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Google Shopping is an often underutilised tool, sometimes people just wanna know how much and in what colours, tell them, make it easy!

Google Shopping Ads Agency

Smart Shopping Campaigns

Smart shopping campaigns

Online shopping is big business, seriously big business, like ‘trillion dollar business’ big. With new generations being raised by technology, accustom to convenience and instant gratification you can bet your bottom dollar that figure ain’t peaking any time soon. But with so many people turning to online retail stores rather than brick and mortar it’s absolutely ESSENTIAL that your business is built to support quick transactions, engaging customer journeys and most importantly to stand apart from your competitors. So when new marketing opportunities like Google Shops Smart Display Campaigns appear on the market – trust us you want to be an early adopter. But it’s not so easy, often we have DIY’ers enter our front doors, deflated at their blown budget with little returns. We can help you get your products optimised and showing on the first page without blowing your budget.

With Google Shopping services, you’re able to display the products you have for sale with Google Shopping Ads – you’ve probably seen these ads pop up when you search for specific products. If you’re looking for a Google Shopping agency, we specialise in Google Ads Shopping management and can help you develop a campaign which utilises this. If you’re curious, or simply want to understand how it works, we’re here to help, so get in touch today and lets start a conversation.

Whats Included In Our Google Shopping Service

What’s included in our Google Shopping service?

We go straight to the things that matter – and that’s MAKING YOU MONEY. After understanding your business, we start implementing the work right away.

  • Google Merchant Centre Setup
  • Google Ads Setup
  • Smart Targeting of Focused Products
  • Campaign reporting based on KPI
  • Dedicated Account Manager
Getting Started

Getting started

To get started, you’ll need both a Google AdWords account and a Google Merchant Centre account. Don’t worry, the setup process is absolutely free for both of these platforms and we can most definitely help you along the way.

To have your items listed on Google Shopping, you need to submit your data information through the Google Merchant Centre. It’s super important to fill in all the necessary attributes so your products turn up in the right search results – if your product is scarves, you sure as hell don’t want to show up for home appliances.

Link your AdWords and Google Merchant Centre accounts together and get started with your campaign!

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eCommerce Listing on Google

eCommerce Listing on Google

Brendon discussing the benefits of an eCommerce listing with Google Shopping


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