Why Hire An Agency for Your Google Adwords Campaign?

Why Hire An Agency for Your Google Adwords Campaign?

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

The digital marketing industry has changed dramatically in recent years and Google AdWords is one of the platforms that sparked this change. Google Adwords is one of the most cost-effective methods of paid online advertising available. This system of digital advertising is used by almost any Google Ads agency. Big or small, all of these organisations have one thing in common --- to tap into a lot of people in search of products and services online! In fact, using Google Adwords properly attracts a large number of people who seek help from people like you, for exactly what you can offer. As much as possible, Google Adwords attracts more local consumers to your business. If you don’t currently use Google AdWords or don’t use it to its full potential, you can ask help from a reputable PPC agency to support you. The thing about PPC agencies is their readiness to hit desired goals with the tools and insights a client doesn’t have access to, especially when managing advertisements that pop up in the Google search results. This makes the relationship between the client and the agency an interdependent relationship.

What is Google AdwordsWhat is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is Google's advertising system that gives advertisers the chance to bid on certain keywords used on their clickable ads that appear in Google's search results. This is a clever way Google monetises on their platform since advertisers are paying for these clicks. Google Adwords can work for you depending on the competitiveness of the keywords you're bidding for.   What Can We Do With Google Adwords? For the most part, we've found that Google AdWords is extremely effective for a myriad of businesses. Given that they don't waste their money on the keywords they won’t need or those that have low CTR ads. As a business owner, you have the freedom to choose how you value your time. You’d rather spend it on adding more value to your business, so it’s pretty much logical to seek help from a good PPC professional to manage your Google Adwords account, especially when you are competing against other Adwords professionals who know exactly what they’re doing.  There have been Google Adwords accounts that are self-managed by HIGHLY prosperous people who have spent so much time learning about it on their own, yet still not acquiring the level of skill needed to manage their Adwords competitively as much as their competitors have.  Ask yourself why you are pushing through with learning all this by yourself when you could be spending that same amount of time in other areas of your business?  Give yourself some time to ask for help from professionals, while you decide on ever doing it on your own with some of these reasons: 

  1. You’re running out of options of what can help you leverage your business growth.
  2. You have a natural affinity for any form of data analysis and copywriting for ads.
  3. You are geared towards learning Adwords to use it professionally.
  4. Your market space is not competitive.
  5. You’re not yet comfortable with the growth

Getting an Adwords agency onboard with you on your endeavours can help you grow your business based on the profits generated by your Adwords sales. An Adwords agency can manage large volumes of sales in a more competitive environment. Large volumes of sales are the breakthrough of your business growth, and as you may be quite comfortable in handling your Adwords account, yourself, getting past a higher benchmark may take more focus and data analysis for you than when you get the best professionals to take care of it for you instead. 

What Are The Benefits of Google Adwords For Your BusinessWhat Are The Benefits of Google Adwords For Your Business

1. PPC agencies have industry norms and benchmarks

Assuming the agency has ample experience in performing ad campaigns, they are usually familiar with setting CPC ranges, conversion rates, and the advertising efforts that convert. People who can help you with your digital marketing efforts can also help you save a lot of time in learning and performing a trial and error as you test different things.

2. Professional and insightful beta testing opportunities

PPC agencies who keep in contact with their Google representative can receive all sorts of input that other businesses owners aren’t as likely to receive if they were to work on optimising their Google Adwords account alone.  Due to Google’s premium services, reputable PPC agencies have an ongoing source of growing revenue potential. I mean, it’s become easier for reps to send one email to an agency contact about a beta test and get five accounts enrolled. Clients get a chance to try trendy and effective methods their competition may not even have access to and have a stronger grasp on keeping higher rankings bringing in solid results by the time that any algorithm rolls out to the general public. In highly competitive industries, this is a really huge advantage.

3. There’s strength in numbers

Managing the same account for quite some time as just one person or an internal team can be really counter-intuitive and more expensive.  Most Adwords agencies generally have a coordinated team that can completely focus on the growth of your business, which not only brings a fresh perspective but also different ways of thinking. This can breathe new life into any form of stagnation your business is experiencing, and hacking into new pockets of growth to scale it far more than just one person can achieve! Agencies also tend to be updated about the digital marketing industry at large, so they may have well-informed predictions and have insight on upcoming changes and new opportunities.

4. Agencies are quite multi-disciplined

There are many times where a business may truly struggle, but the solutions to it aren’t exactly the things a business owner can handle within their team. Often times, in-house employees could generally manage keywords and bids to increase company performance but can likely have a low conversion rate. While there are people who can manage the media, a different person is needed to design any landing page, while another one may be needed to optimise the conversion rates which some designers can miss out on placing a pop-up form to retrieve emails and build leads. 

5. Performance growth stagnation due to turnover

A number of business owners have encountered some months of stagnation since the time their employees who handled growth hacking and paid search have left the company. Marketing should be a continuous process, so any abrupt changes to marketing efforts will send inconsistent results on monthly reports.  The sad part about this is when business owners end up giving the legwork to someone who’s remained in the company with just a little expertise in carrying on any marketing efforts. Not only do results suffer, but as well as the employee in the company. From this standpoint, an agency is active enough to give your business more stability in terms of growth, and then finally experience that growth in the long run without experiencing crazy fluctuations. Most agencies even package their marketing efforts together so you don’t need to worry about spending more money on individual services that may not be suitable for your desired growth in your industry.

6. Have better control over your ROI

When your company’s return on investment is in the wrong hands, you surely wouldn’t expect a breakthrough in your monthly reports. Your goals may not be easy to achieve by just one person as there’s only so much that they can do within just 8 hours of their time.  Ironically, you have better control over your ROI when you entrust the growth of the company to the right team. This is particularly critical for any paid marketing efforts you make. In fact, while the work may be done by just one person in the team, they’ve got the team’s overall support in handling other processes.  With this, what can be done by someone who you in-house can have their efforts multiplied in tenfold when you consult a team. Therefore, you can easily expect a higher return on investment than the opposite.

What We Can Take From ThisWhat We Can Take From This

Now that we know the difference between the performance of an individual’s efforts in marketing their business in comparison to a marketing agency’s efforts, we ultimately conclude that there is strength in numbers. We also can't just decide on hiring any agency without thorough research on their past achievements. It’s important to hire the right agency with a clear understanding of your goals and your brand.  Rest assured, business owners who understand the needs and goals of the company are likely to find the right agency partner that can truly help them quite easily than most. This is what our clients feel about us here in Dilate Digital. We make sure that the results your company needs will happen!

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