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Dilate's Approach To Content Discovery For Native Ads

Content Discovery Advertising

Content discovery or native advertising is a form of online advertising that promotes your web content through a network of highly rated / premium websites. It is a form of advertising, hence there will be an advertising budget used for the campaign paid on a cpc or cpm basis. At Dilate we will manage your advertising budget, setup the campaign and target your content to the right audience effectively. Our CDN partners uses predictive behavioral data to capture audience’s attention and deliver your content the best way possible.

Dilate's Approach To Improving Reach & Educating Clients for Native Ads

Reach & Educate

Do you have a very informative content but you have poor visibility? In Dilate, we help you get the reach and eyeballs for your content in a fast & targeted way. With over 100,000 Premium publishers where your content will serve, it is guaranteed that you will get the reach and engagement you need. At Dilate, we pride ourselves with intelligent marketing tactics to get a result for our client, hence we combine our knowledge about your business and match it with the advanced features and targeting capabilities of the our CDN partners to come up with the best content advertising strategy for your business!

Dilate's Approach To Building Trust & Conversion For Native Ads

Build Trust & Convert

We know that brand trust and preference is key for your market to take action (ex. make a purchase). Your brand safety is important to us, we promote your content to the right publishers to build trust and credibility.  Our media buying experts will ensure that your ad serving is monitored and optimised regularly to maximise returns for your advertising costs. We can also measure results from the campaigns by using innovative tracking capabilities that will give clear and accurate insights about the campaigns.

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