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As Perth’s leading Web Design Agency, we build your website with the end in mind. A Dilate website will drive leads and generate sales. Whether you are looking to build your brand or want to increase your leads and generate more sales the team at Dilate can help.

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websites built for business

More than a portfolio or showcase of your wares and services, a truly focussed business website should be your highest performing sales person. They’re your virtual shopfront, customer support and sales team rolled into one. Done right, a business website builds rapport and trust with potential customers before they even get on the phone—or gets straight to making the sale.

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Website Design Built for Marketing

Website Design Built for Marketing

There are graphic designers, there are web developers and then, there is Dilate Digital. Dilate is a performance-based marketing agency that just happens to build kick-ass websites. We have an inspired team of web designers and developers who have the support of award-winning digital marketers. The result is a collection of custom-built, beautifully designed websites that are built to perform. Built with the end in mind.

So many Perth businesses have websites that look pretty or are full of fancy visual effects, but they simply don’t perform. They don’t strike the right balance between looks, function and performance. As a result, they may be too slow and don’t perform on google, they may be busy or visually distracting that they don’t get the message across.

The bottom line is that every page should be a landing page. Good enough to drop traffic onto knowing that they will convert into a lead or a sale. After all, your website is your 24/7 sales person. Best get it right.

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Mobile Web Design to Grow Your Business online

Grow your Business with Perth’s Best Web Design Company

Your website is your Digital Handshake. It’s often the first impression people have of your company, your brand, what you do and why you do it.

If done right, your potential customers will be able to easily find what they are looking for, receive a great user experience and start to get a feel for your company. Subtle design elements to build trust and also show off your brand personality and values.

The ultimate goal is to connect with your audience. To enrich their perception of your company so that they reach out and make an enquiry, click that buy now button or enable them to step into your physical premises with the sense they already know you.

This is what success looks like, and what our Perth based web development team deliver time and again for our clients.

our difference

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We go to more lengths than any other web designer in Perth to optimise your site for SEO. With a thorough keyword mapping process.

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Build for

Build for

For every 1 second of load time, your bounce rate increases drastically. Our web developers code for speed and performance.

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Our custom websites are built for Marketing. Meaning we ensure the right message, design and UX to convert traffic to enquiry & sales.

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Google is moving to mobile first indexing to rank your site. So mobile responsive web design is critical to a successful site.

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UX Web

UX Web

Sounds simple, but we make it easy for your users to find what they are looking for. Clear layout and strong calls to action.

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Every journey starts with a story and we would love to hear about yours. Aside from our web development services, we have experience in all areas, from design to functionality, hosting and support.

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Website Design Built for Marketing

Fundamentals of our Kick A#s Web Design Services

We are a full-service performance-based Digital Marketing Agency based in Perth. This gives us a unique perspective on things.

Our Marketing team is hardwired to generate leads and generate sales for our clients. So we know what it takes for a website to win. The winning formula to perform, should you continue with SEO Services, the language and messaging that connects, the appropriately placed calls to action and trust indicators to make the user feel confident.

Combine this skill with the Design and Development capabilities of our creative department, you get a marriage made in heaven. You get something that is visually beautiful, that users can find what they are looking for and that represents your brand with pride. Some of the key elements to our web development services are

  • Data-Driven
  • Mobile Web Design
  • User Experience
  • Fast & Responsive
Web Development Company With A Dynamic Approach

A Dynamic Web Development Company

Our talented Perth based web developers eat code for breakfast. Whilst they are versed in most languages and can work with most CMS platforms, we have two clear favourites when it comes to new website projects.

When it comes to service-based business, our recommended platform is WordPress. The most popular CMS on the planet, it is very user friendly, flexible and has strong SEO capabilities. We love working on this platform.

If you are looking to set up an online store, Shopify Websites are king. The ability to manage inventory and connect to hundreds of apps to help make that ultimate sale. When it comes to ecommerce websites Shopify is the best in the biz.

We’ll guide you on the right CMS and ensure your custom web design hits the mark.

4 Steps to our Website Design Services

4 Steps to our Website Design Services

01. Discover

The discovery meeting is about laying a roadmap for success. It’s about understanding what success looks like and then working backwards to get there. Speaking of working backwards, all our websites are reverse engineered to what your customers are searching for. What’s the point of a beautiful website if nobody can find it.

