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Paid Advertising Services

Drive Serious ROI with
better paid advertising

Connect, engage and convert better with expert paid advertising services. Start dominating your market and creating business today.

Drive Serious ROI with Better Paid Advertising Services
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Be Seen Everywhere With One Paid Advertising Strategy

Be seen everywhere with one strategy

Get your brand everywhere your potential customers spend their time. We go beyond pay-per-click to creating comprehensive campaigns that strike a chord across every touchpoint. Targeted placements, compelling messaging and smart user experiences to get more leads, sales and growth.

Scaling Your Business Growth With A Drive To Never Stop

Scaling your business growth with drive

Growth isn’t a milestone, it’s a journey. That’s how we build paid advertising strategies—scalable, long-term, and evolving with your customers. We’re in it for the long haul, constantly refining our approach based on real-world data to ensure your brand stays ahead of the curve and in front of the right eyes.

Get Everything You Need To Win In One Place

Get everything you need to win in one place

Coordinating multiple teams and deciphering disjointed reports? Nope. With a single dedicated Dilate team, you get consistent strategy, seamless execution, and a clear view of your campaign's performance. From planning to optimisation, we work together to achieve your business goals.

Perth’s top Paid Advertising agency

Market across your customer journey and get better ROI

Who is
Dilate Digital?

(and why we should handle your Paid Advertising)

Paid advertising is like firing up a jet-engine for your brand's growth—fast, precise, and powerful.

To do it right, we start with understanding your brand—who your customers are, where you stand in the market, and what your competitors are up to. By the time we kick off your advertising campaigns, we're not just familiar with your business; we know it as well as you do.

Our team of Dilate experts then crafts a unique strategy designed around your goals. Whether you're aiming to boost your online presence, drive targeted traffic, or convert leads into loyal customers, we look at driving immediate impact with long-term benefits.

Who is Dilate Digital And Their Paid Advertising Agency Services
Who is Dilate Digital And Their Paid Advertising Agency Services

Here’s what our better Paid Advertising looks like

Paid Advertising is more than just…





Focusing on individual tactics like pay-per-click or social media ads is the old way. It's narrow and misses the broader opportunity. Paid advertising, when approached with a big-picture mindset, is a game-changer. We’re not just running ads, we’re looking at a comprehensive strategy where each element amplifies the others.

At Dilate, we elevate your brand, not just your ad visibility, by understanding the entire customer journey. We position your business to be seen at every potential digital touchpoint, creating a network of connections that fosters genuine brand loyalty. You get what you need to grow your business, at the time you need it.

And we don't just “set-and-forget” it. We're relentless in our goal to “Create Business” and never satisfied with "good enough." Continuously testing, learning, and optimising to keep you ahead of the pace. We’ll grow your business as if it’s our own.

Paid Advertising Agency Services

No compromises between brand and ROI

Where’s your ad spend going? We’ll tell you, every step of the way. We don’t hide behind the jargon—you’ll get transparent, meaningful insights on ROI, ideas to be better everyday, and exactly how to keep growing your business.

What our Paid Advertising looks like

Paid Advertising Services customised for your business, your customers and your needs

We're not just looking for clicks—we're driving your business growth. Unmatched online visibility, better engagement, and industry-topping conversion with a marketing agency that thrives on your success. Let’s get your brand seen, remembered and loved.

Facebook Advertising

Our Paid Advertising Services Includes Facebook Paid Advertising

We tailor paid social campaigns such as Facebook ads with precise targeting, built around your unique customer journey. From captivating visuals to storytelling that engages, we ensure your brand stands out in crowded newsfeeds. Turn likes and shares into tangible growth and loyal customers.

Google Ads

Our Paid Ads Services in Perth Includes Google Paid Advertising

Be then when your customers are looking. As Google Partners, we place your brand at the top of search results, capturing attention at the perfect moment. Our campaigns are precision-engineered to deliver maximum ROI, turning searches into sales. Drive traffic and conversions with unmatched efficiency.

