5 Graphic Design Trends Which Are The Actual Worst

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

Graphic design is an ever-changing landscape and trends come and go. Although this can make it difficult to keep up, sometimes there are trends which are better left in the past. When it comes to graphic design, Perth businesses sometimes still fall into the trap of using dated design trends on their websites which haven’t held up well over time.

We’re here to share our least favourite website former design trends which just shouldn’t be used anymore.

1. Boring stock photography

The rise of stock photography was initially an exciting advancement in graphic design as it meant that suddenly everyone had easy access to images which could be used on your business website. Unfortunately, it can seem that the same overused, dull stock photos are circulating endlessly across every website and they don’t add much to the look of your site. Don’t settle for the same old stock photos – there are plenty of more interesting options online or use a professional photographer to take some unique shots.

2. Autoplay videos

We’re not saying that videos shouldn’t be included on your website. Short, well-designed videos can add a lot and gives customers the opportunity to learn more about your business. But autoplay videos? Nope. People HATE these and for good reason – if a customer just wants to scroll down and have a read of your website, there’s nothing more annoying than having a video play at full volume. Give people the choice as to whether they want to play a video.

3. Background music

Background music falls into a similar category as autoplay videos but deserves its own section. Yes, we know that you’re just trying to set the mood for your website but please don’t do it. Generally, including background music will just lead to people getting annoyed and clicking out of your site. You also need to spare a thought to customers who are taking a sneaky look at your website at work – they don’t need it advertised that they’re visiting your site.

4. Too much scrolling

Give people a chance to get the bottom of your webpage. Although longer content is fine on some of your landing pages, you don’t want people to have to scroll for days. This is often a particular problem for the home page where businesses mistakenly think they should cram every piece of information into that page. Keep the length of your website content within reason and create new pages if you’re finding that the scrolling is getting out of control. There is often important information located at the bottom of the page and you don’t want customers to miss it.

5. Flash requirements

Do I want to install Adobe Flash Player? No, no I don’t. Not only did people often have to install Flash to show videos and graphics, it’s not compatible with many mobile devices which is a big no-no these days. Thankfully, websites that require Flash to show graphics seem to be pretty few and far between so hopefully businesses have caught on. With new advances in design technology, namely HTML5 and CSS3, web developers can use graphics on a website without the need for proprietary software like Flash.

For experienced graphic designers, Perth based Dilate Digital can help. We’re on top of the current graphic design trends and our websites are easy to use, mobile friendly and responsive. Don’t settle for a lacklustre website – we’ll work with you to create a website that promotes your unique brand. For a graphic design agency in Perth, contact Dilate Digital today on 1300 345 283 and have a chat to our team.

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