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“90% of customers are more likely to purchase after they watch your video”

What do you connect more with, words? Or video? It’s been proven a million times, good video converts harder, better, faster, stronger- and 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. That’s your audience right there, let our YouTube Advertising Agency put you in front of them with targeted video ads that connect.

Youtube Ads

Reach your Audience with a Youtube Advertising Agency

Reach your audience with a Youtube Advertising agency

Remember back in 2005 when the first-ever YouTube video was uploaded? A lot has changed since then, and over the years YouTube has seen unprecedented growth. The biggest thought leaders in the tech industries are all singing the same song and it goes something like this “YouTube is the future of marketing”. It’s already dominating the internet with over 30 million worldwide visitors every day and 50% of Australians using YouTube on the reg – that’s a hell-uva-lot of traffic. In fact more video content has been uploaded in the last 30 days than all the major US Television broadcasters have released in the last 30 years, and people are watching hours of it every day, 500 million hours of it every day to be exact.

Think about that massive potential for your business – it’s huge. The wide reach of YouTube offers the perfect opportunity for your business to connect with your target audience in an engaging way.

Not only this, its widely known that on an intellectual level, and this is important for increasing your brand awareness so listen up, customers will remember 95% of your video message in contrast to the measily 10% retention rate of reading it in text. If you were watching us say this in video format right now, chances are you could still tell us in a weeks time the purpose of our video. On top of that, this form of easy marketing is surprisingly cheap and available to businesses of all sizes.

Powerful Targeting of Youtube Advertising

Why powerful targeting of Youtube Advertising

If you’re concerned that your YouTube ad will be popping up before every random cat video, you don’t need to worry – although cat videos are funny, we know your target audience probably isn’t hanging out there. There are a heap of specific targeting options which can help you narrow down your audience and Dilate is king at choosing the right targeting to get maximum return on your YouTube ads. That’s why we’re Perth’s leading YouTube advertising service provider in WA.

YouTube allows you to target by demographic which means you can focus on the age, gender, parental status, or household income of the audience you want to reach. This means we can quite literally hone in on the audience that historically have been your biggest revenue earners – How. Bloody. Awesome. Your business can also target your YouTube ads depending on what topics a user might be interested in. If you reach people who have interests which are relevant to your business, you’re more likely to grab their attention! YouTube also offers you the opportunity to target your ads based on what videos people are actually watching and its relevance to your ad.


What’s included in our Youtube Ads services

Just as YouTube offers different options for targeting your ads, there are also a few different ways you can choose to reach your audience. Dilate can offer Youtube Advertising services to guide you to the best option for your specific marketing requirements.

  • INSTREAM – Instream ads will pop up before a YouTube video begins and it gives you five seconds to grab a user’s attention before they’re given the option of skipping the ad. Remember that with a clever ad, sometimes five seconds is all you need!
  • IN-VIDEO – In-video ads will appear while YouTube content is playing and shows at the top of the recommended video list. It can catch a user’s attention while at the same time not interfering with their video.
  • BUMPER– Bumper ads can really pack a punch when it comes to making an impression and increasing reach. They are non-skippable ads which are only allowed to run for a maximum of six seconds.
  • MASTHEAD – Masthead ads give you the highest reach and awareness by showcasing your brand on the YouTube homepage for a full 24hrs. This means everyone who visits YouTube that day will be exposed to your brand.
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Build a Brand with our Youtube Advertising Service Video Ads

Build a brand with our Youtube Advertising services

Video advertising is a form of marketing which is still often overlooked by businesses thinking this strategy “need not apply”. But they do, all businesses would benefit no matter their industry for promoting their service on YouTube because it can really deliver results when it’s cleverly implemented.

When you let Dilate Digital help out with a touch of marketing awesomeness, you’ll wish you’d thought of giving YouTube ads a try a long time ago.

So if you’re looking for a Youtube advertising agency, Dilate Digital provide killer video marketing services for your business and can help you develop creative and effective YouTube ads to target your audience. We are one of the leading digital marketing agencies for SEO services in Perthweb design and Google Ads, and with these skills sets, we always ensure we build a YouTube Ad that will not only resonate with the right audience, but are answering questions that people are looking for. To speak with one of our YouTube ads consultants, give Dilate Digital a call today.

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