4 Things That Online Retailers Can Learn From “The Iconic” Website

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

The Iconic” is a trailblazer in online shopping, giving us a chance to sit back and look at the factors which they are getting right- and how we can use that to help out your online retail business. Here are four of the things that stand out most, and have helped to createone of the biggest online retailers in Australia.

1. Zeroing In On Your Target From The Homepage

One of the first things site visitors encounter is the home page, which has a clean, no fuss design. Without being visually assaulted by sale banners and unnecessary information, we can see that are two options above the fold “Shop Men” and “Shop Women”. A predictive eye tracking heatmap shows that the priority is on directing attention to the “Shop Women” button- located as prime real estate on the page. Clever points for this,for, as a fashion website, while men can still find what they want, it works in their favour to prioritise women as they are the biggest customer demographic.

2. The Gender Home Page, And Knowing Your Market

Once the visitor has clicked their gender button, they are directed to a homepage where their specific shopping experience can begin. The Iconic has established via analytics and metrics that shoes are the most popular category for both sexes, therefore by attentively designing the website around the customer and creating an obvious portal to the footwear section, The Iconic is able to make their most common and profitable online shopping as smooth as possible. The remainder of the homepage is dedicated to promoting special offers, seasonal trends and new arrivals.

3. The Shopping Filter

On the category page, you find the extremely handy Shopping Filter, which allows the user to filter quickly through the products. This helps the visitor to find what they want quickly, but it is also used to promote best sellers within that category. The visitor can scroll through the best selling products to see what is popular. This is a fantastic way to drive sales, and the products can be further sorted by price, alphabetical order and popularity.

4. Thorough Product Pages

The visitor has all the information available to help them to make their purchase, such as a size guide, product details, delivery costs, delivery times and a shipping and returns policy. The size selection is particularly well done, with a drop down menu that shows how many items are left in each size category. This introduces the idea of scarcity, and creates a sense of urgency which encourages the visitor to act quickly and buy. All the product images are high quality, and the visitor can zoom into the image for further details. The last thing an online shopper wants is an item different to what they’re expecting, and the Iconic is religious in its supply of images and measurement.

If this has given you something to think about, but you’re still out of your depth with your online marketing strategy and web design needs, contact the team here at Dilate. We are happy to help with all aspects of retailing online, such as SEO, content creation, keyword research, website design and optimisation. Get in touch with us today!

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Our approach to becoming Australia's most respected agency.

Our approach to becoming Australia's most respected agency.

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