Readability is one of the most overlooked issues that plague the websites of today. As web designers in Perth, we often see so much focus being placed on getting the web design right, that business owners often forget the importance their content plays in the user experience, once the web design is complete.

The truth is that content readability is just as crucial as the branding and web design itself. Because there’s no point investing in a web design service with all the latest and greatest web design features if the readability isn’t there.

In simple terms, it doesn’t matter how good the actual content is if the readability sucks. So let’s help you to make sure that your readability is just as good as your copy and your web design with our top 8 readability hacks to keep customers on your page and engaged!

What if I told you that Adwords and SEO could play really well together? Better yet, what if I told you that they’re actually complementary services? For as long as we can remember, the industry has been pinning one service up against the other, as if PPC or SEO could not co-exist harmoniously. Well, we’re a PPC & Adwords agency in Perth and contrary to popular belief, we’re here to tell you that Adwords actually provides a lot of value when it comes to fine-tuning your SEO strategy. That’s why we’re generously sharing our 4 Pro Tips on what an SEO specialist can learn from an Adwords Campaign.

It’s 2019 right? You’re sure of it! The calendar deems it so, all the newspapers are verifying it and so is your iPhone. So why is it that every time you visit your businesses website it feels like you’re transported back to 1999? There’s no more denying the fact that you, my friend, need a brand new web design, and you need it quick. So now you’re wondering whether you can bootstrap it and do it in-house, or whether a digital marketing agency is the better option. We both know that outsourcing a digital marketing service for your businesses new web design launch is the better option, but perhaps you don’t fully understand why what we do is superior to a quick fix template website. That’s a fair question, there’s so much that goes into web design that digital marketing agencies often become a bit too lax on explaining the fine details of what’s involved in their web design process. In fact, our guess is that you probably think building a killer website requires just the web dev department of a digital marketing agency. In truth, website development requires a multitude of digital marketing services and experts. That’s WHY businesses invest in a digital marketing agency opposed to a pre-built template, or freelance web developer – too many integral components of the build are missed.

We’re here to fill in the gaps for you, this is an extensive (but actually our digital marketing team would consider this brief) checklist of most of the components we need to complete in order for us to feel like we’re ready to launch your website! We say ‘most’ because to include ALL of the components would make this blog far too long, and we’re here to educate you, not bore you to death.

Review Existing Site

If you have a pre-existing website, we sit down with you and audit your site. We determine all the aspects that you like, things that require a slight tweak or touch up, and what needs a complete change. Then we create a strategy around what we find to ensure all the elements are considered throughout our design and development process.

Create A Branding Guide

If you have a current brand guide we design your website in accordance with that. If however, you haven’t updated it in the last two years or you simply don’t have one, we work with you to determine the aesthetic that best represents your brand. Your branding design can include a refreshed logo design, brand tone, design elements, typography, color palettes, CTA’s and branding collateral. This is condensed and transferred over to you for continued use post website launch.

Determine Services, USPs, Brand Proposition

What do you want your website to achieve? What message are you trying to send? What services are you trying to provide? How do you want to inform your visitors of that message? What actions do you want them to take? This all has to be determined before we do any practical development of your website. We need to create a clear roadmap to ensure your website will achieve your goals.

Website Page Drafts & Reviews

Once we understand who you are, why you do what you do and what you look like, we get to work crafting preliminary designs of your website. A.K.A. What your website will look like. We do this in stages and work our way through, usually starting off with the homepage and integral service/offer pages. Once you review and leave your comments regarding what you like and dislike, we refine the design to your liking.

Complete Keyword Mapping & Site Navigation

One of the most crucial steps to ensure lasting success and website visibility is by determining your SEO Optimised keyword mapping and proposed site navigation before the build. This is the backbone of all your future search engine optimisation strategies. It’s also beneficial in helping you determine what the most significant factors are of your business and how to cater to each users search intent. Our Keyword Mapping and site navigation suggestion focuses on URL’s, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions and keyword suggestions for individual pages.

