Our Best Apps To Get The Most Out of Your Day

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

With 1.6 million apps available on Android, and 1.5 million available from the Apple Store, there’s a whole lot of apps out there for you to sift through, and having apps like Candy Crush is generally a step in the wrong direction. Each app is vying for your time, your data, or your credit card- so which app do you pick? We have looked at all the options (well, most of them anyway. There’s three million after all.), and come up with our best recommendations for you to get the most from your day.


When you communicate among your team at work, using emails can mean you backup your inbox with pages of idle conversations that you probably won’t need again- making it difficult to find the really important documents, buried under days of “where is my stapler”, “Megan had it last”. Using Slack, you can log in and access public channels or private groups, and use it to send instant messages or to share files. This is designed for businesses of all sizes, who need one platform for the employees to communicate from, and the clean interface makes it easy to use.

Scanner Pro:

Save the trees and get your receipts in order, with Scanner Pro. This easy little tool uses your iPhone camera to scan documents, turning them into an editable PDF which you can now save, share, or upload to cloud storage. No more need for physical paper copies, you can scan and store it all now.


Wunderlist is a pretty popular one, but on the off-chance you haven’t heard of it then it’s time to start. It takes the list off the fridge, the list off your desk, the list off the Post-It and the list your halfway through in your head right now, and puts them all in one manageable, collaborative app. You can start ticking them all off from your pocket, but this app can go on just about anything with smart capabilities, so no more excuses that you forgot the laundry powder, unfortunately.


Visualise a jar filled to the top with marbles; this is your phone and its apps. Workflow is what happens when you pour water in. Workflow fills in all the gaps between your apps, living up to its tagline of “powerful automation made simple”. You connect ‘actions’ to make apps communicate in cohesive ways, such as connecting your Uber to your next calendar appointment, or downloading a video’s audio file as an MP3.


Acorns is the chauffeur on your ride to investment banking. With this tool synchronised to your bank account or card activity, small nominations are invested on your behalf, allowing you to assemble a portfolio of your choice while making money off your spare change! The reason it's so great is the round-up method, as it rounds your purchase to the nearest dollar and uses the leftover change towards your investments. So if you spent $14.90, the actual amount leaving your account is $15- not a great difference, right? After a bit of time, you'll notice Acorn has made these minor withdrawals enough times for you to making some serious profit on your investments.

So there you have the favourite apps, as picked from a team of techno-obsessed experts! Give these apps a go and let them work wonders. However, there are no apps for complete digital marketing strategies that could rival what Dilate can do -so if you’re in need of an online overhaul, then give us a call 1300345283 or email and let us do the rest.

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Our approach to becoming Australia's most respected agency.

Our approach to becoming Australia's most respected agency.

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