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Instagram Ads Management
Wanna go big with Insta?

Instagram advertising agency that gets results!

More than just likes and followers - paid Instagram advertising will elevate your brand and drive sales.

With over a BILLION monthly users (and growing!) it's no wonder why many businesses are turning to Digital agencies offering Instagram advertising Services. It’s a platform with huge potential- use it to directly drive sales or build brand awareness to an audience ready to accept it. An arsenal of creative delivery options, utilise a leading Instagram Marketing Agency to create and influence a loyal fanbase and achieve measurable results.

instagram ads management
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Drive sales using an Instagram Ads agency

instagram ads management

Uniquely positioned to be an excellent way to sell products online, Instagram is a vital tool for any business looking to sell products, engage with their audience or spread brand awareness. It’s an online culture of idealistic situations and fantasy escapes from reality, plus a healthy dose of aspirational content and feel-good posts. What a perfect market, right? Instagram ads are an exceptional way to target that market, and we’re here to show you how to get the most from them.

Instagram’s advertising tools for creators and businesses is a veritable arsenal, offering precise targeting options and advanced learning algorithms to ensure your ads appear to your perfect audience. Add to that the range of integrations with other powerful e-commerce tools, and what was a cool feed can quickly be harnessed as a sales-driving powerhouse.

Every moment you’re not leveraging the power of Instagram to drive sales, grow brand awareness and engage with your consumers, you’re missing out. Using an Instagram advertising agency to drive sales for your business is straightforward, ensure your online storefront is polished and ready to sell, then integrate it with your Instagram account and get to work. We’re not only Instagram advertising experts, but also certified Shopify Experts. If you want some help, or need it done now, let’s talk.

instagram ads management

Build your brand with an Instagram Advertising company

instagram ad agency

Instagram is one of the best ways to build your brand’s presence in the online world. It’s a platform that’s designed to be engaging and rewards brands that are successful in engaging with their audience. Leveraged right, Instagram will spread your material to people that have never heard of your brand but are positioned to like your content, in addition to fostering constant engagement with your existing audience.

But they’re not going to tell you how to optimise for that, or exactly what to do to make sure your brand has the most reach it can. In that, Insta is a lot like Google, their message to you is to create the best content you can and let it organically grow. Our job, as a skilled Instagram advertising Company, is to craft strategies and execute tactics to make sure you’re getting the most out of the platform.

Using an Instagram Ad Agency in Perth to grow your brand and build brand awareness benefits you with a dedicated team of specialists providing you with advertising and marketing strategy, including market and competitor research. We also give you an edge with the analytics and data to keep your campaign focussed and achieving results.

instagram ad agency

Our Difference

instagram advertising agency

Audience Targeting

Owned by Facebook, Instagram advertising offers a similarly powerful suite of audience targeting tools. Get your ads in front of your ideal audience based on demographics, interests, location and more.

E-Comm Integration

E-Comm Integration

Harness the power of Instagram as a shopfront, and use easy Shopify integration to turn on the sales-driving machine. Instagram ads are optimised and built to work brilliantly with direct sales links.


Creatives Includes

Dilate Digital is a holistic digital marketing agency, which means we do everything in house and it's all part of the package, graphic design included. All you need to do is tell us how many people you want to reach, and we’ll make it happen.

instagram advertising agency

Results Driven Approach

Results should be the only thing keeping you involved with a marketing agency, not a piece of paper saying you have to.

No contracts, just results. Proactive advice and ongoing support.


Transparent Reporting

Performance and data-driven reporting needs to drive your advertising choices, there's no sense in shoving more money at a campaign that just doesn’t convert. We give you all the information you need to make decisions with high-quality, transparent reporting

How do Instagram Ads reach your customers

instagram advertising services

Instagram provides an array of paid advertising options, all of which are seamlessly integrated into their platform. Your Instagram ads won’t be glaringly obvious as paid promotions, scaring off your potential customer. With good design and clever positioning, the best ads are often not even noticed by the customer until they’re at the checkout. Advertising on Instagram is possible at all of its levels, with businesses able to place ads in explore, stories and directly into people’s feed, in a variety of different ways. At the most basic level, a business can share a piece of content directly from their account, then specifically spread that post outside of their organic audience via paid advertising.

Instagram is owned by Facebook, and one of the benefits of this is access to the Facebook powered and developed Ads Manager. This tool is incredibly powerful and means you can target exactly who you want when you want, and with dynamic content to suit the customer. Ads Manager allows you to narrow your audience based on age, location, interests, behaviours and more. It also allows for automated targeting, where advanced algorithms will find your ideal audience for you by analysing interaction and conversion data.

As if it gets any better, right? Well, it does. Instagram ads have sublime integrations with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, allowing you to plug your catalogue directly into an advertisement inside Instagram. Potential customers can be targeted dynamically, then presented with an equally dynamic range of products that have been specifically selected to appeal to them.