02. Build

Once we have a clear picture, we get to work. Our professional website design team will show you exactly what the website will look like, and our coders will bring it to life. All our sites are pixel perfect, meaning you can rest assured your site will look identical to what we design for you.

03. Launch

Our development team conduct a thorough QA process to ensure your site is 100% ready for market. In these final stages, we go through the site with a fine-tooth comb before loading it into our web hosting platform.

04. Grow

All our projects include complimentary website training to ensure you know how to use your site and are comfortable knowing how to edit or add pages later on if needs be. Once the site is live, and we have gathered initial data we will walk you through your “take to market” options. Whether through Organic or Paid Marketing strategies we can ensure you achieve your original goal, which for most is to generate leads or increase sales.

frequently asked

In the real world, would you be enticed to walk into a dark and dingy store? Probably not. Well it’s essentially the same with the online world.

A website ultimately represents your business and if you’re trying to portray quality and project your expertise but your website looks unprofessional, you’re definitely sending the wrong message. And it’s not just about looking good, it’s about strategically looking amazing and trust us, there are many elements behind creating the right design

Web design conceptualises what your website will look like (like a house plan) whilst web development is actually building the house. We’re pretty special in that we can do both and because we design and built with marketing in mind, we do them well.

Absolutely. Making sure your website is mobile friendly and can be accessed from both Mobile and Tablet devices is a huge priority for us. Acknowledging that mobile phones are the most popular choice of device used to visit any website makes this a crucial element in our design and development. So important that when we design, we always design with the mobile user in mind.

You’ll have access to a one-hour training session from our Perth HQ or held remotely to make sure you’re equipped with the know-how of your new website. We’ll provide you with all the log-ins, run you through the process of updating your content and imagery and also answer any questions you have. And as I said before, it’s never goodbye. We’re always here for you and will not leave you or your website stranded.

Absolutely not! We’re not a hosting company but we do maintain our own servers which we manage as a part of our professional web design services. We provide either managed or shared servers and we’re happy to speak to you about the differences between the two.

If you have an existing hosting provider, that’s cool as well. We can communicate with them to coordinate a seamless migration of your new website onto their server.

Absolutely. It's common that there may be a few teething issues post-launch, so we'll be there to support you for up to 2 weeks. If you make changes or the site needs to be maintained in future, we'll also be available to support on a per-hourly basis.

If you feel comfortable making these changes and they are outlined in your manual, then go ahead and edit as you like. If they are larger changes or you are not comfortable doing it yourself, we are always here to help.

We test with the most recent and the last 2 version of Google Chrome, Firefox & Edge. We also test on the latest model and two prior models across Apple and Android devices.

Of course! We strongly believe in building a website that is user friendly and easy to update on your end on an ongoing basis. You’ll be provided with a user manual after the launch, as well as a session with us to walk you through how to make those updates.

After our Discovery Session, a timeline from start to finish will be provided. In this timeline, you’ll see where we’re expected to be at, at any given date or stage of the project. You will be contacted at key times where content is required or where the site is ready for review. Otherwise we will be busy building your new site, so there’ll be no need to update you during this stage.

We recommend you maintain WordPress updates when they are released, but also you must test your website after applying the updates. Your website may also have plugins which may require ongoing review and updates, should they release a new version.

We ask that you supply your website content to us, particularly around your products or services, as you know them best. We can of course assist in other areas across the site, and we do offer copywriting services in-house.

We will ensure the servers stay up to date and protected, ensuring your site remains up and live. What this doesn’t include is the ongoing maintenance of the website, the plugins or any issues related to your physical website. We essentially provide the server so you can communicate your site to the world. What this site looks like, how it’s maintained or any issues resulting to out-of-date licenses or plugins is not included here.

Due to its flexibility and ultimately, being very easy to use, WordPress is definitely one of our preferred options. WordPress is an open source software (where the code is readily available) which makes it highly adaptable for expansion and affords clients the ability to take their website to any other provider. Due to its clean code, it’s also search engine friendly and makes it very easy to continuously maintain for SEO purposes. Our developers are experienced and incredibly familiar with WordPress and we can most definitely help you out.

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Web Design, UX & SEO go hand in hand

Web Design, UX & SEO go hand in hand

Listen to Chelsea discuss the point where Web Design, User Experience, and SEO meet.


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