Create and Submit a Sitemap

Sitemaps are “maps” of your website that you can submit to google search console. You need this in order to make your website more search engine friendly, by submitting your sitemap we’re helping Google to crawl your site including all the pages and information available on it and then index you accordingly.

Suggest SEO Optimised Content to Create

Using proper SEO techniques to populate your site can be the difference between 1 visitor per day or 1000 visitors per day. Continuing to use proper SEO techniques to populate your site with carefully curates content is crucial to help you get noticed. As mentioned a few steps above, part of our keyword mapping exercise is to help you determine the most appropriate keywords for each page on your site. With this as your guide, you’re able to fill out all the content on every single one of your pages and know that it’s SEO optimised and ready to be found by the visitors that need your services/offers most.

Create and Install Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager & Google Search Console

Before we launch your website we want to ensure that you can track its performance and understand user behaviour from day one. So at your request, we can create and install all the analytics to track your goals and measure performance. Allowing you to make continuous tweaks as new data comes in.

Implement Schema Markups

Schema Rich Snippets are a type of code you implement that Search Engines like Google can understand. Essentially it’s a short form that easily tells google who you are, what you do, the industry you’re in and how to identify you. It’s complicated to understand, but it’s a crucial step to help your website gain visibility.

Check for UX issues

There’s no point building a website if it’s not a logical for the customer to take action. As experts in UX Web design, we run through the website from all touch points and ensure there’s a satisfying and easy to follow customer journey and experience

Check All Indexing Issues

A few steps above, we mention creating and submitting a sitemap. This one kind of ties in with that one. For a sitemap to be indexed in search engines it has to be crawled. Sometimes due to a number of different issues, particular pages can’t be crawled, which means they can’t be indexed, which means they won’t be found on search engines. Before launching all of these issues should be eradicated. And yes, we can do that for you.

Check All Duplicate Issues

Duplicate pages? Duplicate Content? Duplicate Domains? Duplicate issues are complex and can arise due to a surplus of reasons which are seemingly out of your control, but having duplicate website information can really damage your sites search engine visibility. To ensure there are no duplicate issues, developers spend a lot of their time implementing redirects, canonicalizations and scraping the site for duplicate content. This is complex, and not exactly recommended for you to DIY.

Site Speed Check

Let’s be honest, there’s no excuse for a slow page load speed. If your page takes even 0.1 of a second longer to load than visitors are used to, they’ll bounce. In fact, page speed is one of the biggest factors in customers bouncing from your page before they even get there. We check your site speed and ensure everything is optimising for ultimate performance.

404 Page is Set up & Optimised

You can’t control everything, like someone linking to your site incorrectly, or entering your URL with a spelling mistake. But if they do by chance do either of those, you can at least control the ‘404’ page they’re sent to. By optimising your ‘404’ page to also be a potential customer journey, you’re able to save a portion of the visitors who would otherwise be lost to the 404 abyss that generic 404 pages send people to.

Mobile & Tablet Optimised

If your website isn’t optimised yet for mobile and tablet users, you’re doing your websites all wrong. More than half of your website visitors will be visiting you via an alternative device and if your website layout isn’t considering mobile or tablet use, you’ll lose out on potential clients. But don’t worry, if you hire us, we do multi-device optimisation to ensure you’re catering to ALL your customers. Not only that, we make sure you’re multi-browser optimised, too.

HTML/CSS Error Free

Before launching, we run through your site and check each individual page to ensure it’s free from any HTML/CSS errors and that all your code is clean.

Create Backups

This is a foundational step for any website launch. To make sure there is no loss of data due to a web issue, we make sure that you have a complete and up-to-date back up of your website before launching. Often websites can experience issues that cause it to go “down” without warning, keeping a backup ensures that you can always have your website back up in a jiffy.

Double Check Functionality

One of the final tasks we do is to double check the functionality of your website. From email list sign-ups to social sharing, lead form generation, internal page links, load speed, comments, and cross-device checks. Ensuring your website functions properly is crucial for an easy and enjoyable customer experience. The slightest hiccup and you’ll have successfully discouraged the customer from staying on your site. So your functionality is seriously important and should be treated just so.