Insane? Revolutionary.

instagram advertising services

We don’t only offer Instagram Advertising services

instagram ads management

Dilate Digital don’t only offer Instagram advertising services - we’re a full-service Digital Marketing Agency. We’re about RoI and generating revenue, we don’t like, post, comment and follow. We’re marketers and paid advertising specialists, utilising extensive experience, tried and tested optimisation strategies and a data-driven, analytics-based approach to drive sales and grow brand awareness for your business.

Specifically, we’re a performance-based marketing agency, which means everything we do can be measured in results. If your campaigns aren’t converting, our transparent reporting and communication channels will tell you why, and our marketing insights and experience will show you exactly what to do to turn it around.

Paid advertising isn’t as simple as spending money to make more money, if it was everyone would be rich! Paid advertising relies on careful targeting to avoid wasting ad spend on the wrong audiences and ongoing optimisation of the advertising creative itself.

As a full-service agency with a holistic approach, Dilate offers a team of dedicated Paid Advertising Specialists, paired with a highly-skilled design department. These two teams work in sync to ensure your ads look amazing and are targeted to exactly the right potential customers.

instagram ads management
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Instagram Advertising right for my business?

Really, Instagram is a tool that can, and should, be utilised by every business. It’s brilliant for building brand awareness, and refining your brand image.

Does that always mean you need paid ads as well? No, not always.

Paid Instagram Ads really shine for businesses who recognise the value of building their brand, and the importance of this early stage of the sales funnel. It’s much easier to convert customers familiar with your brand through social interaction, than those that have never heard of you.

These ads are also one of the best conversion tools for customers further down your pipeline, or members of your target market that might be ready to make a purchase. This is because the platform is so smooooth, and enticing, that it makes purchases easy and rewarding.

The audience is already in a receptive state of mind, and actively seeking the reward of consuming good content or making a purchase.

How does Instagram Ad targeting really work?

Basically, it’s pretty simple- but also pretty genius.

Instagram users naturally develop a persona- based on the things they’re interested in and interact with. This is determined by their likes, follows, shares and comments. But also by their predefined interests and their own content.

This persona is then further detailed by location, age and other demographic characteristics.

So you can set your targeting to be as broad or as specific as suitable for your product, brand or service. Your ideal customer persona is a woman in her mid-30s living in Perth, that is interested in surfing, snorkelling and diving? Well- target away!

Alternatively, spread your net wide and appeal to anyone living in the South-West of WA, and let Instagram’s advanced learning take care of the rest.

What’s that? The best bit. Like Facebook, Instagram Ads are smart- meaning that they actively pay attention to who clicks through, and then refine their targeting to show ads to people most likely to convert. Based on real world data.

Pretty genius right?

Can I use Instagram Ads to get more followers?

This one we hear a lot. Like a lot.

The answer itself is somewhat complicated.

Can you buy followers, to un-organically grow your organic audience? No. Nada. No way, doesn’t work like that.

It’s like SEO. You can’t just pay money to have Google show your website at the top, without the paid [AD] disclaimer, and Instagram Ads works the same way.

You can promote your published content to people that don’t follow you already, and it will show in their feeds and explore pages with the small ‘Sponsored’ disclaimer. Sure, they might click through to your page and potentially follow.

But only if your content is worth following, and this is where it gets complicated. Sort of. If your content isn’t up to standard, spending money to push it to a wider audience isn’t going to work. Remember, this is different to advertising products on Instagram, that’s a whole different concept.

Growing your organic audience, using paid (sponsored) content has a pretty obvious condition, the content has to be worth following.

With that said, if your branding and content strategy is good, sponsoring choice pieces of content is a very good way to grow your audience. If you know what you’re putting out is what people want to see- get it in front of them!

Why should I use your service? Can’t I just run my own ads?

Of course you can! We aren’t offering to set up your ads for you, as per your own research, target audience and criteria- that bit’s complementary.

Our offer is our expertise, our extremely refined understanding of digital marketing and paid advertising. We’re offering years of learning, trial and error, and the refinement of a brilliant process through working with hundreds of clients. Yes, hundreds.

We’re not your regular ‘Social Media Management’ company, we’re a holistic marketing agency hungry for a challenge. What we offer you is the expertise learnt only through tens of thousands of campaigns and countless failed learning attempts.

We know what works, and we know how to grow your business and get you an unbeatable RoI.

It’s the same as going to court really, you absolutely can represent yourself. Whether it’ll work out, well that’s up to you!

Let's talk!

Is Instagram Advertising expensive?

How much you spend on Instagram Advertising is completely up to you.

The cost is flexible, depending on what time of campaign you’re running. A brand awareness campaign will cost based on how many people see it. Whereas a conversion campaign (including shopping) will charge your account every time someone actually engages with it.

For any type of campaign, you can set a daily, weekly or monthly budget, and your campaigns will automatically adhere to that, pausing when they reach the limit.

While we do recommend minimum budgets, depending on your goals- it’s different for every business and campaign.

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