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Catch Your Customers’ Eye with better visual branding

In today's crowded marketplace, grabbing attention is crucial. Strong visual branding is your secret weapon. Learn how to craft captivating visuals that reel customers in, boost brand recognition, and leave a lasting impression.

Catch Your Customers Eye With Better Visual Branding Agency In Perth
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Figure Out Who You Are & Why Your Brand Exists

figure out who you are & why your brand exists

When it comes down to it, people don’t buy because of what you do or sell, they buy because of why you do it. A brand who knows why they exist in the first place will attract the same self-aware, loyal customers who relate to what you stand for. This sense of shared values fosters a deep connection, turning customers into brand advocates who spread your message and support your business.

Locating Your Audience And Understanding Them

locating your audience and understanding them

No brand or business is going to be able to appeal to everyone, and really, you shouldn't want to either. The goal is to identify a smaller audience that really resonates with your brand, and will reflect that with loyalty and support to your brand. There’s also your competitors. Who are they, and why are you the better choice? Understanding how you’re positioning yourself next to your direct competition will affect how your ideal customers see you.

Position Yourself With Your Brand Persona

position yourself with your brand persona

How do you want to come across, and what tone will you harness? Will you be a figure of authority, an expert in the field, or entertaining and lighthearted? This will affect how your target audience will not only see you, but also how they engage and relate to you. Understanding what human elements you want your brand to have will affect what type of humans you’ll attract.

Perth’s top Visual Branding agency

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Who is
Dilate Digital?

(and why we should handle your visual branding)

Visual branding isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Just like your business, it needs to be custom-crafted to stand out. Ditch the generic approach; it's time for a visual identity that reflects your brand's unique personality and resonates with your target audience.

We'll guide you through every step, from uncovering your brand's core values to defining your visual voice. Together, we'll craft a look and feel that sets you apart from the competition and attracts your ideal customers.

By understanding your brand story, target audience, and competitors, we can build a visually compelling brand that speaks volumes. We'll create a cohesive visual language — colours, fonts, imagery, and design — that consistently communicates your brand message across all platforms.

A strong visual identity isn't just about aesthetics; it's a powerful tool for driving brand recognition, engagement, and ultimately, business growth.

Who is Dilate Digital And Their Visual Branding Agency In Perth
Who is Dilate Digital And Their Visual Branding Agency In Perth

Here’s what better visual branding looks like

Visual Branding is more than just…


Graphic Design



Visual branding is more than just...the sum of its parts. While graphic design, imagery, logos, and infographics are all important tools, they're just the paint and brushes of a masterpiece. Strong visual branding is about creating a cohesive and strategic visual language, a unique voice that speaks volumes about your brand without a single word.

Imagine a logo as the face of your brand, instantly recognisable. But a face alone doesn't tell the whole story. Visual branding adds personality—the colour palette that evokes specific emotions, the typography that reflects your brand's tone, and the imagery that showcases your values. Infographics become part of the conversation, presenting complex information in a clear and engaging way.

Think of it like a well-written story, or in this case, a purposefully painted picture. Each element—the logo, the colours, the imagery—plays a role in crafting a narrative that resonates with your audience. It's about consistency, ensuring every visual touchpoint, from your website to your social media posts, reinforces your brand identity. Ultimately, strong visual branding goes beyond aesthetics; it's a powerful tool for building brand recognition, fostering trust, and driving business growth.

No Compromises Between A Strong Brand and Results

No compromises between a strong brand and results

We translate your brand essence into a clear visual language that resonates with your audience. No overcomplicated concepts, just impactful visuals that tell your story. We provide actionable insights and optimisations to keep your brand evolving. This ensures your visual identity continues to connect with your audience, propelling your business growth forward.

What our visual branding looks like

Craft a custom visual strategy that reflects your brand and resonates with your customers.

Imagine your brand identity as a captivating symphony. Each element—colours, fonts, imagery—plays a harmonious role, weaving a melody that resonates deeply with your audience. We ditch generic visuals and craft a custom strategy that reflects your brand's unique essence.

We go beyond the logo (though a memorable one is certainly included!). Our approach creates a cohesive visual language that tells your brand story across every touchpoint.


Our Visual Branding Agency Services Includes Logos

Our visual branding goes beyond the surface. We craft logos that are more than just a picture—they're powerful symbols that embody your brand's essence and resonate with your audience. Imagine a logo that captures attention, sparks recognition, and instantly tells your brand story. That's the kind of visual impact we deliver.