Ensure site URLs are secured, live, and functioning properly.

Generally speaking, sites are built on something known as a staging platform. A.K.A. Not live and visible to the public. Once the entire web dev project is complete, then the tedious task of transitioning the site over to go live begins. It’s complex, rarely goes smoothly and requires a developer to facilitate the whole thing. They check for the following types of issues and ensure everything is A-OK: Broken Links, 302 Redirects, HTTPS enabled, Canonical URLs, iFrames

As we mentioned, there is an incredibly large checklist involved in your web design project, even the tasks in this checklist, have checklists in order to do each task effectively. I know, it’s overwhelming, isn’t it? We’ll be honest, not all of these services are 100% necessary for your website to function, but all are necessary to ensure your website is successful in helping your business gain visibility and grow. If you’re looking for a web design refresh and want to discuss what a digital marketing agency can do to help, call us today for an obligation free quote!

Let’s be real with one another for a second, not all services are created equal. When it comes to SEO services, some agencies delivering SEO in Perth provide bandaid services, and others provide full-blown reconstructive surgery (like us). Now let us be very clear here, if all you need is a temporary solution for a minor problem, then a bandaid service should do the job. But the cold hard truth is that there isn’t really an effective bandaid solution for SEO. There are a lot of new services popping up in the marketing industry lately, and it might have a few of our clients like yourself wondering why they need to invest in monthly SEO services when John Doe down the road is offering a one-off SEO service to theoretically do the same thing. It’s a valid question, the answer is that ongoing SEO is the superior service, it’s the full-blown reconstructive surgery your site needs to start ranking.

In marketing heaven, there’s a place where a one-off SEO service exists. It’s really easy up there, all you need to do is define your keywords for each page, create content for each keyword, and build your site on an SEO friendly CMS (Content Management System), then sit back and watch your pages start ranking. But down here, in the realm of the mortals, your website’s SEO requires an evolving strategy and consistent upkeep. Search Engine Ranking is a very grey area for many people, so it’s not surprising to hear of so many business owners getting tripped up by the ever enticing sound of one-off marketing. So let us explain to you exactly why we insist on only providing ongoing SEO services here in Perth.

Millions of websites exist on this earth to which Google has been long responsible for ranking accordingly. Google’s Search Console helps you monitor, maintain and troubleshoot your site’s presence in Google Search Results. From Business Owners to SEO Specialists, Marketers or Web Developers, anyone with a website can utilise Google Search Console to help monitor website traffic, optimise rankings, and make informed decisions about their appearance in search results.

So what has gone wrong?

Recently [April 5, 2019], the reliability of Google to rank pages has been compromised by a so-called “bug”. Site owners around the world were largely impacted by a de-indexing problem over the weekend as the result of Google’s “technical issues”. Many websites found that their homepage and/or other pages had been removed from Google’s index, and therefore was no longer found in the SERPs.

How could it have affected you?

If your website suffered from a dose of de-indexing, you may have seen a drop in website traffic, rankings and sales/conversions.

Who is managing this issue?

Whilst Google stated that they were “aware of indexing issues” and believed that the “issues are mostly resolved and don’t require special efforts on the part of site owners”, there is evidence that this is still affecting some sites. If this is the case for your website, whether you have an SEO team working on your website, or a Digital Marketing Agency or whether you are managing the web page yourself, you can address this problem via search console. In order to get an almost instantaneous resolution, go to your Google Search Console and request a crawl of the specific pages that have been affected. You should see that they return to the Google SERPs almost immediately.

Let’s talk about image. Us humans can all be a little more image focused than we’d like to admit sometimes. In Perth alone, we have million dollar industries capitalizing on the fact that we all just want something good to look at – social influencers, brand ambassadors, cosmetics, dieticians, fashion, medical, travel, you name it. And guess what? They’re all using graphic design. Why? The fact is that image matters, and first impressions matter. So when it comes to curating your business’ first impression, Graphic Design in Perth really matters.

