The ABC’s on A/B Email Testing

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

If you’re sending out a flurry of emails to your potential customers, but you’re not up to date with A/B testing, then you could be wasting your time- and theirs. A/B testing is a feature where you can send out variations of the same email, so you can monitor the reactions. By gathering information about the habits of the recipients you can refine your material and create an effective email based on their triggers. Before you get started, check out our quick crash course in A/B email testing, where we’ve worked out the specifics to make it all as easy as ABC.

1) One At A Time

This is a common mistake, but a simple one. If you’re conducting A/B test on a landing page, while also A/B testing your email campaign, then your resulting data is going to be impossible to interpret. How can you pinpoint which adjustment affected your leads? Make sure that any variations are done singularly, so you can get an accurate representation of the data.

2) The Small Stuff

A/B testing isn’t all about tearing down your original format and rebuilding. Even minor adjustments, like renewing an image, can have big results while being easy to map.

3) Email Renovations

If you’ve got two well designed email formats, why not send them both out? Test them against each other and see which one agrees with your market more. You may be surprised by your markets taste in format, and it may mean more customer interaction for you!

4) Watch It Unravel

You’ve sent out two varying emails, and one has come back with higher click rate than the other. Great! You’re halfway there, but don’t think this is the last step. Watch closely to see which one impacts your sales numbers with traffic-to-lead conversion rates. If the email with less clicks is generating more sales than the other, then there may be a discrepancy in your market you’re not aware of- for example, one email might appeal to the interests of more customers, however the other may be more visually encouraging for further brand interaction.

5) Set Controls and Variables

If you’re considering amending or adjusting your email format, run the original alongside your new template. For example, if you think a banner will be beneficial, rather than testing three banners at one time, test your current email template alongside one with a banner, then use those results to make your decision. After all, you don’t want to fix something that’s not broken!

6) Sample Evenly

There’s a reason juries are random members of society. For an even and unbiased conclusion, send your variations out to groups which equally represent your base, otherwise you run the risk of skewed results and by using these tips, you can get to know your customer base and hone in on their likes and dislikes, to create an email which will appeal and intrigue. There’s a wealth of information ready for you to boost your leads with, give it a go and let us know your results!

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