3 Google Adwords Features You Need to Embrace

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

When it comes to Adwords management, Perth business owners are often a little confused. With the frequent Google changes, Google Adwords management can be a constantly changing platform. However, there are a number of features you should embrace for your Adwords marketing. Perth business owners will find that these three features can have a significant impact on your results.

1. Callout Extensions

Callout Extensions can have a real impact on your Adwords management. Perth business owners will find that this simple to use feature requires minimal maintenance each month but allows you to add a further line of text to your ads. This may seem just like sitelinks, but the main difference is that every callout does not need a unique landing page. Callouts is a great way to increase the size of ad space you dominate in the search results. You can use your additional Callout space to add in generic selling points. We are all aware that “Limited Time” “Free Shipping” and other generics are great at increasing conversions but with limited space, you can’t always fit them in. Using Callout can allow these to be placed at the bottom and allow more creativity in the main ad.In a similar way to sitelinks, callouts can be added on the account level. In just ten minutes, you could add five callouts most applicable to your ads such as “free returns” “price match” “24/7 customer service” etc.

2. Mobile Strategies

Mobile search numbers keep getting higher and higher, so businesses need to embrace this strategy. This feature is not for the novice and will take a couple of hours each month to maintain, but it is well worth the effort.You need to ensure that you are getting the best from your mobile traffic with a mobile friendly responsive website. You will also need to ensure that your ads are mobile preferred and implement bid adjustments for any mobile users that matches their ROI.If you haven’t got a responsive website, you could already be missing out on custom. The new iPhone6 had record sales but even with its big screen it is difficult to navigate non-responsive sites. Once you have a responsive website, you will need to assess the goals of mobile users and how they differ from desktop users. Users on the go tend to be more likely to want fast action, so massive forms are unattractive. By tailoring the user experience, you could easily beat out the competition.

3. Bid Strategies

This is an advanced Adwords management feature that Perth business owners may be reluctant to try. However, once you have learned and implemented the basics, maintenance will only require a few hours each month. Bidding strategies can be a little daunting as there are lots of additional tools to increase effectiveness. Fortunately, Bid Strategies inside of Google Adwords is specifically designed for this purpose. It can provide lower ROI and more sales.

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If you are struggling with Adwords management, Perth-based Dilate is here to help. We have a great team with significant expertise and experience in Google Adwords management. The Dilate team would be delighted to discuss your marketing requirements and offer a tailored solution to meet your goals.

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