Let me give you a little perspective on this – people are receiving more than 5000 “first impressions” of new businesses every single day. If you consider that people are spending 8 hours per day sleeping & 7 hours working, that’s an average of 1 new business every 6 seconds. Yes you read that right – standing out from the crowd these days is hard work. That’s why you need to get get your game-face on about the strategy you implement for your Perth business’ graphic design. Like every good business, if you want customers to not only notice you, but to care enough to take a second, Graphic Design needs to become your new best friend.

So how can graphic design agencies in Perth help your business, and why exactly is it so damn important? Here are 7 proven ways graphic design in Perth can help out your business.

Graphic Design Makes a Good First Impression

Here’s a fun fact for you, our biological evolution has not evolved at the rate that technology has. Therefore we’ve genetically inherited the profound ability to make snap judgements in an insanely small space of time (you know, so we could survive in the wild and stuff). Matter of fact it happens in 50 milliseconds. That’s it, that’s all you get to leave a good first impression. And when there’s so much competition out there, don’t you want that impression to be positive? When you hire a Graphic Design Company in Perth like us, you get trained professionals who understand how to use design to psychologically capture your audience’s attention and leave a good first impression.

Good Design Makes People Trust You

Graphic design can be the make or break of your business. More and more, people are relying on the design aspects of their business to gain trust from new potential customers. In fact bad design directly correlates with lack of customer trust, less time on site, and the overall amount of visitors. There are many examples of bad design out there, and a graphic designer knows all the bad design trends to steer clear from in order to gain your customers trust.

Design Trumps Content (…in a good way)

This is a controversial point. You’ve heard the saying “Content is King” right? Now we’re not saying content is not important, it is still very important for a multitude of reasons. But for user experience and engagement, design is the true saviour. The stats are in and here’s what they have to say about this design vs. content debate. 65% of people are visual learners, which means they more easily engage with cleverly designed imagery rather than text. The design is the hook, whilst the content is the line and reel. The fact is, when we’re looking at user experience, a massive 94% of customers report to have left sites due to poor design, compared to the 4% which left due to poor content.

Design Dictates Perception

Gustave Flaubert once said “There is no truth, there is only perception”. That my friends might just be the epitome of clever design. There’s an occurence in behavioural science known as the “framing effect” – essentially it is the process of implementing small changes to create large intended effects. This phenomenon is commonly adopted in graphic design with the use of colours, icons, etc to influence behaviour. It affects everything from a customer’s spending habits, mood, and even their taste.

Good Design Saves You Time & Earns You Money

Your busy enough don’t you think? Being a business owner is hard work and requires focus and attention. Why spread yourself thin? If you’ve ever read anything remotely Tim Ferriss related you will already be familiar with the mantra “outsource, outsource, outsource”. There’s a reason people keep banging on about it and they’re fairly logical. Whoever you outsource is quite frankly, better at that skill than you – they’re faster, smarter, and know what sells. They understand how to cater to your industry and your specific company needs whilst remembering how to appeal to the customer the whole time. They understand how to make your imagery pop so customers pay attention. They will have connections in the industry and will know the most cost effective way to do things. Believe it or not – they’re also on your side. Money for you means money for them. All of these things contribute to the fact that outsourcing Graphic Design agencies can and will save you time and earn you money.

Design Makes you Memorable

This one’s pretty straightforward. Good design makes people remember you. As we said earlier, people are visual learners. Get users to listen or read something online, and just 3 days later, only 10% will remember what the hell the information was. So what happens when we get those same users digesting that information with clever design and imagery implemented? That percentage raises to 65%. Think about it. Nike, Apple, McDonalds, Adidas, MasterCard, Facebook, Instagram. Think of the first thing you remember about them, you’re getting visuals. We remember in visuals. Design is the visual aspect of your business. I rest my case.