Programmatic Ads

Our Paid Advertising Services Include Programmtic Ads

Expand your reach with clever, efficient Programmatic ads. Using data to make real-time bidding decisions, ensuring your ads are seen by your ideal customers wherever they are online. optimise every aspect of your campaign, from targeting to placement, making your advertising budget work smarter, not harder.

The difference with Dilate’s Paid Advertising Services

Here’s how our Paid Advertising helps you win online

In Depth Discovery

in-depth discovery

Getting Clarity is the cornerstone of our winning strategy. We spend time understanding every aspect of your business—customer personas and journey, your competitors’ strategies, how your market behaves, and so much more. By the time we run your ads, we know they’re going to work.

Compelling Creatives

compelling creatives

Stand out in the sea of ads. Our creatives do more than just look good—they tell your brand's story in a way that captivates and converts. From eye-catching graphics to compelling ad copy, we design to draw in your audience and leave a lasting impression.

All Inclusive Paid Ads Strategies

all-inclusive strategies

Experience the power of unified digital marketing. Our paid advertising strategies are not standalone—they're part of a bigger picture. Not only does each tactic complement the others, it also works alongside your organic marketing efforts, creating a cohesive and powerful marketing machine that drives your business forward.

Meaningful Paid Ads Insights

meaningful insights

Get crystal-clear insights into your campaign's performance. We track every click, conversion, and customer journey, giving you a detailed breakdown of how your ads are performing. And we take the time to go through these with you so you know exactly what you’re getting for your investment, and how we’re going to keep pushing the bar.

Real ROI

real ROI

Marketing is expensive if it doesn’t work. But good marketing pays for itself. With our ads, you’ll always know exactly how much your investment is worth, whether you’re getting enough return, and how you can keep growing. We don’t stop when we hit your goals—we’ll move the goalposts, tell you how to scale, and keep on growing.

Doing What It Takes

doing what it takes

The digital landscape is always changing, and so are we. Our strategies are flexible and adaptive, tailored to seize new opportunities and navigate your market and customers constantly evolving. With us, your campaigns will be effective, relevant, and competitive at all times.

Our process for winning paid ads services

How we deliver Paid Advertising that gets results



Getting Clarity is more than just data and demographics. We work to understand the essence of your ideal customers—what drives them, their behaviours, preferences, and how we can connect them to your brand in the most impactful way. And then look at your competitors, broader landscape, business goals and what it will take for you to win online.



With that Clarity, we build your strategy. This is where planning meets action. We create a detailed plan across targeting, ad creatives, budget allocation, and more. Your dedicated team then brings that to life. From eye-catching ad creatives to sophisticated targeting parameters, we’re developing an online presence that is robust, coherent, and primed for success.



Now, it's showtime. Your paid advertising campaigns hit the market! But our work doesn't stop at launch. We work in a continuous cycle of measuring, learning, and optimising based on real-world performance data. We’re always looking to maximise efficiency, reach, and conversions. If we meet your initial goals, we set new targets and keep your brand ahead of the competition.

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Where performance marketing meets precise paid growth

At Dilate, we do more than just run your marketing

We Do More Than Just Paid Advertising Services We Also Offer Content Creation

content creation

Good content drives results. Especially when it directly addresses your audience's biggest questions. We craft compelling narratives that challenge your competitors and resonate with your audience, all while echoing your brand's core values.

We Do More Than Just Paid Advertising Services in Perth We Also Offer Digital Design

digital design

Being seen isn’t enough. And pretty graphics just don’t cut it. Our designs captivate, delight, and ultimately convert your audience. From revamping your website to creating engaging social media graphics, we make sure you’re remembered.

We Do More Than Just Paid Advertising We Also Offer Skilled Developing

skilled development

Driving traffic to your website is just the beginning. We develop sites that are not only fast and engaging but also rich in value, so that once visitors arrive, they stay. A well-developed site with a strong user experience supports your paid advertising and increases conversion opportunities.

