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So what does a full service digital agency do? Well I am glad you asked! Besides focus on kick-ass digital marketing strategies for our clients, we bring to life remarkable creative, strategic and technical screen-based solutions, enabling businesses to engage with their target markets, present themselves effectively online and be leaders in their respective industries. Dilate comes from the Latin word Dilatare meaning to grow, to expand, to enlarge and elaborate. At Dilate we are in the business of building brilliant businesses! We pride our self on being leaders in lead generation and creators of calculated customer conversion.

We are Results Focused

You bring your ideas to the table and our marketing and development specialists will provide you with the best digital marketing techniques and education to transform your company into a lead generating machine! Marketing is a detailed system for us, and we pride ourselves on consistent results, making sales a planned and strategic event rather than invoking a “hit and miss” attitude or approach.

Our Clients Come First

There is no project too little or too large, and the satisfaction of our clients is paramount to our success. We offer a Digital Marketing consulting service for smaller budgets (Where we teach you how to rock n roll in the digital realm) through to a full-service marketing package where we take care of everything including but not limited to web maintenance, paid strategies and SEO, giving you the time to focus on running your business. Dilate provides complete transparency in our services, providing exact figures and creating a detailed financial map on how your marketing budget can best be utilised and scaled.



  • We have found the Dilate Team to be total professionals and always attentive to our needs and concerns. Without blinding us with techno babble they explained the complex digital marketing process so we could get involved in the process and close the loop in terms of marketing from Dilate back to Sales from us. The quality of our leads is excellent and Digital marketing is now our only avenue of advertising having tried papers and even radio.I would recommend anyone who wants to improve their market share to dive into the Digital world and not to go past Bodie, Rob and the team.
    David Guest888 Migration
  • “Its about time I found someone like Bodie and a company like Dilate… For years I have been asked by dozens of clients if I could recommend someone who can help with SEO, or someone who can help them with their online marketing and my answer was always ‘not really’ because I knew of people, but I didn’t trust them or I thought they were way over priced for the value they delivered. Since working with Dilate, now my answer is ‘Yes – Talk to Dilate.’  When you talk with Bodie, you’ll notice he is direct and to the point, he tells it how it is in a respectful and helpful way. He is result-focused and operates a business with complete integrity. If you want a systemised, steady stream of leads and want to be ahead of the curve with your online marketing then I would highly recommend you have a chat with Dilate.” 
    Ben Wendel – Paperclip Designs
  • City Subaru has been working with Dilate since 2013, and in the shortest of timeframes saw a huge impact on our businesses bottom line. Dilate came in and completely revamped our website and did so with lead generation taking precedent. We saw a ten-fold increase in converting leads.
    Ben Sporn
    Ben Sporn( New Car Sales Manager, City Subaru )
  • Bodie and the team at Dilate have done spectacular things for All Trades Cover. Our sales team has literally been crying because they have so many leads. We can’t expand our sales team fast enough to keep up with the traffic they’ve been getting to our site. They are SEO experts!
    John Elliot
    John Elliot( Owner, Alltrades Cover )
  • “Thank you, Dilate, for bringing my heart and soul to life.”
    Peta Kelly
    Peta Kelly( Conscious Leader, Peta Kelly )
  • allcredit has been in Dilate's hands for a while now, and they have helped us build, market and now scale our business to the point we're receiving 1000+ leads per month! They handle our branding, web design and web development, and their landing pages convert amazingly!
    Daniel Schram
    Daniel Schram( Manager, allcredit )
  • In one week your website has made a massive difference compared to what was! Before I had to work SO hard on FB, emails and marketing. It was exhausting. I am now getting emails not only through the website but from people calling and searching. I've had to turn a few away! 
    Leisa Harding( Nannup Hideaway )
  • It looks amazing, so I just wanted to say thank you for passing on Bodie’s details. He has been outstanding. It is a real pleasure working with someone who knows their stuff – marketing, tourism, web design, hosting etc. I would highly recommend him for this type of work.
    Karen Civello( Owner, Kalyanna Wellness Retreat )
  • Bodie oozes with enthusiasm and passion for his chosen career. These are key traits for someone that is not only great at their job but also prepared to go the extra mile and constantly striving to be at the cutting edge of modern marketing. He's given us all the guidance we need.
    James Brown
    James Brown( Cygnet Bay Pearls )
  • The very nature of the car business is so competitive that any advantage you can have over other dealers is a must to stay ahead of the pack. The new web site and mobile site was set up in just days and the response was immediate. The changes saw a four fold increase in leads!
    Sean Allan( Honda )
  • Dilate is a gem in the digital marketing arena. Bodie and his team were tireless in striving to achieve just what we wanted in our website and the result is great. We are happy and the website is starting to deliver results. I like the honesty and integrity I get when I work with Dilate.
    Sonja Mitchell
    Sonja Mitchell( Sales and Marketing Manager, Helispirit )
  • Wanneroo Mazda have been working with Bodie and the team at Dilate since July 2013. They created a professional, easy to navigate website and mobile site for our business and continue to support us in web design, hosting and support and online marketing. Changes are prompt!
    Neil Forsyth( Wanneroo Mazda )