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The 3 Best Blogs to Follow About SEO

The 3 Best Blogs to Follow About SEO
January 5, 2016 Bodie Czeladka



These days, whether they are searching for a phone number, researching a product or looking for store opening hours, consumers are likely to be using the internet. This means that billions of local searches are performed each month. As a small business, it is vital to have a well thought out strategy for your SEO campaign to ensure that your products and services are presented to those people looking for exactly what you can provide.

With the decreasing effectiveness of conventional marketing methods, it has become increasingly important to establish your online presence. While you may understand the basic principles of SEO, being able to make your strategy work is another matter. However, there is a great number of resources dedicated to providing tactical components and educational tools to assist you. This is just a snapshot of the five best blogs you should be following to make the most of SEO.



Understanding Google Places is Mike Blumenthal’s blog,  one of the most well respected authorities on SEO and marketing.  His blog provides a great resource for anyone looking to stay abreast of the latest developments and trends in local search. The posts provide a fantastic insight into SEO and include topics such as recovering deleted plus pages, the latest Google test search results and Shadow Box in Serp.



Whitespark is a software company providing solutions for businesses looking to build their SEO campaign. The company blog provides some great tools such as Local Citation Finder, which can help businesses to discover where they should list for the best rankings through to a Local Rank Tracker which helps track the rankings in any area. The blog also provides some great insights into the logistics of Local SEO, which are essential for any small business or marketer.



This blog and forum has brought together some of the foremost minds in the industry. The line-up includes Mike Blumenthal, Will Scott and David Mihm. Local University also puts together seminars and educational events, providing videos of the events and other great resources. You do need to be a paying member to access all of the content and resources but the high calibre of experts posting content makes it well worth the cost.

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