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Bring Your
Story To Life with better video production

Connect, engage and be remembered with unforgettable video content. Everything you need to tell your story, to the right audience.

Bring Your Story To Life Teaming Up Wth A Video Production Company in Perth
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Curated Storytelling That Resonates

curated storytelling that resonates

Every brand has a unique story, and we’re here to tell yours in the most impactful way. We dive into the essence of your brand to create visual stories that not only showcase your values and offerings but also deeply resonate with your audience. Be felt, remembered and create stronger bonds and lasting impressions.

State Of The Art Production Quality

state-of-the-art production quality

We use the latest video production techniques and equipment to guarantee the highest quality visuals. From stunning visuals to crystal-clear sound, every aspect of your video represents your brand perfectly. From the first frame to the last, stand out in today's crowded digital landscape.

Paired With Strategic Distribution

paired with strategic distribution

A good video that’s never seen by the right people isn’t worth much. That’s where our marketing expertise comes in. We’ll help you get your video in front of your target customers to maximise visibility and engagement. Our video content doesn't just exist—it performs and delivers tangible results.

A premium Perth Video Production company

Tell your story properly and
see some serious ROI

Who is
Dilate Digital?

(and why we should handle your Video Production)

Video production is painting a masterpiece—crafting visuals and narratives that capture the essence of your brand and evoke emotion. You can’t approach it wanting to just make something that looks good.

We begin with immersing ourselves in your world. Understanding your brand's identity, audience's needs, and how you stand apart from the competition. By the time we hit 'record,' we know your business’ story as well as you do.

Then our team of creative experts tailor a video strategy that matches your goals. Every video we make isn’t just pretty, it’s effective and purposeful. Whether it's building an audience or explaining a product or service to get users to convert, we get the bigger picture.

Who Is Dilate Digital Perth Video Production Company
Who Is Dilate Digital Perth Video Production Company

Here’s what our better Video Production looks like

Video Production is more than just…





Just looking at visuals misses the broader, more impactful scope of what video production should achieve. Each second of footage has to be based on a bigger creative production strategy. Every clip, every edit, and every narrative choice must propel your brand forward in a meaningful way.

We craft videos that don't just get views, but make genuine connections at every possible touchpoint. Whether it's introducing your brand to new eyes, nurturing existing relationships, or converting interest into action—our videos are designed to guide your audience at every step.

And it doesn’t stop with the final cut. We’re rigorously analysing performance, engaging with feedback, and refining our approach. The goal is more than just storytelling—it’s strategic brand elevation that also drives real, measurable business results.

No Compromises Between Aesthetics And Performance

No compromises between aesthetics and performance

Who is seeing your videos? What are they doing after that? We’ll tell you, every step of the way. Get transparent, meaningful insights on ROI, how to engage your audience better, and how to keep scaling your business with impactful storytelling.

What our Video Production services looks like

Video Production customised for your business, your customers and your needs

Performance-driven creative production. That’s our promise to you. Your story is told with a clear purpose and proper marketing strategy behind it. Experience high-level ads and creative design to drive stronger results and deliver better growth. Be seen, felt and remembered.

Social Media Ads

Our Video Production Services in Perth Includes Social Media Ads

Stop the scroll and captivate your audience. Our social media ads not only look great but are strategically targeted to engage and convert, turning your investment into measurable growth and increased brand visibility.

General Video Ads

Our Video Production Services Includes General Video Ads

Dynamic video ads that capture attention and drive action. Whether it's for display networks, pre-roll on video platforms, or integrated into content, our video ads are crafted to convey your message powerfully, driving both brand awareness and conversions.

Social Media Content

Our Video Production Agency Includes Social Media Content

Maximise your content's reach and lifespan by repurposing existing material into engaging social media content. We transform your written content into visual stories, bulk posts, and snippets perfect for social sharing without a lot of additional investment or time.

Homepage Videos

Our Video Production Agency in Perth Includes Hompage Videos

A lasting first impression on the page that gets the most eyes. A captivating homepage video tells your brand's story the moment visitors land on your site. We introduce your brand, showcase your values, and guide visitors deeper into your site, boosting both engagement and conversion rates.