Design Tells Your Story, Consistently

Consistency is key, consistency literally trains users/customers on how to interact with you, how to think of you, it even trains them on how to explain your business to someone that hasn’t heard it before. It says to your customers “This is me, this is our values, this is our vision, this is what we do, this is why we do it, and if you feel the same way then get on board pal.” It’s reliable, memorable, trustworthy and logical. That’s why people spend hundreds, if not thousands on getting a graphic designer to create a meticulously thought out brand guide. At Dilate, we have a team of dedicated developers and graphic designers who know how to create a memorable and consistent brand through design, if you’re interested in learning more about graphic design in Perth for your business, we love meeting local businesses and we’re happy to have a chat and explore how our graphic design agency in Perth can help elevate your business so you stand out in the crowd.

With the digital marketing landscape rapidly evolving and changing more frequently than Australia’s Prime Minister, it is becoming increasingly difficult for business owners to determine which digital marketing avenues will be best to grow their business. As a Perth digital agency, we meet business owners every day telling us that they’re not where they thought they would be in their business. The general consensus seems to be the same, they don’t know which is the best marketing strategy to focus on for their business and who to turn to.

Who can blame them? We’re deep into a digital revolution and trying to keep up to date with the continuous changes is no easy feat for the seasoned digital marketer. Add running a business into that equation and you can say goodbye to sleeping ever again. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to say that you can’t do it on your own, you definitely can. The real questions is whether you can do it effectively and efficiently without burning out yourself or your wallet – or is it worth outsourcing it?

The problem with businesses trying to do all their digital marketing on their own is that it requires consistent change, and strategic development to improve and maintain rank. Policies and algorithms change regularly and being able to understand, manage and optimise your website whilst constantly relearning and upskilling can do more harm than good. Professionals are paid to pay attention, to manage accounts, to optimise conversion and grow brand awareness, and they know how to do it in a fifth of the time it would take a novice.

That’s where Dilate, a digital agency in Perth comes in. We are a team of passionate, digital marketing specialists (nerds), and nothing makes us more satisfied than finding powerful and effective digital marketing solutions to boost your business and increase those conversions. So what makes Dilate digital stand out in the crowd, what makes us different? Why should you put your business in our hands? Well we can talk about that over a coffee (or a beer) at our office. But for now here are a few things we do as a digital agency to exceed your expectations.

We don’t take on every business opportunity that comes our way.

Not because we’re picky, or we don’t want to work with these businesses. It’s because we want to be authentic and make promises that we can keep. That’s why we offer obligation free, cost free consultations – so we can determine whether we are the best, most cost effective agency for you. If we don’t believe we can guarantee you the results you want, we will happily suggest an alternative agency. We do this because at Dilate we believe in transparency, and we don’t just think of ourselves as a digital advertising agency, we think of ourselves as your business partners. Because it’s in our best interests to do what’s in your best interests. It’s called mutually beneficial partnerships and it’s the secret to sustainable growth.

We’re not a one trick pony.

Dilate offers absolutely everything you need for your digital marketing and we work with you to create a customised package that propels you forward to reach your goal. From Email Marketing, Adwords, Facebook Advertising, Campaign Management, SEO, Website Optimisation, Content Creation, Phone tracking, Hosting, Web Development, Graphic Design and so much more. We have the team, experience and skills to provide you with the highest standard digital marketing in Perth.

We’re accountable.

Accountability is one of our top five values as a business. It’s at the forefront of every action, meeting, goal, and conversation. We say what we mean, and we mean what we say. We hold team meetings every morning to identify problem areas, determine tasks, and increase productivity. Dilate aims to over deliver and have been meticulous in curating a team of workers who share those same values. We can guarantee that we will do whatever it takes to ensure your experience with us is not only profitable, but enjoyable and long term. We’re not serious often, but when we are, it’s about the delivery and execution of our work.

We like ping pong – a lot.

It’s not directly correlated to why you should work with us, but it does mean that we can have ping pong tournaments with you every time you visit.

Like what you hear?