Colour Themes

Our Visual Branding Company Services Includes Colour Themes

Our visual branding leverages the power of colour theory to craft a colour scheme that's uniquely yours. We don't just pick colours—we strategically select hues that emulate your brand values and captivate your target audience. Imagine a colour palette that evokes the energy you represent, the trust you inspire, or the emotions you want to trigger. That's the kind of impact we create. Our custom approach ensures your brand colours not only look beautiful, but also work hard to tell your story and build lasting connections with your customers.


Our Visual Branding Agency Perth Services Includes Icons

Who needs generic icons when yours can be conversation starters? Our visual branding goes beyond stock imagery. We craft custom icons that are as unique as your brand and as impactful as words. Imagine icons that instantly communicate your message, leaving a lasting impression on your audience. We'll develop a suite of icons that seamlessly integrates with your overall visual identity, reinforcing your brand story and guiding users through your website or app. It's visual communication at its finest, ensuring clarity and building brand recognition with every click.

Title Cards

Our Visual Brand Management Agency Services Includes Title Cards

Hit play and grab attention instantly with visual branding that extends beyond static elements. We craft custom title cards for your videos that are as visually stunning as they are informative. Forget generic templates—we create title cards that reflect your brand personality and set the perfect tone for your video content.

Our approach ensures your title cards not only look amazing but also seamlessly integrate with your overall visual identity, creating a cohesive brand experience across all your video content. It's the perfect introduction that keeps viewers engaged and wanting more.

Our process for turning business into recognisable brands

How we make brands that stand front and centre



Before we craft stunning visuals, we delve deep to understand your brand's DNA. We explore what makes you tick—your offerings, your ideal customer, and your aspirations. We analyse the competitive landscape, understanding the game and how to win.

It's not just about creating a logo and colour palette; it's about setting the stage for long-term success. This clarity becomes the foundation for crafting a visual identity that resonates with your audience and propels your brand to the forefront.



The strategy is set, the vision is clear. Now, it's time to unleash the magic! We translate your brand blueprint into a visually stunning identity. Imagine a painter bringing a masterpiece to life—that's our approach.

We meticulously craft a colour palette that evokes specific emotions, typography that embodies your brand voice, and imagery that showcases your values. These elements seamlessly weave together, forming a cohesive visual language that resonates with your audience across every touchpoint.

From your website and social media to marketing materials and beyond, your brand will come alive with a captivating visual identity. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about creating a powerful visual experience that drives recognition, engagement, and ultimately, results.



Your visual identity takes the stage. We launch it across platforms, ensuring every touchpoint speaks your brand's language. Think seamless consistency—social media to website, all reflecting your colour palette, fonts, and imagery.

But launch is just the start. We're your visual growth partners. We'll refine your strategy, tweaking and optimising for ever-growing recognition and engagement. We'll push boundaries, exploring new trends while staying true to your core brand. Expect transparency—we explain every visual decision and its impact on your success. Get ready to harness the power of consistent visuals—the key to unlocking brand recognition, audience connection, and results.

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Where performance marketing meets creative brand strategy

At Dilate, we do more than just visual branding

Our Visual Branding Agency In Perth Also Offers Content Creation

graphic design

We understand that visual branding goes beyond just graphic design. While creating a stunning logo and cohesive visual identity are crucial, we take things a step further. We believe in crafting a comprehensive brand experience that resonates with your target audience on a deeper level. We achieve this by going beyond aesthetics. Our team dives into your brand's DNA, uncovering its core values, messaging, and unique personality.

This translates into a strategic approach that encompasses everything from brand storytelling and content creation to crafting a user experience that reflects your brand's essence.

Our Visual Branding Agency Also Offers Video Production

video production

Our expertise extends beyond crafting a captivating visual identity. We recognise the power of video production in amplifying your brand message and forging emotional connections with your audience. Our skilled team conceptualises, produces, and edits high-quality videos that not only look stunning but strategically align with your brand goals. Whether it's a compelling explainer video, a heart-tugging customer testimonial, or a dynamic social media ad, we craft video content that resonates, educates, and inspires, taking your brand story to life.