Service Page Videos

Our Video Production Services in Perth Includes Service Page Video

These detailed videos dive deeper into what you offer, how it benefits your customers, and why they should choose you. We help break down complex offerings into engaging, easy-to-understand visuals, boosting customer understanding and confidence.

Brand-Story Videos

Our Video Production Services Includes Brand Story Videos

You tell us your story, we’ll handle the rest. Our team will create a video that shows your journey, values, and mission. It’s the ultimate marketing tool for building emotional connections, differentiating your brand, and creating a loyal community of customers who share your vision and values.

The difference with Dilate’s Video Production

Here’s how we make sure your new videos are winners

Tailored Storytelling

tailored storytelling

Every great video starts with a great story. Which is why we take the time to help you shape yours. Your mission, values, and goals, the essence of your brand—creating content that connects on a personal level with viewers. When powerful imagery meets emotive content, results happen.

In Depth Discovery

in-depth discovery

It’s not enough to know your story. We need to know who is watching. Looking at your audience's behaviour, what makes them tick, what’s happening in the competitive landscape and beyond. That’s how we create powerful tools to amplify your brand's message and connect deeply with your audience.

Strategic Content Planning

strategic content planning

Video content is a strategic asset. So it has to sit within a bigger content strategy. We map out a creative strategy that aligns with your marketing goals, ensuring that every video serves a purpose. Whether it's driving awareness, engagement, or conversion, our videos are designed to grow your business.

Paired With Strategic Distribution

comprehensive distribution

A great video deserves a great audience. By knowing your audience and where video sits in the customer journey, we can distribute across the right channels, with the right messaging, to maximise your video's reach and impact. Be seen by the right people, in the right places, at the right times.

Continuous Optimisation

continuous optimisation

The journey doesn't end when the video goes live. We continuously monitor performance, gathering insights to refine and optimise future content. We keep your video content dynamic, responsive to audience behaviours, and ahead of industry trends. Maximise ROI and keep your brand in the spotlight.

Reporting On Performance

reporting on performance

You’ll never wonder how your video contributes to your bottom line. Our detailed reporting goes beyond views and likes, diving into engagement metrics, conversion rates, and the impact on your marketing goals. Transparent and actionable insights on the tangible results of your investment.

Our process for winning with video production

How we create videos that are designed to be remembered



Getting Clarity is critical to telling your story right. We start by diving deep into your brand, understanding your audience, the behaviour of your market, and how you stand out from your competitors. We explore the emotions, messages, and stories that will resonate most powerfully through video. This clarity forms the blueprint of a video strategy designed to keep your brand front of mind for the long haul.



This is where creative concepts come to life. We assemble a dedicated team of strategists, storytellers, cinematographers, editors, and marketers to deliver your strategy. We’ll scriptwrite, storyboard, shotlist, production plan and then actually create the video and bring it all together in editing. Following our strategy, we’ll make sure every piece of content is perfectly positioned to tell your story in the most compelling way.



Your video goes live and starts getting in front of your customers. But it doesn’t stop there. We closely monitor how your videos perform in the wild, looking at data on viewer engagement, conversions, and the overall impact on your brand's goals. This fuels a continuous cycle of optimisation and innovation. Every piece of feedback, every metric is an opportunity to refine and enhance your video strategy. Our goal is to elevate your brand, expanding your reach and influence with every frame.

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Where performance-driven creatives meet better marketing strategy

At Dilate, we do more than just make your videos

Our Video Production Company Also Offers Content Creation

content creation

Every video starts with a compelling script and narrative. That’s where our content strategists come in. By seamlessly integrating video with high-quality written content, you get a consistent and engaging brand narrative across all channels, boosting the impact and reach of your video content.

Our Video Production Company in Perth Also Offers Digital Design

digital design

Our digital design experts create visual elements that complement your videos and create a consistent brand experience across your digital presence. From website features that showcase your videos to social media graphics that draw viewers in, our designs make sure your visual content is impossible to ignore.

