Brace Yourselves. Google's Next Big Update Is Going To Change Everything...

By Tanya Dharmapala on Mar 31, 2021

Does Google love your site?  Well, come May this year, the search engine King might not. All thanks to the Core Web Vitals update.  Google has made good user experience a focus with all its recent updates. Or rather, what Google deems to be a good user experience.  In the upcoming Core Web Vitals update, the all-powerful algorithm master will be looking at page experience as a critical ranking factor. This has been a confusing one for many so we…

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Small business doesn't mean small growth. Dare to scale with Google Ads.

By Tanya Dharmapala on Mar 22, 2021

Pay-per-click. Either the most exciting or daunting thing you'll ever take on. Google Ads, previously known as Google Adwords, can be an imposing investment. It sounds great, in theory, paying only when someone clicks on an ad. How incredibly cost-effective... right? Well, that's true. Sort of. But there's a lot more to it. You can't just dump your cash into Google Ads and hope that the unbeatable, all-knowing King of the Internet will sell for you. You have to show…

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How to Conquer Mt. Google - And How To Know When You’ve Done It.

By Tanya Dharmapala on Mar 05, 2021

We get it. Google is an intricate, complicated beast that seems near impossible to tame. How do I get my site higher on Google, you've asked, perhaps a thousand times. Sometimes, it feels like Google must hate your website, and there's nothing you can do to change that. Fortunately, you can get there, with the right strategy. But it will take time, creativity, and dedication. Mt. Google is the tallest one you'll climb. We promise it's worth it. Let's tackle…

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Making the iOS 14 Update Work For You

By Brendon Crouch on Feb 12, 2021

The iOS 14 update is looming. Are you ready? You’ve probably had your feeds chock full of sensationalist news about the impending update but what does it really mean for you? Let’s get you up to speed. At a basic level, the update will force apps to provide a prompt to iPhone users asking if they want to opt-in or opt-out of their data being shared for ad personalisation requirements. Apple will also be restricting the amount of data that…

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Facebook Ads: Have You Missed The Boat?

By Charlie Pemberton on Feb 02, 2021

Facebook Ads: Have you missed the boat, or is it a sinking ship? We’ve seen the hesitation a million times before.  Does Facebook advertising really work? Will it bring a positive return on investment for my business? These are both valuable questions to ask. Like anything you want to be sure that you’re not just burning through cash with nothing to prove for it. The reality is, you can’t just throw your money into Facebook ads and hope the platform’s…

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Online Marketing For Schools & Universities

By Chris Paterniti on Jan 22, 2021

Get enrolments and Promote your courses Digital marketing for schools, universities, TAFEs and colleges really matters. If you aren’t marketing your institution online, you’re missing a huge opportunity to engage and attract more students.  The truth is, students inhabit online spaces. Social media is part of their daily lives and Google is their go-to for searching anything – including which courses they want to take. What’s more, your online presence can have a massive effect on your institution’s reputation. Students, parents…

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Proven Marketing Strategies for the Health Care Industry

By John Reserva on Jan 08, 2021


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Why We Can’t Say Yes to Everyone

By Sarah Beltran on Nov 27, 2020

You get leads, you turn them away. Are you crazy? Not necessarily. Here at Dilate, there is a reason we don’t say yes to everyone. Don’t get us wrong – we want to grow just as much as the businesses that we help. But the thing is, to do our job well we can’t say yes to everyone that enquires with us. It’s really important to us that we get powerful results for our clients. That’s why we test and…

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Increase Sales for Shopify Using These Apps

By Aimee Robinson on Nov 20, 2020

Got an eCommerce store and want to boost conversions and bring in more profit? Good news – there are plenty of free and premium tools out there that can help you up your eCom game and sell more. We get it, sifting through them all to find what works isn’t very fun. That’s why we’ve put together our top picks for Shopify plugins that pack a powerful punch. As a team of Shopify experts who have helped many eCommerce businesses…

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Industry Types That Work Best for Google Ads

By John Reserva on Nov 09, 2020

Done right, Google Ads can boost your website traffic pretty quickly, increase your visibility and help the right people find your products or services. You may have heard about other businesses using Google Ads management to make impressive profits. But will it work for you? Afterall, you want to know that you’re going to get good results before investing in a Google Ads management agency.  The truth is, these days almost everyone uses Google to search for products and services.…

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