If you’re interested in learning more about what we can do for your business and want to cash in on a free consult, or it you just want a good game of Ping Pong, contact us today on

If you have a business in Perth then you probably have a website to help promote your business, and if you don’t, you definitely should. Whether you’re a small scale startup, solopreneur, service provider or major corporation, a website is an essential aspect of gaining visibility, growth and increasing profit. Beware though, if your current website is an incomprehensible mess of mismatched colours, spelling mistakes, impossible navigation and page speed akin to a 1996 dial up setting, then it might as well not exist. In fact it may be doing more harm than good. This is why having well planned and thoughtful web design is the most crucial way to elevate your Perth business.

Most business owners know that you need to have a website to represent your brand, and it’s become so simple that every man and his dog have their own website these days. The competition to be noticed has never been so large, so having awesome web design and standing out in the crowd has never been more crucial. How can web designers really elevate your business and grow your brand awareness? Here are 10 ways web design helps you create a website that converts.


Lots of people underestimate the importance of clever, and practical website Navigation but web designers don’t. Website Navigation refers to all the internal links on your site that form the main website menu, footer menu, and internal linking between pages. Good navigation gives customers a curated user experience of your site that leads them exactly where you want them to end up – at the checkout with credit card details in hand. A poorly thought out navigation journey on your website is like going to the grocery store to get milk and for some reason they’ve put it in the pet food aisle – senseless and unhelpful. The difference is the person in the grocery store has already made the effort to leave their house and buy the product so they’re not leaving without it. Whereas you only get one chance, and it expires in about 30 seconds, so it better be a well mapped journey, and it better lead them to that damn metaphorical milk. Navigation. It’s important, don’t forget it.

Brand Awareness:

Web design is at the forefront of brand delivery, of telling a story worth listening to. It’s consistent, it gains trust, it’s reliable. Good web design will deliver your brand message, again and again and again. It teaches customers who you are, and how to recognise you. Bad brand curation is like an online game of chinese whispers – every page the story is altered ever so slightly – a minimal change in colour here, a font change there, and before you know it the brand story has entirely changed. From the fonts you use, to the colour scheme, tonality, logos, your call to action, images, you name it – good web design will solidify it. What do you think of when you think of Nike? Right now I can Guarantee you’re thinking of the words “Just Do it”, or the Nike tick, or Air Max. That’s brand uniformity, that’s what sets them apart – that’s what keeps their customers coming back. And it’s everywhere, in their stores, their EDMS, their social media and most definitely in their website design

User Experience:

User experience design is all about enhancing your customers interaction with your page. Web design done well will create awesome, accessible and pleasurable user experience. Good user experience can refer to everything from logical and easy navigation, relatable images, eye catching content, effortless check out, practical sales funnels, accessible information, and the list goes on. But what user experience also indirectly affects is your websites conversion rate, time on page, bounce rate, return customers, and S.E.O ranking. So to say User Experience is important would be an understatement. If this alone were the only benefit you would get from hiring a web designer, it would still be worth the investment


We talk about it a lot, I know. It’s because it’s our job and we’re passionate. But believe it or not, Web Designers will also optimise your search engine ranking. Aside from the fact that your navigation, storytelling, and user experience organically increases your SEO due to return customers and credibility, S.E.O implement a multitude of other optimised ranking features such as keyword targeted headings, alt tags, load time, security, and even domain names.

Content & Visual:

You’ve heard this a million times before, and for good reason. Good content & great visuals are a sure fire way to keep customers interested, telling their friends, and investing in your business. Web design keeps it concise, organised, interactive and unforgettable.

Page Speed.

We’ve mentioned it briefly, but we’ll say it again – Load Time. An essential factor in determining where google ranks you in the big S.E.O queue. Fast page speed makes users happy, it makes them stay on your site for longer, it keeps them interested. coming back for more, and eventually buying from you. Web designer service providers in Perth, like us, know this all too well, they optimise your site, avoid heavy images, remove unnecessary plugins and add others that increase your speed. They’ve got their finger on the Google pulse, and they understand how to make sure your website is beating to the same rhythm.

