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Whether your ideal customer is enjoying a pint and a Google on their android device at the Brekky Creek Hotel, or they are on the other side of the country looking for a Brisbane based florist to send their East Coast loved ones a thoughtful gift, working with a Google Ads Agency can help you find your audience.

Because the team at Dilate are so passionate about connecting the right customers with the right businesses, we have a money-back guarantee for clients engaging us as their partner for Adwords Management in Brisbane.

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google adwords brisbane

Google Adwords Brisbane
Grow your leads and increase your sales

Like any business investment, without clear goals, research and measurable targets, budgets can blow out, results can be sketchy (or non-existent), and business owners can end up very disgruntled.

Its’ why before we even get to ad creation, we take the time to understand whether you are wanting to reach customers on the ground in Brisbane with Google Ads for a more traditional bricks and mortar business offering, or you are wanting to reach customers globally.

Plus, like any good relationship, we want to know if we are a good fit for each other. It’s an important choice.

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Find your customers & get more opportunity with a Google Ads Agency in Brisbane

Quite simply, Google Ads (formerly Adwords) doesn’t work without knowing your customer.

Every day, every hour, every second, customers ask Google a myriad of questions. We seek to understand what your customer is looking for, and when they are looking for it whenever they type or talk to Google. This helps with keyword research, yet there is more to it.

A successful Google Ad Campaign needs to know your customer.

Before we engage in a pay per click Google campaign (or PPC for short) means we want to know your customers intimately.

We want to know how old they are, what their interests are, do they like jokes, or are they serious, do they reminisce about going to Brekky Creek Hotel on a Sunday afternoon, or are they thinking about giving their 1950’s Queenslander a brand new kitchen?

It’s this customer intel that enables us to build our keyword strategy, work with our inhouse design team to craft the right advertising creative from copy to graphics, all to ensure that your pay per click services get an approving tick.

Results or Money Back with our Google Adwords Management Brisbane

Leave it to the experts
Get results with our Google Adwords Brisbane

If you have ever tried to DIY something at home where you don’t necessarily have the skills or expertise, you may have found it ending up costing you more money, more time, and most likely, more disappointment in the end result.

These are some of the challenges that we hear about from clients who have either tried to set up their own PPC google ad campaigns or chosen to work with a Brisbane Adwords agency who lacks track record and results.

  • My ads didn’t perform well
  • I don’t understand how to optimise
  • Bidding seems too complicated
  • My ads ended up appearing on sites that were less than appealing
  • Gathering leads seemed too complex
  • No one is clicking
  • I didn’t get a positive return on my spend
Adwords brisbane

Experience Working with Businesses Across Australia

The great news is that our Brisbane Google Ads Services (formerly Adwords) Agency work with clients all over Australia - it's an advantage of being a Digital Agency.

We do believe that it is important to take on the right clients though, so just like that awkward dating phase when you are looking for “the one”, we ask a lot of questions, and we know the importance of communication.

It’s a key to our money-back guarantee - we want to work with clients who we believe can achieve a positive return on their investment.

frequently asked

From start to finish, your Google ads campaign covers the following:

  • Understanding your goal (whether it is concept testing or lead generation)
  • Researching your customer & competitors & choosing the right ad placement based on keywords
  • Designing landing pages, including graphics and copywriting
  • Setting Ad Spend & bids to appear on Search Engine Results Page
  • Optimising your ads
  • Sharing results
  • Retargeting

Pay per click is optimised by reviewing campaign results and adjusting the bid strategy. We look at who is clicking, based on what search results - ultimately the better your click-through rate, the cheaper it is on your cost per click, or pay per click.

With a dedicated Google AdWords account manager, we set time aside to review results each month, and include a video walkthrough to explain our reports so that everything is clear and easy to understand.

It depends on what your Google Ad campaign is designed for. If you are service-based, and this means getting prospective clients on the phone, the skills of your Sales Team is still a critical part of your customer acquisition process. We consider all the factors but at the end of the day, we are driven by results.

If you are selling products from your Brisbane bricks and mortar or digital store, then you may wish to talk to our team about our Google Shopping ad services.

One of our Google Ads account managers in Brisbane can walk you through how google ads are created, where they appear in relation to search bars or web pages, and the different types of ad formats that are available.

Google ad campaigns are broken down into different category types primarily around whether the ad is to appear on search, or if it is to display on a webpage.

Types of ad formats and campaign options vary depending on the device your potential customer is using (mobile vs. computer), so when we are working with you on your goals, we are always looking to make the user experience for your customer as simple as possible.

Whilst we recommend a minimum commitment of two months to help your business see results, we have no lock-in contracts. We don’t want you to be stuck in a relationship that’s not adding value - it's why we have monthly reporting that drives us to keep delivering each month.

If you are ready to explore how to engage the team at Dilate Digital as your Google Ads Partner in Brisbane, feel free to reach out and contact us.

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Our approach to becoming Australia's most respected agency.

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