Top Reasons to Use Perth Based Hosting

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

Most businesses and brands are interacting with their audiences online, and if you’re going to become one of them then you’ll need to consider a few things. And sorry, this blog isn’t about the fun stuff like designing the layout and writing the killer content - but you can’t put choosing your web hosting services at the bottom of your list. Your web hosting decisions are going to ring out through any other call you make for your digital marketing, so make sure that you choose a good one.

Potential Pitfalls:

Choosing the wrong web hosting services can have detrimental effects on your business.


If your web hosting platform is always down, and your site isn’t available to your audience when they want it, your SEO will suffer and you’ll lose rankings. Even sites that are slow to load are widely believed to experience a dive in rankings - SEO is a battlefield already, there’s no room for blunders.


While no web host is a fortress, there are definitely some that are sitting ducks. Your web hosting company should provide you with the means to securely backup your web data, and ensure it’s readily reclaimable if your site should experience any malware. Otherwise, if you do get hit with some security issues, you could lose a serious amount of confidential data and all of your hard work. A good web host offers customer support and is contactable for security issues or technical maintenance right around the clock.

Bottom Line

If your site is slow to load or doesn’t load at all, you’re going to send all of your potential customers straight to your competitors. This can especially damaging to e-commerce sites - Information Week says it costs up to $26.5 billion a year in lost revenue. Need I say more? The best web hosting in Perth is a subjective issue; depending on your needs and business goals, there are a variety of options. We always find the best and most secure option for our clients because we understand the risks. Talk to the team at Dilate to find out how we can help, or ask about our business consulting services. We offer business consultations to help business owners understand the digital landscape for themselves, and prepare them with the skill set to pioneer their own digital marketing adventures.

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Our approach to becoming Australia's most respected agency.

Our approach to becoming Australia's most respected agency.

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