Top 5 Design Tips for Your eCommerce Website

Bipu Bajgai
By Bipu Bajgai

Online shopping has never been easier, and we can buy almost anything at the touch of a button. While the number of online stores is a great thing for consumers, it also means a lot of competition out there for your business. To stay up-to-date, your eCommerce store needs to be at the top of its game to get those conversions happening. As experts in eCommerce website design, let’s take a lot of our top design tips to make your online store stand out.

Simple, attractive design

A lot of eCommerce websites are functional enough but, some aren't that attractive. People are visual and if they arrive at a clunky looking website, they’re likely to click away to find something that looks a little bit more appealing – especially if you face a lot of online competition. Although the practicalities of your online store are essential, you also need to take the time to create an aesthetic which draws customers in and showcases your product or service. In most cases, businesses turn to professional graphic designers for help.

Invest in quality videos

Videos are becoming increasingly popular on eCommerce websites and are an easy way to drive traffic to your online shop. Not only does video offer you a unique opportunity to showcase your product, but it can also provide instructions, tips, reviews, and troubleshooting to increase buyer confidence. To really boost your website, try and include video testimonials.

Focus on customer service

With the use of eCommerce stores on the rise, users expect a high level of customer service and this can be worked into your website in a number of ways. Develop an easy returns policy or money back guarantee and have this displayed prominently on the website. After a purchase, don’t just give a receipt number – have an engaging message thanking them for their purchase. These small touches make all the difference to the user experience.

Minimal steps to purchase

With an eCommerce store, the name of the game is getting users to an online sale. To that end, you want to make it easy as possible for someone to complete a purchase after placing an item in the shopping cart. Put yourself in a potential customer’s shoes when going through the purchase process to ensure there are no unnecessary hold-ups. The least amount of clicks, the better, like giving customers the option of checking out as a guest rather than making everyone create an account.

Keep up with payment methods

As new payment methods come on board, make sure you include these options in your website design. These days, it’s unusual for eCommerce stores not to have PayPal as an option and payment methods such as AfterPay are also becoming increasingly common. Offering multiple payment methods, other than traditional credit card details, offers flexibility for customers and means they can choose the option they feel most comfortable with.

For an eCommerce store which is functional, attractive and secure, speak to the design gurus at Dilate Digital. We use the most user-friendly eCommerce platforms available, and our affordability makes us perfect for medium-sized businesses and start-ups.

For eCommerce providers, contact the team at Dilate Digital today on 1300 345 283.

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