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Strategy and Planning


Strategy is everything. Without a strategy, you’re lost. Without a strategy in place for your business, you’re like a car with no steering wheel.

It involves looking at your business goals for the year and making a roadmap to get there.

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What does strategy creation involve?

Well, first you have to know your business inside and out. Do you have a solid foundation – a solid product or purpose, for which we can develop lead generation techniques and sales funnels which serve to better your business? If so, then we’ll go right ahead and do that for you. If not, we’ll need to discuss how you’d like to start, from product or purpose to perception to sale or delivery.


Excellent, so I just need one strategy then?

Well it’s up to you really. Here at Dilate, and many others in our industry, we believe in holistic marketing in which we take an approach that covers every aspect of your business. We don’t believe in having a separate social strategy, mobile strategy or SEO strategy, just to list a few examples. We believe in having a solid foundation upon which we will build elements of a strategy which fan out.


There are elements that must be considered.

However, we believe in creating a holistic strategy that ensures all of these elements of your business work together to provide you the best results at the end of the day. Keep in mind that we cater each strategy to each client individually.