Our Visual Branding Company In Perth Also Offers Photography


We go beyond crafting a static visual identity. We understand the power of photography to capture the essence of your brand and tell a captivating story. Our skilled photographers have a keen eye for detail and a talent for capturing authentic moments that evoke emotion. We collaborate closely with you to understand your brand's personality and target audience, then curate a photography style that perfectly aligns. Whether it's showcasing your product in a lifestyle setting, capturing the energy of your team culture, or creating stunning product shots, our photography elevates your brand image and leaves a lasting impression.

Our Visual Digital Branding Agency Also Offers Website Design

website design

Our vision extends far beyond crafting a surface-level visual identity. We recognize the power of website design in creating a seamless and impactful brand experience. Our team of skilled designers goes beyond aesthetics to craft user-friendly websites that not only resonate with your brand vision but also prioritise user experience and functionality. We focus on building websites that are not only visually stunning but also intuitive to navigate, optimised for search engines, and strategically designed to convert visitors into loyal customers. Whether it's an e-commerce platform bursting with functionality or a brand storytelling hub, we craft websites that become powerful extensions of your brand identity.

Ready To Team Up With a Better Visual Branding Agency In Perth

Ready to develop better visual branding?

Let’s get started!

Discover how easy it is to amplify your business with a Visual Branding agency that is excited to see you win.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does working with a Visual Branding Strategy agency help?

Feeling lost in the visual noise? Building a strong brand identity can be overwhelming, but a visual branding strategy agency can be your secret weapon.

We get it. Distilling your brand essence into a visual language can feel daunting. That's where we come in. Our team of experts – visual storytellers, not jargon jugglers – will collaborate with you to craft a brand identity that resonates deeply with your audience.

Think cohesive visuals, a clear voice, and a look that feels uniquely you. We'll guide you through every step, from brainstorming and concept development to a brand launch that sings.

Focus on what you do best. We'll handle the heavy lifting, ensuring a consistent flow of high-quality visuals that bring your brand to life. Because a powerful visual presence matters.

How involved do I need to be?

In the early days, you’re going to need to be fairly involved. It is your brand, and therefore, and that means we need to understand you.

Once we’ve got a good sense for who you are, why your business exists, and who we’re looking for, then you can be as involved as you’d like!

We understand that your brand is important to you, and so if you’re keen, we’d love to discuss as much as possible.

Of course, if you’d rather hand over the keys and let us run the show, we’ve got you covered. We’ll be sure to check in and run everything by you, so you don’t need to worry about your brand being something unrecognisable to you.

Ok, so how much does it cost then?

We understand budgets are individual, so forget one-size-fits-all pricing. The cost of your content marketing strategy depends on how much work we’ll be doing, and how much you’d like done. We're passionate about delivering big-brand quality for businesses like yours, but transparency is key. We won't accept payment for projects unlikely to deliver the results you deserve, unlike other content marketing agencies.

Here's how we find the perfect balance: We custom-build content marketing strategies to maximise your return on investment, provide clear cost breakdowns of each production element, and prioritise value over simply delivering a piece of content.

Our goal is to create a powerful strategy that drives real results, and we're committed to making big brand work accessible to businesses like yours.

How much budget do I need?

We understand budgets are individual, so forget one-size-fits-all pricing. The cost of your visual branding strategy depends on how much work we’ll be doing, and how much you’d like done. We're passionate about delivering big-brand quality for businesses like yours, but transparency is key. We won't accept payment for projects unlikely to deliver the results you deserve, unlike other visual branding agencies.

Here's how we find the perfect balance: We custom-build visual branding strategies to form a cohesive visual identity, maximise your return on investment, and prioritise value over simply delivering a piece of visual branding content.

Our goal is to create a powerful visual brand that drives real results, and we're committed to making big brand work accessible to businesses like yours.

What is included in your visual branding strategy?

Our visual branding strategy includes what you would find within all visual brand design services in Perth. We’ll cover you across the board, instead of doing half a job and sending you on your way. From concept to completion, we’re with you all the way.

What If I don’t like it?

Look, we get it. Sometimes you have an idea, and then when that idea becomes something real, it just doesn’t turn out how you had imagined. We’re not your standard visual branding agency, and we’re happy to pivot, edit or change ideas entirely if something doesn’t work for you or your brand.

Not Sure Where Visual Branding Fits In With Your Business Strategy

Not sure where visual branding fits in with your business strategy?

Take a step back and look at the big picture. How do you capture your audience with stunning visuals that reflect what your brand is at its core?
Download our free Growth Strategy map to learn more.

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