Increase Sales for Shopify Using These Apps

Aimee Robinson
By Aimee Robinson

Got an eCommerce store and want to boost conversions and bring in more profit? Good news – there are plenty of free and premium tools out there that can help you up your eCom game and sell more. We get it, sifting through them all to find what works isn’t very fun. That’s why we’ve put together our top picks for Shopify plugins that pack a powerful punch. As a team of Shopify experts who have helped many eCommerce businesses find success online, we’ve tried and tested a lot of tools in our time. And when it comes to Shopify marketing, we make sure we use the best. Here goes.

Bold Upsell

Bold Upsell What is it? Bold Upsell is my number 1 pick for apps that increase revenue on Shopify stores. It’s essentially your side kick for selling more and selling smarter. Key Features

  • True Upsells – offering product upgrades of the item a customer just put in their cart
  • Cross Sells – offering products that complement the item a customer just picked
  • Upsell Funnels – giving a series of offers to the customer, even if they decline the first upsell

Why we love it Bold Upsell is a powerhouse because it lets you create a strategic and targeted approach to increasing sales. We love the huge range of features which let you double down on the tactics that really work for your target audience. It’s neat and simple to use for you as the shop owner and it gives your customers a seamless and positive shopping experience too. Where to get it


Smile What is it? An awesome app for easily creating a kick-ass customer loyalty program. Customer loyalty programs are a brilliant way to strategically increase customer lifetime value, which ultimately drives long-term growth and ROI.  By giving your customers access to discounts and perks, Smile helps you create a positive customer experience to keep bringing them back. Again and again. Key Features

  • Loyalty points program – customers can earn points for placing an order, leaving a review or creating an account. Points can be redeemed for coupon codes or free gifts when they purchase something.
  • Referral program – encourages customers to refer a friend to boost your word of mouth marketing.
  • VIP program – uses VIP statuses and special perks to encourage customer loyalty. 

Why we love it For the majority of Shopify eCommerce stores, returning customer rate is hugely important. In most cases it’s cheaper to get your current customers to make another purchase than it is to find new customers.  It’s pretty simple. The more you can increase the customer lifetime value – how much a single customer spends with you over their life – the more profit you’ll make. We love Smile because it’s an easy and effective way to increase the profitability of each customer and up your sales. Where to get it


Yotpo What is it? Yotpo is an app that helps you collect quality reviews and customer feedback and then share them across different platforms to build a solid brand community. Key Features

  • Collect reviews, ratings, photos and more from your customers and then showcase these on your website to increase conversions.
  • Connect to Google, and have your reviews show up on Google Shopping Ads and search results.
  • Share awesome customer content on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to boost your social media marketing.

Why we love it Having customer testimonials and reviews on your site is absolutely essential. Why? They’re possibly the most important trust indicator you could have on your site.  The benefit of using a paid review app like Yotpo is that it’s verified and approved by Google. That means the reviews you collect will pull through to SERPs (search engine results pages) and your Google Shopping Ads.  Basically you’ve got the potential to kill two or three birds with one stone. Collect positive reviews on your website with Yotpo and boost your performance across Google too. It’s a solid digital marketing strategy. Where to get it

Poptin / Privy

Poptin Privy What are they? Two highly recommended apps for creating a newsletter signup popup on your site. Key Features

  • Create email popups, exit intent popups and upsell popups.
  • Integrate the popups with popular emailing systems such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo, ConvertKit etc.
  • Create targeted popup strategies which put the right message in front of the right customers.

Why we love them Email popups are a great way to get people to buy and they’re pretty successful at increasing customer lifetime value too.  By offering them a discount when they sign up to your email list, a new customer not only has incentive to buy – they’re also now part of your email marketing stream!  Thanks to their advanced popup features, Poptin and Privy make it easier to increase sales in the short and long term. Plus you don’t need any coding or technical knowledge to use them. Where to get them

Tidio Live Chat

Tidio Live Chat What is it? A live chat function that lets you respond to potential customers immediately while they’re on your website. Key Features

  • Bots will automatically reply to customers if you aren’t available to answer their questions.
  • Offer discounts or incentives for customers who abandoned their carts to increase conversions.
  • Highly customisable which means you can get the chat to look and feel like a seamless part of your website.

Why we love it Adding a live chat function will almost always improve conversion rate and therefore sales. It’s particularly powerful if you sell products with a higher price point or products that are new to the market. In these cases, customers tend to have questions before they decide to buy. Live chats are also a great way to build customer relationships and encourage repeat purchases. We love the neatness and convenience of Tidio Live Chat. It’s got an easy-to-use interface and sends notifications straight to your phone so you can reply instantly to your customers. Where to get it

Need help increasing sales for your Shopify store? We’ve got you.

Running a successful eCommerce store is quite an art. Apps and plugins can make your life much easier but sometimes you need a bit of help to really get results. If you’re looking for a Shopify marketing agency that knows how to smash sales goals – Dilate is here for you. We’re a digital marketing agency with a kickass team of Shopify experts. We’ve got tonnes of experience setting online stores up for success and we’re ready to get started helping you. Let’s chat.

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