Get Inspired – Design Trends Which Could Revitalise Your Website

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

A shiny, new business website is a beautiful thing and allows you to really showcase what you have to offer. Of course, the novelty can wear off over time and it can get to the point where, several years down the track, you’re sick of the same ol’ look.

If you’re feeling less than inspired by your website, never fear! There are some simple design changes which could it a whole new lease on life. When it comes to graphic design for Perth businesses, we’re always on the lookout for inspiration and are here to share some design trends which may spark your interest.

Compatibility with multiple devices

Given the number of devices users have adopted to access the internet, it comes as no surprise that graphic designers need to think beyond the computer and make sure their designs are just as functional across a number of devices. People don’t want clumsy mobile sites - the quality needs to be consistent.

Grid layout

The grid layout is an attractive, user friendly approach to website design and this type of layout will continue to be used more and more. Even if this approach isn’t adopted throughout the whole website, some pages can benefit from this look. The grid layout can also be altered to add more interest through the use of overlapping images.

Clean, minimal typography

There was a time when designers went nuts for interesting fonts and a lot of websites used elaborate, colourful typography. The trend now is now for a pared back, minimal look where simple typography allows the content to tell the story. While big, bold fonts are still often used, the text is still easy to read and is paired with a clean look so users focus on content.

Bold colours

Although text may remain clean and minimal, the use of colour is increasing to add personality to websites and provide interest for visitors. Even if you like your webpages uncluttered, colour can still be integrated into the text, background or graphics as a counterpoint to the clean typography. If bright colours don’t appeal to you, you can also try a muted palette.

Better quality images

Although there has been a move away from boring stock photography for some time, there are an increasing number of websites which are now dedicated to providing unique, high quality photographs for website design. This means that your business can integrate easily accessible, high quality images into your website.

At Dilate Digital, our experienced team of graphic designers in Perth will use their awesome creative powers to develop your website and branding so you’re left with a design which reflects the personality of your business. We ensure that your product or services are perfectly showcased to lead to better engagement with your brand.

If you’re looking for a graphic design agency Perth, speak to the team at Dilate Digital today on 1300 345 283.

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