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Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

Email marketing is very effective way to boost traffic and conversions as well as giving you the perfect opportunity to engage with your customers. However, a lot of businesses find their email subscriber list looking a little bare. So, how can you boost those numbers? As providers of awesome email marketing services, we’re here to share our wisdom on how to increase the number of email subscribers you get. Email Subscribers

Offer an incentive

Providing an incentive is a great way to get visitors to your website to sign up to your email list. For those users who usually can’t be bothered filling in their details, an incentive might be enough to push them over the edge. You could offer a free eBook, 15% off their next purchase, a free assessment or anything else that would appeal to users.

Keep your form simple

People hate long forms. Once people have clicked on the button to subscribe, they’ll click out again pretty quickly if they have to fill in all of their personal details. The only fields that should be compulsory are the name and email address – any other fields should be optional. Many businesses also opt to simply have a box where users can enter their email address directly to subscribe. You can always ask for more details later through your email marketing.

Use social media

If you have social media accounts for your business (which you should, but we won’t get into that now!) then use these platforms to get users subscribed. Use engaging posts to encourage people to sign up to your email newsletter – you can even run competitions where people enter by signing up.

Enlist existing subscribers

One of the best ways to get more subscribers is to use the list you already have! Encourage your current list to forward their email marketing on to friends and family. If your current customers like your product or service, chances are that they’ll be happy to let other people know about your business. As an added sweetener, you can offer special discounts or offers for friends and family.

Make your sign up obvious

Don’t hide your email sign up form at the bottom of the webpage. People aren’t going to go looking for it! Most email sign up bars are located in the top right hand side of the webpage and for good reason – it stands out and is visible throughout the website. If you’re thinking of doing a pop up email sign up request, be aware that many users find this annoying so think carefully before you utilise a full page in-your-face popup. So once you have email subscribers, how do you manage sending all of those emails? Dilate’s email marketing software is perfect for small to medium businesses and it makes your email marketing campaign easy as! We can also help you see how effective your email marketing campaign is thanks to our insightful analytics. For a helping hand with your email marketing Perth, speak with the Dilate Digital team today on 1300 345 283.

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Our approach to becoming Australia's most respected agency.

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