Halloween Horror Advice For Search Engine Optimisation

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

It’s nearly Halloween again - for kids that means trick-or-treat, costumes, and scary stories, but us adults can find our own horror tales to tell too. From the archives of scary SEO, here’s some truly awful advice to be wary of on a dimly-lit street at midnight (candy and pirate dress-ups optional).

Dracula Tells You To Guest Blog. Everywhere.

This kind of advice has us banging our heads against the wall. It’s been a long time since scattering content all over comment sections has been helpful to a brand, yet this inexplicably persists. Guest blogging is a great way to gain backlinks and advance your content within your market if you choose your websites correctly, but without forethought, you could be watching your rankings drop pretty quick.

Make sure that you’re finding quality websites to blog for, and that they’re related to you in your niche.

A Haunted House Stuffed With Keywords

Keywords are an integral part of SEO packages, but any good professional SEO services company knows that a website loaded with keywords jumbled together to impress the search engines is a big no-no. Your content should be predominantly written for your human reader, and search engines come second. And this includes your image keywords - the search engines cannot see images, they can only interpret the file name or alt text. If you’ve written your keywords over and over in the alt text, the engines can recognise this as keyword stuffing, and this could lead to penalties.

For people who have visual impairments this text is crucial in understanding the image, so write your alt text to aid them, and to avoid any penalties.

The Poisoned Apple Of Fans And Followers

Social media doesn’t directly correlate to your SEO, but it is an excellent way to share your content with your dedicated fans and followers. So you should try and amass as many followers as possible, right? It seems logical; a thousand followers sounds better than fifty. But if your followers have been plundered from other lists and aren’t genuinely interested in you, then you are either unwelcome on their newsfeed, or not going to be engaged with. It may seem appealing to forever grow your list of followers, but if it’s not done properly then you’re wasting your time and efforts.

Create genuine interest in your brand, develop quality content and interact regularly with your fans to find your loyal following.

Search engine optimisation services are a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy, so dodgy advice should be avoided with polite caution to maintain a healthy website. For ultimate care and security, invest in the direction of a digital marketing agency which offers professional SEO services to oversee your strategies. Dilate Digital is a Perth based web marketing agency, and we’re proud to be your protectors against SEO poltergeists with our specialised approach to all aspects of digital marketing and development.

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