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Educate, inform or build a brand with Dilate's video production services. A must have in any marketing strategy, video can be used across multiple channels to drive sales and build brand.

The use of video content in marketing campaigns increases your qualified leads by an average of 66%. We personally use this strategy to fuel our marketing campaigns and to attract clients like yourself, and it works. So far, the stats are so good we’re currently in the process of creating more video content to fuel our campaigns.

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the power of video

At Dilate, our videography services is where we create & develop high-quality, high-engagement video content for brands and businesses. We start by using our collective brainpower to generate ‘million dollar budget’ video ideas. Then once we have your dream video on paper, the story-boarding can start and this is where we sketch out your video frame by frame. Once we have a solid narrative, the filming begins. The end result is a completed slice of heavenly video content via the magic of visual editing and sound design. You’re then free to distribute it across your platforms and grow your army of loyal brand followers.

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The Power of Video Service

Our Video Production Service

At Dilate, video production is a passion of ours. We produce fantastic videos for brands and businesses. We take the time to sit down and work together with you to draft and create a strong storytelling technique that will showcase your brand and its story, with the help of exceptional visual editing and sound design.

Our bold vision and immense passion for film-making have allowed us to continually improve upon, and excel in our craft. Our goal is to create stand-out videos that not only tell an engaging story, but get your message directly in front of your target audience in a visually stunning and wildly creative way.

Premium video production services & Perth’s best marketing minds combined, make a formidable team.

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The Video Production Process


Video call

  • Confirm who will represent the brand / business
  • Craft your brand message script together (inc read through & adjustments)
  • Confirm shoot date


  • List Based on the written script – we will confirm location and a list of shots to capture
  • We may visit your facility beforehand to find a suitable spot for filming.
1 Planning


Lights, Camera and Action!

  • Setup – Please allow 30 minutes to set up all the gear.
  • Filming the business representative.
    • ● 2 camera set up on business representative
    • ● Teleprompter included (scripts loaded)
  • Filming B-Roll List.
2 Filming


  • Edit 2 versions – One with and one without subtitles.
  • We will select a suitable background music to complement the video
3 Editing

our difference

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Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story

Capture the emotion in via a carefully crafted script, professional videography and meticulous editing to tell your story.

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Build Your Brand

Build Your Brand

There is no better way to engage your audience then via video. Grab attention & make an impact fast.

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With careful planning and editing, you can utilise your content across multiple channels and use b-roll footage across multiple video.

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Content Strategy

Content Strategy

Video production is an investment. Make the most of it by having a clear content strategy, and distribution plan.

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Premium Videography

Premium Videography

We make the process simple and guide you through every step to ensure you and your brand look a million bucks.

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Every journey starts with a story and we would love to hear about yours. We have experience in not only offering Adwords management services but all areas, from design to functionality, hosting and support. Reach out to us to get started on your web journey.

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Get bang for your buck by Repurposingy your Video Content

Get bang for your $buck by Repurposing your Video Content

Video can be utilised across multiple channels and for multiple purposes. Examples of videos you may produce are

  • About Us or Brand Video
  • How to Video
  • Explainer Video
  • Promotional or Advertising Video

These videos, when crafted as part of your overall marketing strategy, allows you to think ahead. As a video production company, our Content Strategists understand what people are looking for in a search perspective. We can then create video that can be repurposed across multiple channels such as your Website, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tik Tok.

This allows businesses to maximise their investment and reach. Get smart with your marketing and ensure your video content forms part of the bigger picture.

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Search Intent is Key

Search Intent is Key

Listen to the wonderful Ashleigh explaining why search intent is key to any SEO Strategy


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