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When we talk about off-page SEO (search engine optimisation), we’re referring to all of the activities that you do away from your website to improve your position in the search engine rankings. It’s about considering the bigger picture and looking for ways to improve the popularity and authority of your site. Although a large part of off-page SEO involves link-building, SURPRISE, there’s a lot more to it than that. Yeah, it can be daunting, technical and easy to put in the too hard basket but without it, your SEO strategy will be lacking big time! Let's discuss some of the elements involved in off-page SEO, and how link building services can be beneficial for your website’s authority and look like a Senior Officer General to the eyes of Google.

Link Building for Better SEO

Link building for better SEO

A major part of your off-page SEO strategy should be link building. Not a minor part, there was no auto correct when writing that sentence. If you aren't doing it then that might be why your organic results aren't doing as well as you hoped with your current SEO strategy. To put it simply, link building is where external web pages are providing links back to your business website. Link building can be challenging but is also a very effective part of your SEO strategy. Old school practices such as forum comments, directory links and image sharing no longer work as they used to.

The link building landscape has changed dramatically and continues to quite regularly! At Dilate we don't have a one size fits all approach with our link building service, but we know how to earn high quality links for our clients. We set a strategy by conducting thorough research first. Ha, ‘thorough research’ doesn't sound like a simple task reading it out loud, but it takes time. We make sure it's done right, from the beginning because it helps form the basis of a GOOD strategy. It's also not just a Google search type of research, we take a deep dive into our client's industry, their current web design build, and what their competitors are doing that they are aren't  before engaging in link earning.

How Content Marketing Helps with link building

How content marketing helps with link building

Content marketing isn’t separate to link building and if you take the time to create high quality and engaging content, you’ll find that your links begin to build organically. Consider different types of content marketing which can improve your external links including blog posts, eBooks, infograms, infographics, and videos. Don’t make the mistake of churning out a heap of content which is just for the sake of words on a page – it will get you and your business nowhere and wont give you any competitive edge over your competitors. Focus on the development of content, invest into it, time and financially if you need to. Make your content worthy of what others are likely to share and interact with. If you develop a reputation for good content, you’re also much more likely to be invited for guest blogging posts. That might not sound like much to you but trust us, it makes way for great opportunities for your website. And if you don't know where these opportunities come from, then ask us, we can help point you in the right direction. Or you can just nod your head with understanding and rely on us to create your content and utilise our link building services to build your website's authority. Might be much easier that way.

Build Authority

Build authority by promoting content on social media

The presence of your business on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, can go a long way to improving your off-page SEO if you use it the right way. Make your social media pages as attractive as possible and use them to promote content which can attract links. As always, only provide links to content which will actually be useful to other social media users – linking to every piece of content you produce is counterproductive from an SEO perspective. Provide original and engaging posts and don’t overlook the power of video as a way to promote your business on social media. Another tip is make sure you engage with other social media users as this forms connections to you and your business. There are other ways to promote your content through other channels too but please don't do a typical - publish to all platforms in a hit and hope approach, it needs thought as to what people want to see on each platform with content customed to that need/want.

Dilate Can Help with your Off Page SEO

Dilate can help with your off-page SEO

Yeh we know it's a lot. That is why our team is committed to keeping up to date with the constant changes so that our clients have the most relevant SEO strategies in place for their Offpage SEO. With so much to consider, most of the time it's easier and actually more time effective to let the SEO experts give you a hand. At Dilate, we get to know you and your business so we can work with you to develop an effective off-page SEO strategy. Rather than using cookie cutter solutions, we take the time to develop a targeted plan which is then fine-tuned along the way to adapt to the ever changing nature of digital marketing.

For more details on our link building services and how Dilate can help you develop your off-page SEO campaign, contact us today.

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Get Your Internal Link Right

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