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Fast, reliable & secure web hosting

Dilate’s web hosting Perth services are top notch, with extreme performance, and high security. We’ll simplify the hosting process and make everything nice and easy for you. One cost, lots of bandwidth, lots of space, and your very own cPanel account. What more could you want?

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Fast, secure and scalable marketing


Your website hosting service should be as quick as it is reliable. Fast and responsive web hosting is an integral part of your website speed. Website speed is an integral part of your ranking factor on Google searches. Being a top result on Google is an integral part of a successful marketing strategy.

Your website is the front door of your business, now more than ever. If your site goes down it’s like a digital “closed” sign. A secure server and backup will give you the peace of mind that your website and hard work aren’t going anywhere.

Your business can handle a sudden increase in cash flow but that’s never going to happen if your web hosting service provider can’t handle a sudden increase in website traffic. You need a web hosting Perth provider that can scale with your business otherwise you could be leaving money on the table.


Web Hosting Perth - a company with human support

Web Hosting Perth

In the constantly changing environment of modern online business, you need someone on your team who is one step ahead of the game. You don’t have time to chat with bots or email people who are 12 hours behind. Today’s problems can’t be dealt with tomorrow.

Pick up the phone and call a Perth web hosting expert who is already looking around the corner to anticipate your needs. Getting support from a local expert doesn’t just mean you’re talking to someone in your own timezone, it means your relying on someone who also relies on your local business.

You can pick up the phone and speak to a person (not a bot or an email)

Real People, Real Support, Real Fast

Web Hosting Perth

Looking for WordPress Marketing software?

Looking for WordPress Hosting

Then you’re lucky that here at Dilate, we are Perth’s WordPress experts. We can handle everything from the development to the design and cap it all off by hosting your perfect custom built website.

Already got a WordPress website you love but your WordPress hosting service is too slow? Did you just see a “508 Resource Limit Reached” error? We can migrate your site over to our servers so that never happens again.

Our team of WordPress experts are ready to tackle all kinds of WordPress hosting issues. We know our MySQL from our MariaDB, some of our team members even dream in PHP. If you’ve got WordPress Hosting needs we have analytics-driven solutions to get your site delivering the results you need with 99.9% uptime.

Looking for WordPress Hosting

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what plan is best for me?

Rather than you have to choose a plan, we spend more time investigating the size of your website files and how much traffic you could have hit your site at once [e.g. through an Email Campaign or Paid Advertising]. We then recommend the best plan for your website and business, at that current time.

How much does your hosting cost?

Our hosting ranges from $50 per month, up to $300 + per month. This is all based on what your website and customers, need.

Does Hosting include Plugin Maintenance & WordPress Version Updates?

While Dilate's standard Hosting Plans do not include this, it is absolutely a service we offer - keeping your plugins updated means your site remains secure, and you don't risk impacting the functionality or look of your site.  Ask us about our Website Maintenance service.

What causes a Hosting Plan Cost to go up?

Increases in your server and hosting costs come about from a number of areas. These can include good reasons such as an increase in traffic to your site, or your services and business needs grow, and so too does your website.

Areas that negatively impact this are outdated plugins, keeping old and unused media assets [PDF,s images, etc.], hosting video files inside your website unused pages still on the site or it could be due to your website and the way it was built being a previous process and heavier build.

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