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Any business that markets itself online (and these days that’s pretty much all of them) needs to know about content marketing. Content marketing Perth services provide strategies to create and share content to promote your business. Anyone can have a go at content marketing but the trick is to make sure your content stands out from other similar businesses by engaging your audience.

Content marketing Perth Involves

Content Marketing involves:

  • Content marketing – A content marketing agency will use a number of strategies to share content to your audience including blogs, videos, infographics, eBooks and podcasts. Gone are the days when businesses would churn out poor quality content packed with keywords in an attempt to increase SEO. These days, you need to be producing high quality, unique and engaging content to attract and engage your audience. You have to be able to provide content that adds value for customers.
  • Social media marketing – Social media marketing is closely linked to content marketing and involves businesses using social media as a way to engage customers and promote their business. Social Media Marketing through Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn is all about understanding what the audience wants, sharing and discussing your content, being targeted with your posts, and engaging with your audience.
  • PR distribution – Another aspect that content marketing services should include is PR distribution which involves writing press releases about an appropriate event such as a new product or service, interesting stories from the business, upcoming events and other newsworthy topics. Once your press release is complete, you can either pitch it directly to a journalist or use a press release service for distribution.
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Reposting blogs to web 20s

Reposting blogs to web 2.0’s

First thing’s first. What a web 2.0? Web 2.0’s are places on the internet that host user generated content. Examples include Wikipedia and blogging platforms such as WordPress and Blogspot. Posting your blog content to a web 2.0 means that your content is available on a more public platform which potentially means it garners more views than your website. It also provides a number of useful backlinks which improves your SEO. If you’re posting the same blog on your own website and also on a web 2.0, you need to make sure it doesn’t show up as duplicate content by using canonical tagging. The canonical tag can be used to let the search engine know the source of the original content.

Content marketing Agency To Earn Links

A Content Marketing agency that earn links

Content marketing can go a long way to improve your SEO and a major part of this is earning links from other external websites. Link building means that other websites or social media platforms provide links back to your website and providing fresh, unique content is a great way to attract interest in your business from external parties. With high quality content, you have a greater chance of your content being shared or referenced which earns you ever-important links – fantastic from an SEO perspective. Content that can help with link building include blog posts, eBooks, infograms, infographics, and videos.

Have A Go At Weekly Link Roundups

Have a go at weekly link roundups

A link roundup is a weekly summary of the most useful links from the content in your industry. Featuring in the weekly link roundup often generates traffic to your website and gets people excited about your content. Once you’re in a position where you’re generating quality content, it might be time to participate in some link roundups. Reach out on Google, Twitter and featured blogs in your industry and submit some of your content for consideration. Remember, only submit your best work because mediocre content is unlikely to make the cut. When it comes to effective content marketing for your business, a content marketing agency like Dilate can help. For some of the best content marketing perth has to offer, contact Dilate today !

Content Marketing Services Also Involves

Content Marketing services also involves:

  • Blogger outreach – With blogs showing no signs of slowing in popularity and influence, blogger outreach is another common content marketing strategy which involves businesses reaching out to bloggers who are engaged with your target audience to create unique content. Examples of blogger outreach services include sponsored posts, product reviews, online giveaways, and content development. If you go down the path of blogger outreach, target bloggers who have an obvious interest in a related area to your business – don’t just send out a generic email to a whole heap of blogs and expect a response.
  • Inbound marketing – Customers don’t appreciate being interrupted with content which isn’t relevant to them and the last thing you want is to become clickbait. Inbound marketing focuses on drawing customers to the product or service of your business using content which is relevant and interesting. Rather than competing with other businesses using aggressive techniques, inbound marketing tailors content to the customer by addressing the needs of a target audience through attractive content.

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