Ten Morning Habits Of Successful People

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

It’s difficult enough to just get out of bed in the morning, and this sluggish feeling can creep into your whole day. If your mornings are spent dragging yourself around the house -buttoning collars as you spill coffee and cereal, then realising you’d left your keys inside and locked the door – you sound like one of the many people who are aiming for success but left their motivation on snooze. Here are ten things that successful people do in some way in the morning, which can take you from running late to work, to running the company.

1) Early Bird

Mornings are an adjustment time, so if you wake up and dash out the door, your brain is frantically trying to keep up while still being in dream-land, and your day is now hectic and to-the-wire. What’s the latest you can get up for work, and make it on time? Great, now take about an hour off that.

2) You Slept In Your Bed, Now Make It.

This is a seemingly insignificant part of your day, but don’t underestimate it! By the act of making your bed, you’ve just ticked off one little chore, and straightened up your first part of the day. You’d be surprised by how a small habit like this can affect the the rest of your morning, as this small sense of achievement leaves you satisfied and looking for the next chore to complete.

3) Create A List

Write down all your tasks for the day, from most to least important. You won’t get to the end of the day and suddenly remember you were supposed to pick up your mother from the airport at noon, and by writing it down you’re mentally committing to the goal.

4) Quiet Time

In your morning transition time, let your mind come back into reality with some light reading, or meditation. A cup of coffee while reading an interesting article, or something equally soothing,  can give you a sense of calm which will permeate through your entire day.

5) Exercise

As your mind is waking up, so is your body, This is a great time to do some light-to-moderate exercise. Get blood carrying oxygen to all your fingers and toes, and go for a walk, swim or jog. Yoga, pilates, and stretching are also fantastic for this.

6) Breakfast In Your Belly

Breakfast is when you literally break the fast of your sleep. You haven’t eaten for a long time, while your body has been automatically breathing, pulsing… You know, just keeping you alive. So the least you could do is feed it, and put some thought into it too. Think wholegrains, fruit, good fats, and eggs. It is the most important meal of the day, for the effect it has on your metabolism and mood, so don’t skip it.

7) Use Your Commute

If you’re someone who has to commute to work, put it to good use. Too many people will sit there for an hour, listening to radio chitchat and gesturing at other drivers. Not you! You’re going to be successful. You’ve left yourself plenty of time to get there, and you have audiobooks, or powerful speeches, or maybe a second language tool to help you with that foreign business meeting/ holiday that’ll be coming up soon. Hola, mi nombre es éxito!

8) Prep Yourself

Okay, so you’re at your desk. “Man, I wonder what (insert name here) has been up to? I’ll go get a glass of water and see if anyone’s around.” End scene. But that was the old you. After waking up and reading, taking a walk, and having a delicious and well-rounded breakfast, you are here and ready to take on the world; so you fill a drink bottle and make sure you have everything you need around you, without clutter or distractions, and you sit down.

9) Set The Stakes

One last thing to tick off, is a cherry on top for the evening. Quickly think of your evening- seeing friends, watching a movie, karaoke in the kitchen… Pick something that you’re going to do tonight, to brighten up that last corner of your day. You’ll go to bed satisfied, and energised for the day ahead of you.

10) Get To Work!

I’ll include this one, the same way that McDonalds coffee cups have “Caution: Hot Liquid” on them. It’s glaringly obvious, but still some people need to be told; Do your work. Don’t update Facebook, or check personal websites -take a look at your list from number two above, and get it done. Procrastination is, incidentally, not a virtue of the successful, so maximise your morning mojo and dive straight into your tasks. You’ll notice it’s much easier to stay focussed, than if you muddle around on the net for twenty minutes first.

All these tips are tried and tested by our digital marketing team; we’re the best in the business, and this is how we do it. If you need some help with your online marketing strategies, call us here at Dilate, where we can give you expert industry knowledge and uniquely tailored services, to get the best results for you and your business.

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Our approach to becoming Australia's most respected agency.

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