You maintain your car, why wouldn’t you maintain your website?


  • Ensure your WordPress website is always online. Never miss a lead.

  • Keep it lean, fast and secure to help your rankings. 

  • Reduce the risk of cyber attack and maximise security.

Website management services Perth

Why Choose Us

Increase Website Uptime

Increase Website Uptime

Time is money. If your site is down you can lose your leads, frustrate your customers and cause major headaches. Monthly website maintenance will help you avoid major breakdowns. If your website does go down, we’ll know immediately and send roadside assist to get you back up and running ASAP.

Reduce Security Threats

Reduce Security Threats

Out of date websites are vulnerable to attack. Our regular website management services will make sure your software is kept up to date so that your website and important data is kept safe and secure.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Imagine losing all the precious data from your website! By backing up your website regularly, we’ll make sure you avoid that sticky situation. Our experts have got your back.

Monthly Performance Report

Monthly Performance Report

As a website management company we’re committed to transparency. Every month we’ll give you a performance report outlining the health and status of your website in easy to understand language.

Better performance equals better rankings

You know what Google finds yummy? Websites that are fast and optimised for User Experience. Our website maintenance services will make sure your website is in great shape so you can secure better rankings and improve visibility.

A Simple Monthly Website Management Service Package

A simple monthly package to give you peace of mind.

What do you get each month?

For just $300 plus GST each month you get 

  • Latest WordPress version updates
  • Latest PHP version updates 
  • Monthly plugin updates 
  • Local phone support
  • Monthly Site Performance Report
An outdated website is vulnerable to attack if not managed well

An outdated website is vulnerable to attack.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where cyber attacks are a real threat. Hoping and praying that you won’t get hit doesn’t cut it. You’ve got to take an active approach to protecting your site and the important data stored in your software. 

The truth is, hackers prey on the weak. And outdated software makes your website weak, even if you’re using the latest security technology. Cybercriminals know how to exploit the weaknesses in outdated software which may put your data at risk.

The online world evolves fast. While this helps useful technologies grow and evolve, it also means cybercriminals are getting more advanced. Your website needs to stay up to date to ensure it stays one step ahead. Safe and secure.

Website performance management is key to ranking

Website performance is key to maintain rankings.

If you want to keep your car fast and ahead of the pack then you need to keep it serviced. Where possible you need to install the latest upgrades and ensure it’s gettin’ the love it needs to keep on performing.

A website is no different. Where possible, keep it running lean. Keep it running on the latest technology and best practices. Your website is an asset. Extend its life by keeping it in healthy digital shape. By doing so, you ensure your business never misses any leads, loses any rankings or gives up a chance to make a good first impression.

Keep Your Software Up To Date

Keep your software up to date and speaking the same language.

You probably knew your website was made up of a bunch of files, be it text files, images files, font files etc. But did you know behind the scenes this was all brought together into a functional website through software? This could be WordPress or Shopify, your content management system (CMS) or various plugins that are installed on your website.

Software isn’t a set and forget kind of thing. Over time new versions come out and the software will need updating. If you fail to update your software, the gears that make your website run smoothly will break. You see, website software is coded to talk to each other. If you have a new version of one, it can struggle to talk to an older version of another. Keeping your software up to date is critical to maximise uptime.

Do You Have Questions?

Website maintenance refers to all the tasks required to keep your website running fast and healthy. That includes:

  • Keeping all your plugins up to date (outdated plugins clash and can cause a site or the functionality to go down)
  • Keeping your WordPress/CMS version up to date (outdated WordPress can cause performance and security issues)
  • Annual SSL certificate renewal (SSL certificates let your website receive and give information securely)
  • Latest PHP version updates (PHP is the coding language that WordPress is built on)
  • Keeping your WordPress Installation backed up (an up to date backup gives peace of mind, and alternative quick fixes are like a bandaid on a flat tire)

Uptime monitoring (we will know if your site goes down immediately, and will automatically send roadside assistance to get it back up ASAP)

Every month, we’ll give you an easy to understand report which outlines the health and status of your site, including any updates and actions we took. Plus we offer local phone support so you can chat things through with us whenever you need.

Your website is an incredibly valuable asset and the best way to protect it is to keep it in great shape. Website maintenance is important for many reasons including:

  • User Experience – well maintained websites run smoothly and consistently, keeping users happy
  • Avoid down time – failing to update your website can cause things to break. No one likes down time.
  • Google rankings – Google loves fast, up to date websites and penalises slow, clunky websites. 
  • Security – out of date websites are weak and more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Peace of mind – backing up your website regularly protects you from losing valuable data

Aside from our general web design services, we offer website maintenance in Perth and around Australia as a monthly package for $300 per month plus GST.

If your website is hosted by Dilate, you’ll get 10% off your annual website hosting package when you get website maintenance with us too.

Yes you can. If you have the time and knowledge to look after your website and keep it up to date, you might choose to perform website maintenance yourself. However, it’s pretty important to get website maintenance right. Short cuts and quick fixes can end up making problems worse later on. 

The advantage of hiring a website management company is that they have expert knowledge about how to keep your website up to date and secure in a way that’ll keep your website healthy and happy. Plus, outsourcing website management can save you valuable time to focus on the things that matter most to you.

If you’re looking for reliable and honest website management in Perth, we’re the team to call. Our experts are transparent, approachable, incredibly hard working and always keen to stay ahead of the game. We don’t offer lock-in contracts, because we believe we should earn your business month by month. And if you’re already working with us for another service, we’ve got insider knowledge which means we can take care of your website in a personalised way.

Chat with us today about how our website maintenance services can benefit you.

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