one solution, from creating products, cart checkout, payment and delivery processing. There has never been a better way to sell products online.

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Your customers are everywhere, right? Well, as Shopify experts we can take your Shopify store to them. Never miss an opportunity again, whether it's through Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest; your shopify store can sell everywhere.

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Shopify is more connected than Donald Trump. I guess being the Industry Leader has its perks. Using our Shopify expertise you can maximise brand and sales by connecting to a range of Shopify Plugins. From Reviews, After Pay, Loyalty Programs etc you will have every chance of selling online.

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Ready for

Ready for

Not all online selling platforms are made equal and there is a reason we chose to be Shopify Experts in Australia. Ok, it's simple - Shopify is a marketer's dream. Whether you want each product to be SEO optimised, want to run Google Shopping or Dynamic Remarketing, Shopify was built to Win...and well, we like winning 😉

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Shopify, even before custom solutions and world-class tinkering from Dilate Digital, is proven to convert. The platform is fast, secure, looks amazing and delivers results. As the Apple of eCommerce, Shopify has provided a solution so far ahead of its competitors they’re not even in the picture. Shopify ecommerce stores consistently perform best-in-class.

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The Market Leader in Shopify Marketing

The market leader in Shopify Marketing

There are many other shopping solutions out there, all offering different layouts, pricing, web hosting and unique features. After trialling all of them, and extensively using big competitors like a WordPress CMS website with a WooCommerce plugin, there’s a good reason we’ve stuck with Shopify. It’s just the best one out there, by a long way. Shopify is the industry leader for SME’s, largely due to its ease of use and holistic approach. Shopify has all the essential tools built in, and simplifies the whole process of selling online.

Out team of experts have over a decade of experienc in building and marketing websites, we’ve picked up a few things and settled on a few favourites. When building a website for eCommerce purposes, it’s important to go with something that’s SEO friendly from the outset, and has great integration and optimisation ability for things like retargeting and customer retention. Shopify offers all that and more, and the built-in dashboard makes marketing efforts even more streamlined and efficient.

Offering something other than a typical physical product? At a first glance it might seem that Shopify is primarily for selling physical products. While it’s true that Shopify was built with this purpose in mind, and in its native form (before tinkering), that’s what it’s most suited for. But with only a little fiddling it’s just as easy to sell services, appointments or digital products. Take your consulting practice completely online with easy appointment booking and payment processing, and automated email flows to provide instructions for a virtual meeting.

shopify experts australia's #1 agency

Australia’s #1 Shopify agency

However, having a great website and high-quality products is only the start of the game. Do really sell effectively with Shopify and expand your business, you’ll need to get it out there. The best way to do that quickly is with Paid Media Advertising, or PPC (Pay-per-click), with Facebook and Google Ads. Shopify integrates excellently with these paid advertising providers, and it’s best-in-class mobile responsiveness means our marketing experts can quickly turn people browsing on their phones into happy customers.

frequently asked

It depends on the level of customisation you want to do to your Shopify store.

If you wanted a simple store with a theme and products set up and not much else, our experts could take as little as 2-3 weeks.

But if you have an established eCommerce web store that you wanted to overhaul, bring to Shopify, with a heavily customised design and you needed the whole platform migrated and setup with backend automations, this could take 3-4 months.

Shopify has ready-to-go integrations with tons of popular accounting and inventory management systems. One of the biggest selling points of Shopify is how well their software is connected to existing platforms.

You can try and find the integration from your store from the Shopify App Store or give us a call.

Shopify offers some really smart hosting solutions. You can go with Shopify’s default hosting, which is offered using a Content Delivery Network. A CDN means that your store is effectively hosted in different locations all around the world simultaneously. Meaning every user to your site will be viewing your store from the closest local server.

The result? Fast load speeds and response time for every customer.

We get it – accurate communication of your brand is pretty darn important. Our graphic designers are great at what they do, but if a design doesn’t hit the spot straight away, we’ll make revisions and refine so that it does. At the end of the day, we want your story to be told the right way.

Shopify won’t charge you a percentage of your revenue, like some other ecommerce solutions. But there is still a fee for processing card payments, as there is with every payment provider.

For the Basic $29 USD a month package, Shopify charges a 2.9% +30c credit card processing fee, plus 2% for using a payment processor other than ‘Shopify Payments’.

For the Advanced package, at $299 USD, the processing fee is 2.4% + 30c using Shopify Payments, or + 0.5% for other credit card processing options.

However, there’s absolutely no reason to pay that extra 2%- Shopify Payments is powered by Stripe, and native to the Shopify platform. Meaning it fits great, works great, and is completely configurable within your dashboard. No need for extra accounts, or lengthy activation processes.

If you want to learn more about Shopify's pricing, checkout:

In a nutshell- every tool you need to sell products or services online. Everything. From web-hosting, to the software to make it run, themes and design layouts, card processing and email services. All you have to do is market it.

The higher suscriptions will include some additional fruit, such as gift cards and more advanced reporting.

If you want to learn more about Shopify's pricing, checkout:

Sure does! In Australia, Afterpay is available as a payment option included in the platform. Just get set up with an Afterpay merchant account, and link the two from your Shopify dashboard.

Heaps. For a full list, check out

Honestly though, we recommend sticking with Shopify Payments. It’s cheaper, easier to set up and you can get access to those funds in just two days.

Basically, there’s no limit... No, seriously... It's unlimited. Enjoy!

No, Shopify offers an industry-leading option with their Content Delivery Network, giving every user a seamless experience with fast load and response times. Shopify’s inbuilt hosting also makes it super easy to manage domain names, and server costs.

However, if you do really want to link your own domain service, you can, and then manage everything through the Shopify dashboard.

Shopify is definitely a long-term eCommerce solution for your business.

Not only does Shopify automatically manage the ongoing development of the platform, Shopify can seamlessly grow with your business.

Shopify also has thousands of off-the-shelf plugins that can be used to extend Shopify functionality. The include integration with our accounting or inventory systems and so on.

As Shopify grows, so does your business.

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Our approach to becoming Australia's most respected agency.

Our approach to becoming Australia's most respected agency.

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