7 Free Online Tools for business that you need to know!

By Bodie Czeladka in Dilate Digital on Aug 13, 2015

Here is a list with some selected tools we believe are helpful with managing daily tasks.

Ok so some might not be 100% free, but sometimes you need to spend money to make money. 🙂


Google’s suite of cloud-based office software is the best way of saving, sharing and editing your documents, spreadsheets and presentations in the most professional-looking way. In addition, you can use these tools from different devices, such as computer, phone, or tablet.

It’s all about collaborating in real time and getting everything done instantly. Its free for just Google drive which has all your file storage like sheets, docs etc.

However if you move your mail server or MX record to Google, every time you set up a new mail account you get 30 gig of Google Drive storage per user and free access to gmail, google talk/hangouts, Google sync, contacts, calendar and heaps more all for around the price of a happy meal per month. ($5)



Set up a Google Analytics account is easy, quick and free. It tracks all the activities that take place in your website.

Google Analytics will generate comprehensive web-visitors information to help you determine potential customers or clients and drive traffic to your website. Indeed, it provides a wide range of statistics, including demographical and geographical data of your visitors, number of visits, average visitors’ time spent on site and what devices they used to see your site and much more.



If you are not an expert designer, Pixlr Editor is an easy-to-use and free online design tool which can make your pictures look great and professional. It enables to modify your photos using a wide range of functions, including cropping, resizing, colour correcting and retouching.



Nowadays, it is very important to monitor your online reputation. Anyone can publish in the web personal opinions and negative word of mouth (WOM) can spread very quickly and affect potential customers’ buying behaviour.

Social Mention allows you to monitor multiple websites, such as blogs and bookmarks, and to find any comments/reviews that people wrote about your company or your products. It also provides useful statistics, such as sentiment, top keywords, top users, top hashtags, last mention and many more. To receive real-time updates you can set up an RSS feed search or email alert and get notified any time someone is talking about you.


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At current times, social media is crucial to successful businesses. Let’s face it, new business owners are usually short of time and resources.

So, by using Buffer, you will be able to schedule posts, and increase interaction with your audience of across distinctive accounts, in addition you will get relevant analytics on your social media campaigns performances. By doing this, you can spread Facebook updates, Tweets and even Pinterest pins more effectively.



Instead of wasting time to write and rewrite sticky notes that you will eventually lose, use Evernote to save online all your daily thoughts and must-to-do stuff.

You can write notes, save interesting links and photos, and share everything with other people whenever and wherever you like. Moreover it keeps your thoughts synced between mobile and desktop and refer to them anywhere.



Lets be frank alot of CRM's suck, things like Sale force are big chunky and over priced. For our clients that need it we interface them with Pipedrive and link it to their leads pulling from their marketing and website.

Pipedrive's roots are in direct sales. As sales managers and trainers, two of the co-founders experienced an increasing amount of pain with CRM software. There simply was no good solution for managing the company's sales pipeline.

So they created one, we are pleased they did! As its the best most easy to use system we have came across so far!


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