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Email marketing is one of the most easily forgotten forms of marketing, and has a huge stigma of spammy emails. But when you get it right, email is one of the mot powerful forms of marketing. We built Dilate on email marketing, and its one of the reasons we're so strong today. Email can be persuasive, personal and powerful- let us show you how.

What is Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the perfect opportunity to remain at the forefront of your customers minds. It’s an opportunity to re-engage old customers, grow your community, and create stronger customer bonds. These days most people receive all their communication electronically (what is a letterbox?). Though we’re still fond of the ye ole carrier pigeon as an effective mode of delivery, they’re going out of fashion & quickly being replaced by a much faster mode of communication delivery that doesn’t get lost nearly as much, it’s called email. What that means is that traditional marketing approaches are no where near as cost and time effective, and people will probably shrug you off as junk mail – basically, unless there’s that unholy little police or government stamp on the front of your envelop, no one’s going to open you. Fortunately, email marketing offers an effective and cost efficient solution.

Dilates Email Marketing Software

The Challenge of Email Marketing

Effective email marketing is not about bombarding potential customers with spammy messages. Similar to our Google Ads services, professional email marketing services can help you to tailor your campaigns and ensure that you offer value to your potential customers. An email marketing agency can help to identify your target market and assist you in generating effective content that will keep your customers interested in your products and services.

The key to successfully email marketing perth businesses is about understanding your readers, and using engaging and valuable content to develop the relationship, your expertise and ultimately your brand.

Email Marketing Service That Provides Value

Why Dilate's Email Marketing Software

Dilate’s Email Marketing software is suitable for all budgets, allowing you to either self manage it or handball the task over to us which we can manage for a small monthly fee. Our email marketing software not only helps you create amazing email campaign designs with it’s powerful visual editor, but it’s also incredibly user friendly, and packed with a tonne of awesome analytics features. So what are you waiting for?

How Our Email Marketing Software is Great

What makes our Email Software Great?

  • Based on a successful business model, Dilate’s email software was designed by professionals in multiple industries.
  • The system rectifies all pain points endured within the week-to-week tasks of operating and marketing a business.
  • The product and team are incredibly innovative with new and emerging social trends always on the frontier of developer trends.
  • Email has been around for years. Our email marketing packages give you a dynamic edge over your competitors and the easiest user interface on the market.
Providing Insightful Email Data

Insightful Analytics

  • Who opens your campaigns, when and how many times. Drill right down to the subscriber level.
  • See which subscribers forwarded your email to their friends, visited your website or shared it on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Which emails bounced back and couldn’t be delivered. We’ll automatically remove invalid addresses.
  • Built-in integration makes it easy to see what site activity, sales, conversions and ROI your campaign generated.
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