Our Video Production Agency Also Offers Brand Photography

brand photography

We capture the essence of your brand with professional photography, creating a visual library that supports and enhances your video production efforts. This brand-consistent imagery strengthens your identity and gives you valuable assets for your whole marketing strategy.

Our Video Production Agency in Perth Also Offers Brand Strategy

brand strategy

Your videos are a reflection of your brand, so you need a solid brand strategy to convey the right message. We go beyond aesthetics to define the core values and messages your videos should communicate. By aligning video production with your overall brand strategy, your content will hit the right notes with your audience.

Our Video Production Company Also Offers Paid Advertising

paid advertising

Powerful, precise paid ads to maximise the visibility of your videos. We strategically place your content where they'll make the most impact, from social media ads to YouTube campaigns. Reach a broader audience, drive engagement, and achieve your marketing goals more efficiently.

Our Perth Video Production Company Also Offers Organic Marketing

organic marketing

Good videos provide rich content for SEO, social media, and content marketing initiatives. It gives you more brand visibility, engages your audience, and builds lasting relationships. Let your videos drive organic growth, working hand in hand with other channels to elevate your brand.

Ready To Work With Perths Leading Video Production Company

Ready for better Video Production?

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The journey to compelling videos and brand storytelling is just a click away! See how easy it is to grow your business with a digital partner that really gets you.

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As a trusted Perth Video Production Company

Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved with video production?

First we sit down and work out the creative brief with you that’s going to fuel the video strategy. Who are you trying to get in front of, what action do you want them to take, where is this video going to be, etc. From there, we go through a process of: 

  • Creative planning sessions
  • Scriptwriting
  • Shotlisting and storyboarding
  • Location scouting
  • Production planning
  • Detailed, carefully-planned shoot day
  • Editing

And then finalising the video with you.

How long does it take to produce a video?

The timeline for video production will vary depending on the complexity of the project, the length of the video, and the level of post-production required. Simple projects might be completed in a few weeks. We'll work with you to understand your goals and timelines to ensure the project stays on track.

Why should my business invest in video production?

Video are the ultimate marketing tool for engagement, branding and conversion. It can increase brand awareness, improve connections with customers, and drive sales. They are versatile across platforms, from your website to social media to email marketing, making them a valuable asset in your marketing arsenal. Investing in professional video production puts your message in the best light possible.

Can video production really improve my sales?

Absolutely. Videos can significantly influence buying behavior by providing information, demonstrating products or services, and establishing an emotional connection with the audience. Well-crafted videos will boosy your landing pages, product pages, and social media ads, leading to higher conversion rates and increased sales.

What types of videos can Dilate produce?

Dilate specialises in a wide range of video types, including social media ads, general video ads, repurposed content videos, homepage videos, service page videos, and brand-story videos. Each type serves different purposes, from boosting brand awareness to driving conversions, and we can guide you on the best formats for your objectives.

How does video production fit into a broader marketing strategy?

Video production is not just a standalone tactic; it's a powerful component of a holistic content marketing strategy. It complements and enhances other marketing efforts, such as paid advertising, organic marketing, and content production, so you enjoy a cohesive and dynamic brand presence across all your channels.

How do I measure the success of my video content?

Success metrics for video content can include view count, engagement rates (likes, shares, comments), conversion rates (if linked to a specific call to action), and overall impact on your marketing goals (brand awareness, lead generation, etc.). We provide detailed reporting on these metrics, offering insights into how your videos are performing and how they're contributing to your broader marketing objectives.

Can Dilate help distribute my video content?

Absolutely. Before we make a video, we look at where it fits within the customer journey, so when it comes to actually getting out there, we know it’s going to have maximum reach and impact. Whether through paid advertising, organic social media, email marketing, or embedding on your website, we'll help you get your videos in front of the right audience at the right time.

How much does video production cost?

We have two standard packages for half-day and full-day shoots, depending on the complexity of your project and how many videos need to be produced. The packages start at $3,500 for 4x videos with additional scope for short edits and on-site photography.

Not Sure If A Video Production Company Is The Right Fit

Not sure where Video Production fits in your business strategy?

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