Managing Customer Expectations & Gaining Trust. :

Lastly, web design is one of the most easy ways to gain trust and maintain expectations. Customers are picky, their choices are endless, their time is limited and their attention is in 5 places at once. Web design incorporates all of the above factors plus so much more to ensure your website is fully optimised for user friendly experience. So that your business can be discovered, and make conversions. It may cost more than you’d like, but it will bring you more profit too. Always remember that the juices are worth the squeeze.

Most people don’t give it up on the first date. In fact more often than not, most people take a little while to warm up to someone new, and that is no exception for potential customers. This is why retargeting marketing is crucial for your conversion game and making those well earned sales. So let me explain it via a dating metaphor.

Not dissimilar to the dating game, your potential customer probably discovered you online whilst they were window shopping. But they left without buying anything; they even went to the effort to add your product to their cart, and then for seemingly no reason whatsoever, they abandoned checkout.

But don’t give up hope, just because they didn’t purchase your product on the first round it doesn’t mean they didn’t want to. They may still be intrigued by you, they probably think you’re a total catch, and they might even plan on giving it up in a few dates time. But right now it just isn’t the right timing. If you need some hard facts to give you a little perspective and comfort, only 2% of consumers actually buy on the first shop! But that 2% are the minority and obviously quite impulsive, so you shouldn’t rely on them for your sales. But what about the whopping 98% that didn’t go the whole nine yards the first time around? They’re the reason you need retargeting marketing.

You need retargeting advertising because people are cautious, and busy, and on budgets, and want to know they can trust you. They might have had commitments to other things when they discovered you, like their gas bill, and phone company. Or perhaps they were on their way to work or to a real life date and they forgot to come back to you to complete the order. The reasons are endless, but the solution is simple. Adwords retargeting.

What is retargeting and how does it work? Glad you asked

Retargeting is an online marketing strategy that helps to repeatedly show your business to all the traffic that’s already visited your website, but left without so much as a goodbye. Essentially, it keeps you relevant and constantly in the minds of the 98% of the population that didn’t convert on the first date. Retargeting is like that after date text that says, “Hey, our first date went pretty well, I know you like me, I clearly like you. So let’s get together again.”

It’s able to do this by keeping track of all the people that visit your site and implementing some easy (but confusing) javascript code and cookie-based software to “follow” that targeted audience around the internet, showing up at appropriate and convenient times like a stealth, well timed ninja.

With the use of codes, or pixels that are invisible to the untrained eye, and implemented within the HTML code of your website- a secret browser cookie is fired every time a new customer visits your site. The cookie will drop a secret message to your adwords retargeting campaign and the next time that particular visitor browses through the internet, your ads will appear and act as visual reminders that you exist, and yes they should give you another chance.

You’ve just launched your business, the website is up and running, you’re taking advantage of every social media platform that’s graced the internet. You’ve been watching SEO videos on youtube to no avail, read countless blogs. You’ve been struggling to understand what the hell a google tag manager or a facebook pixel is and even tried your hand at meta descriptions on the back end of your website. But still, crickets, where is everyone? At this point you’re slowly losing hope. You’ve just invested a fair chunk of your life savings into your new mega business that was meant to retire you by your mid 40’s, but at this point you’ll be working well into your 80’s – and no – not by choice.

So let’s talk about what, how and why? Why is your dog kennel business in Gin Gin, WA only showing on the 37th page of google when you type in “Dog Kennel Gin Gin”, whilst Dilate Digital is able to rank on the first page for ‘SEO Perth’. The competition for dog kennels in Gin Gin can’t be that large can it? The numbers don’t add up. Why is it so damn hard to gain brand awareness and visibility online these days? The answer is found in three exceedingly complicated, but simple words. Search. Engine. Optimisation.

What is SEO

Think of your website as a single tree in a forest. Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) are like the branches of that tree, and there’s two main branches you should be paying attention to; On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. These SEO branches have smaller branches, leaves and flowers growing on them, which are all the strategies you can implement to ensure those branches are fruitful and well optimised – such as tag titles, meta descriptions, content and the all important backlinking strategy you employ. When all of these individual parts of your website are optimised and working together, you will have a very, very healthy fruitful tree. But when they’re not being optimised correctly the tree isn’t much to look at – no branches, budding flowers, or leaves.

