Five Ways to Make the Most out of your Adwords Campaign

Five Ways to Make the Most out of your Adwords Campaign

Tom Parker
By Tom Parker

Did you know that around 75,000 searches happen on Google every second... that's 4,500,000 searches a minute! With Google being the biggest search engine, it's no surprise that Adwords plays a massive role in the digital marketing space. 

PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns have been a crucial part of the success of hundreds of our clients every single day. We've taken over some seriously questionable campaigns, and we've seen time and again how important a well thought out strategy is to give businesses the best opportunity for success.

For anyone out there reading this article and perhaps wondering what Google Adwords is, essentially, it's a marketing tool that allows businesses to buy premium advertising space on Google. And, if you haven't already taken the hint, we're pretty dang fond of them and their powerful marketing nature. 

Adwords are a little smarter than the simple advertising campaigns we know. It allows businesses to put their products or services in front of audiences that have already been searching for them. If you're wondering how Google makes this happen, it's not some harry potter wand-waving spell type of thing. Luckily (for you and us), it's much more straightforward. Google Adwords enables you to bid on search terms for your ads. So, for example, let's say you own a surf shop. You could bid on related keywords that people might be typing into the search bar who are interested in the surf industry. Eg. surfboards.

On top of this convenient bidding structure - it also has precise targeting options for your audience, allowing you to create audiences based on parameters such as demographics, psychographics, and even the type of device. Eg. kids surfboards in Perth.

When an Adwords Campaign is set up and managed effectively, it has the potential to generate seriously epic sales and returns on ad spend. However, there are a few little hacks and tricks that you need to be aware of to get the most out of your campaign. To keep things simple, let's start with five tips that you can take on board and apply to your Google Adwords campaigns.

Keyword Selection is Crucial 

Keyword Selection is Crucial

We highly suggest that you start with the Google keyword tool and try not to be too generic. Choose keywords that are specific to your business and include locations in your keywords, where possible. Then try to narrow down your keyword list to the most relatable ones to your services/products. When you bid on generic keywords, they tend to be vague - attracting a lot of unnecessary clicks that aren't the target audience who is ready to convert and bring in the dollars. Additionally, when you bid on these keywords, you're competing against giants that have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on advertising. So you're really working against yourself!

PPC Campaigns to Support Organic Growth

PPC Campaigns to Support Organic Growth

SEO can take a lot of time to get you ranking on the first page of Google, and to be honest; it's never 100% guaranteed. This means that relying solely on your organic ranking is a bit of a gamble. Pairing your organic strategy with a Adwords Management Service can seriously amplify your visibility, improve your click-through rate, and actually help you get better rankings more quickly. This is because Google will need to index your site in order to make your ad live while also increasing the traffic to your site.

Testing for the Win

Testing for the WinGoogle Adwords is a great platform to test ads, their copy, and landing pages quickly. Simply throw your ad up online, test a specific item, and Google will be able to show you which ad works best with their data. When analyzed effectively, you can drastically increase your sales while minimising your ad spend investment.




Track Everything!

Track EverythingThis is the number one most important thing to do before making your ads live. After all, if you don't measure it, you can't manage it. Make sure you've set up the right goals to track that you can regularly assess to see how well your ads are performing and what your customer behaviour is like online. Analytics today have large data sets that can substantially improve every aspect of your business if you know where to look, that is. It will show you the performance of every single keyword and help you qualify them for your ads, and that's just the beginning.

Call to Actions are serious must-have

Call to Actions Are Serious Must Have

You might know this already, but the quality of your copy plays a crucial role in increasing or decreasing conversions. Ad copy is also one of the easiest things to implement effectively, right from the beginning of a campaign. One way to improve your ad copy is to have a RELEVANT call to action on your ad. For example, we wouldn't recommend having a Buy Now CTA for a product that has a significant price tag attached, a "Learn More" or "Call Now" CTA would be a more appropriate call to action for the searcher. Not even the wealthy would be willing to throw down a $3000 purchase without first learning more or speaking with an excellent customer service team about it first.

So that's it, you've got our down-low on 5 things that you should be taking into consideration for your future Google Adwords campaigns (if you weren't already). What's next? You're thinking. Practice, practice, and more practice is our answer. Test and trial different aspects of your ads to find what generates the best conversions. 

We love helping our clients smash their goals - especially through our Google Ads services. So, if you're looking for a team that is not only passionate about the job itself but also loves connecting and understanding what makes each business tick, then reach out - we're always down for a chat! *wink wink* - 1300 345 283.

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