We Do More Than Just Paid Ads Services We Also Offer Brand Paid Ads Stragegy

brand strategy

Your brand's identity is a promise to your customers. We delve into what makes your brand unique, developing a strategy that showcases your values, engages your audience, and distinguishes you from your competitors. Ensure consistency and connection across all channels.

We Do More Than Just Paid Ads We Also Offer Creative Production

creative production

Engage your audience on a deeper level with our brand-driven photography and videography. We tell your story visually, setting you apart and creating a memorable connection. Stop scrolls, be felt (not just seen) and keep people wanting to see more.

We Are More Than Just A Paid Advertising Agency We Also Offer Organic Marketing

organic marketing

Go beyond “SEO” to real, comprehensive organic growth across your customer journey. We foster natural connections, enhance your visibility in search engines, and build a loyal community around your brand. This isn't about quick fixes—it's about laying down roots for long-term success.

Ready For a Better Paid Advertising Campaign

Ready for better Paid Advertising?

Let’s get started!

The journey to precise ad-driven success is just a click away! See how easy it is to grow your business with a digital partner that really gets you.

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Perth Paid Media Advertising

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Paid Advertising include?

We’ll create your paid advertising strategy—whether you’re looking for Google Ads support or Facebook Ads (this also includes Instagram ads thanks to the new-ish world of Meta Ads), we look at how it all sits together to create sustainable growth for your business.

Then we develop the audience targeting parameters, do keyword research, draft ad copy, design compelling visuals, review landing pages, set up detailed data tracking and more—everything it takes to help you win online.

How does paid advertising work?

It works by bidding on ad space where your target audience spends their time. Whether it’s a Google ads paid search result or a Facebook feed, you pay to have your ad shown. Different platforms and ad formats will work differently, and can be tied to different business objectives (sales, leads, website visitors, etc).

Why should I use paid advertising?

Paid advertising is the fast track to visibility, where you pay to display your ads on search engines, social media, and other digital platforms. It's about putting your brand front and centre, directly in front of your target audience, quickly and efficiently. It’s ideal for launching new products, driving traffic during slow periods, or reaching specific segments of your audience quickly and effectively.

Can small businesses benefit from paid advertising?

Absolutely! Paid advertising levels the playing field, allowing small businesses to compete with larger ones by targeting the same audience with a smaller budget. It's all about smart spending and targeting to maximise ROI.

How much does paid advertising cost?

Costs of the ads can vary widely based on your industry, competition, and the platforms you choose. The beauty of paid advertising is its scalability—you can start small and increase your spend as you see results.

How will you measure the success of my paid advertising campaigns?

It comes down to your business goals—whether you’re looking for lead generation, sales, brand awareness, etc. Success is measured using metrics like click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, return on ad spend (ROAS), numbers of leads, cost per acquisition and overall engagement. We provide detailed reports and insights to understand your campaign's performance and areas for improvement.

How quickly can I see results from paid advertising?

One of the perks of paid advertising is the ability to see results almost immediately after your ads go live. You’ll quickly gain insights into engagement, website traffic, and conversion metrics.

Should I choose paid advertising over organic marketing?

It’s not an either/or scenario. Both paid advertising and organic marketing have unique benefits, and when used together, they can significantly amplify your overall marketing strategy and results. It depends on your unique customer journey and which medium is going to reach a customer best at any given time (or how they may work together in a particular phase of that journey).

How can I get started with paid advertising?

Getting started is as simple as defining your goals, understanding your audience, and choosing the right platform to reach them. Our team is here to guide you through every step, from initial strategy to ongoing optimisation, ensuring your paid advertising journey is a success.

Not Sure Where Paid Advertising Fits In Your Business Strategy

Not sure where a Paid Ads agency fits in your business strategy?

Take a step back and look at the big picture. How do you grow sustainably across the business? Download our free Growth Strategy map to learn more.

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