If your website is the tree, Google is the person walking through the forest that notices your tree, and like a human it wants to be able to categorise, name and file you into his photographic memory in the nature outdoor section. If he can’t figure out what you’re about, he’ll ignore you and move on – and you’ll be lost in the forest of nameless trees forever. No not really, not if you pay attention to what we’re about to tell you.

On Page Optimisation

On page SEO refers to all the strategies that you can take within your website to boost your position on Google’s search rankings. For instance, when we were focusing on our on-page optimisation for Dilate Digital we paid particular attention to our keyword analysis. We knew that we wanted to rank for the keyword ‘SEO Perth’. Thus, Seo Perth became our new favourite catchphrase, we started using it in our title tags, meta descriptions, URLSs, blog content, anywhere we could – without trying to come across as too needy, because although google wants to be able to define you, he doesn’t like desperado’s. In fact he finds pages that use the same keywords too often somewhat “suspicious”. Essentially, what our on-page SEO did was help out Google to put a value on our relevancy in the field of SEO Perth. The reason Google does this is so it can help users easily find the website that meets their needs.

This blog is another example of using SEO Perth to demonstrate to Google that we’re the experts and he can trust us!

Here are some signals Google likes from an onpage point of view. If you haven’t heard of them before a quick google search will clarify.

● Bounce rate
● Mobile friendliness
● Average load time
● Percentage of repeat visitors
● Percentage of brand searches
● CTR – click through rate
● Page views per user
● Average time on site

Off Page Optimisation

But that’s not enough, on-page optimisation is great. But if you stop there, it’s like having the world’s tastiest chicken taco stand but no one else has tried it – and you want people to try it, better yet, you want them to be coming back the next day and bringing their friends. That’s kind of like off-page SEO. Generally speaking, and I say generally because reddit would have a field day if we tried to specifically define what qualifies a strategy as off-page SEO. But off-page refers to the measures you can take outside of your website to improve your websites ranking. It is heavily focused on link building, which in Google’s eyes, is a form of credibility that confirms whether you really are, what you say you are. Google dislikes low value content, and link building is his way of testing your authenticity. Now bare in mind that like opinions, not all links are built equal. If you’re getting rave reviews about your taco stand but it just so happens to always be coming from the same guy Fred, who turns out to be that neighbour who you’re always giving a discount to, then Google probably wouldn’t believe Fred as much as he would believe Michael Bauer, a famous food critics recommendation. So if you’re going to spend your time building links and relationships, build the right ones.

How we did it?

These are some of the ways that we, as an SEO services company, were able to ensure we ranked on the first page for keywords like ‘Perth SEO Services’, SEO Agency Perth, SEO company Perth etc etc’. It can be an intimidating process to start, and we’re professionals at helping you through this process to get your business booming online. But if you still want to have a crack by yourself, here’s a few things to be aware of when you’re DIY’ing your websites SEO. Firstly, make sure you have killer content – choose a few relevant keywords and work them into the content, without appearing like you have terrets – it has to make sense. Secondly, Reciprocal Linking, this is a clever tactic when you want to maximise impact without having to actually spend or do more. Reciprocal linking is like getting beer with a mate. I buy you a beer, you buy me a beer, we both end up with two beers, but we’ve only had to get out of our seats and open our wallets once. Lastly, duplicate content, having keywords in your content is important, but more is most definitely not merrier. Remember when you were small and went to a party and there were those two twins, Kevin & Karl that you could never tell apart, so you kind of just ignored them and hung out with other kids to avoid socially awkward situations? That’s how google feels when it sees duplicate content. So keep it fresh, unique and most importantly try and provide some value and not just ad to the noise of the internet.

Google is a complex beast but once you understand why he does the things he does and what he likes, you’ll have an easier time getting him to notice you. And everybody knows that you want Google to notice you.

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