Top 4 Fundamentals of Best Web design from a Perth Digital Marketing Agency
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Top 4 Fundamentals of Best Web design from a Perth Digital Marketing Agency

Top 4 Fundamentals of Best Web design from a Perth Digital Marketing Agency
August 4, 2016 Bodie Czeladka

Top 4 Fundamentals of Best Web design from a Perth Digital Marketing Agency


Seeing as we are a team of website design and development specialists, it seems appropriate to give all of you aspiring web designers or start-up owners a crash course in web development. After all, once we were all young grasshoppers too. We sat back and thought about what any budding designer should be aware of- and it turns out, there’s a lot. With so much competition for online attention, you have to know how to be the creaky gate to get oiled, without being so creaky that you just seriously annoy everyone until they avoid you completely. It’s a difficult balance, but with a few of the basics under your belt your website will be a success in no time!

1) Simplicity Is Key

If you’re designing a website, especially with a certain budget in mind, you’re much better off going for a simple design with maximum impact. Rather than overloading the page with information, zero in on one key factor that you want to stand out, and create a website around it which compliments and contrasts effectively. For example, if a call-to-action is red and the rest of your website is green and cream, the red will stand out, but if the rest of your website is a variation of four or five colours, the introduction of red will lose its impact and perhaps become overlooked.

2) Mobile Is here

mobile web design plan

Your website may look great on your desktop, but that’s not even half of it. Take the time to design your website so it is user friendly across a number of devices, such as phones and tablets. Think about touchscreen-friendly interfaces, content download speed, and anything else that might make a person on their phone lost interest in your site.

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3) It Starts With 1%

When you look back over the course of a few years, there are a few defining moments to show your achievements and progressions; but all the real work is done in between, during the small steps from one stage to another. The idea of ‘marginal gains’ is that by improving every aspect of something by 1%, you can have an incredible overall effect on the delivery. Don’t believe me? Dave Brailsford put it into practice when he became Performance Director at Team Sky, Great Britain’s professional cycling team who had never won the Tour De France before. Look at all the tweaks you can implement, from typography, to adjusting the hue of the colours, to updating an ‘error’ warning. Overall, they all have impact on your customer’s experience, so start looking at every element and make the 1% improvements.

4) Focus and Plan

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If you don’t have anyone on your team who can produce a powerful web presence then be careful of how you proceed, as your website is the online representation of your business, so it should be personal and professional. Unless you truly feel comfortable with someone on your team achieving it, we recommend talking to an expert. From the design and development of the page, to the curation of content, there is a lot to be managed and completed to result in a powerful presence- so if it’s not really your thing, then talk to the team here at Dilate. We are digital marketing gurus, and have all the tricks to take your website to the next level.

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