3 Reasons Why the Domino’s Website Works so Well

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

If you made a list of the top Pizza companies in Australia, it’s highly likely that Domino’s would be up there at the top. A quick Google search shows that Domino’s has 640,500 searches per month- whereas their closest rivals Pizza Hut gets just 334,100 searches by comparison. This does not equate to direct sales, however, as some of these searches may just be for information, and there will be many people who go directly to the website without the prompting of Google- but, facts remain that Domino’s have a fantastic website. We’ve pulled out the best three factors, so you can see if you can use them too!

1) The Home Page

The visitor has come to the site to order a pizza to be delivered, and the order online button is bold and noticeable, located at the top right corner- although eye tracking analysis shows that it would be better to locate it in the center of the page, where Domino’s have chosen to utilize this space to promote their product. This is interesting, and shows that all of the predictive eye mapping data in the world can’t run a website. Domino’s know what their hungry customer wants, and even though it is marginally less accessible to order, they are relying on the power of human desire and appetite to encourage the ordering process. This can be a risky tactic so I would usually discourage it, as humans are lazy by nature (face it, we are!). But if you have a product which stimulates a base need in your customer base, then appealing to this could be just as rewarding as appealing to their sloth.

2) The Signing Up Process And Ordering Times

In order to have the pizza delivered, the visitor must enter their details before beginning the ordering process. When the visitor clicks on the order now button they are taken to the signup page, where there is clear call to action. There is also an option at the footer of the page, to continue using saved details as a registered member, or to sign up. This is a great service to offer, as it takes the hard work of the data entry off the customer and makes them more likely to repeatedly use that company. By clicking the delivery option the visitor is invited to enter their details. The site uses inline validation to show the visitor if they have clicked out of a relevant field. This process is simple and clear, and doesn’t ask for any unnecessary information. It also offers to remember your details for future orders, which is convenient for the customer. Once the visitor clicks through to the next page, they are given two choices for when they want their pizza delivered. The choices are ‘ASAP’ (which is the most popular) or a specific time of their choice in the future. The whole sign up process has more steps than the Pizza Hut website, but in action it is easier to use, and the visitor is aware of what they need to do at every step

3) Ordering The Product

The next page is where the magic happens- product ordering. The page is clean, with a full list of products, and in a side panel is your order so far. When you select a pizza, it takes you to a page with further details, and a clearly visible call to action. But the best part of the Domino’s website product ordering is their impeccable timing to offer upsells and sides. As soon as you order a pizza, you are offered a ‘Cheesy Crust’ for a small extra cost, and you are directed through the sides and desserts pages before being able to complete your order. I wonder how many customers intended on getting one pizza, and ended up with fries, garlic bread, desserts, and soft drinks?

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