Choose The Right Host For You- Here's How
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Choose The Right Host For You- Here’s How

Choose The Right Host For You- Here’s How
July 1, 2016 Bodie Czeladka
a man thinking about hosting company

Choose The Right Host For You- Here’s How

a man thinking about hosting company

If you’re looking at developing a webpage, you’ve probably noticed the varying prices of hosting. With some packages coming in with little or no cost, it can be difficult to tell what makes the pricier ones worth the money or the cheaper ones worth the time.

Hosting is the space where your websites data is located, and displays your website on the world wide web- like when your host pulls out your seat for you at the dinner table, and you join the others in the global conversation across the internet. Users are able to access your site, thanks to the specific domain name working like an address for them to locate you. Web hosts typically operate from a data centre, which leases out space on their servers for clients to operate their websites from. When you sign up for one of these, your websites data takes up a small plot on a server, to be recovered for the user who types your address in the browser.

If you’re looking at purchasing hosting, there are a few key points to keep in mind before you choose one

1. What are your needs?

Have a clear idea of what kind of website you’re building. Whether it’s a simple blog, or something likely to need more applications or software, you’ll need to have a fair idea of where you see your website going when you look for a host. As server size can vary, you’ll want to ensure your web traffic volume can be supported. You might need to look for a server that can offer you plenty of room to grow, if you see your traffic climbing throughout the next few years.

2. What are the costs?

Pay attention to the costs, not only the sign up costs but the renewal costs which will be incurred over time. This is an industry standard, and there’s not many ways around it without diving from host to host. Also check for any refund policies, and cancellation terms, so that you know your escape route (should you need it).

3. E-Commerce Features


If you’re running a website with an e-commerce facet, you will need to prepare for shopping cart software, and payment protection software to protect your online transactions. These will all need to be able to be supported from your host, so check that they can manage that first and foremost.

4. Location

Search engines can tell where your site is located, and this will affect how they offer your website to browsers. For example, if your server is in America, you may not be displayed readily to Australian browsers- However, if your target market is in America, this may work in your favour. This is a hugely important factor when considering hosts.

5. Downtime

a man facing server down

This refers to how much time your website will spend inaccessible, due to technical issues. While this affects your website, it also affects your visibility on Google, as Google is unlikely to offer sites on unreliable accessibility to users. This will affect your Google ranking, which is critical for a successful online business

Websites are crucial part of your marketing, so pay attention to the path and make informed decisions the whole way. From your website graphic design, to content, and seo strategies, there are a lot of different factors to consider. Thankfully, there’s a team right here in Perth, WA that can help you out with all your website woes. Dilate’s graphic design and branding services are second to none, and our techno experts can ensure your website as running just as it should be. Call the team here at Dilate 1300345283, to ask us about how we can boost your online business.

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