An Overview of Dilate's Content Marketing Strategy

By Bodie Czeladka on Jun 04, 2019
An Overview of Dilate's Content Marketing Strategy

Perhaps you’re reading this because you know of the SEO revolution we’re now in. If you’re thinking “what SEO revolution?” then all the more that you should continue reading through to the end.

Let’s face it: this is no time for complacency and old tricks. Dwelling on the past is detrimental, especially to your business. It is time to embrace change and adapt because doing so will keep us more than a few more steps ahead of our competitors.

As prime specialists in content marketing in Perth, Dilate Digital believes that a new and improved content strategy will best suit us for this battle. As we march on, we are united with two goals in mind:

  1. create relevant and innovative content;
  2. provide a superb user experience.

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Changing Landscape: Making A Greenhouse Out Of A Forest

Imagine yourself lost in an enormous forest. Several pathways exist but only one or two will lead you out. You try to follow trails that look promising but they end up to be misleading, taking you down a tiring path only to lead you to a dead end.

This is how it used to be with search engines. A user clicks on high-ranking pages, only to end up disappointed by keyword-stuffed nonsense. The false value placed on ranking eventually led to wasted time, ultimately ruining the experience for a majority of users.

Google detests this and, with their relentless efforts to boost their users’ search experience, comes a new set of challenges for us digital content marketers.

Google is simply asking us to make our prospects happy by giving them what they need, on a silver platter. If we succeed in this, we’ll be rewarded with more website traffic and better revenues, regardless of our rank in SERPs.

We must know by now that ‘simple’ doesn’t mean ‘easy’. In fact, this makes our job harder, but we see this as a huge opportunity from which we can greatly benefit. We will build a beautiful greenhouse with awesome content planted in the right places.

Innovation Is Google’s Forte

To be able to produce beneficial content, they say you have to forget about Google and think solely of your target audience. Of course, the audience comes first. But if you really think about it, Google itself has been the one reminding us that “user intent is top-priority.”

Google’s dynamic algorithm sends an underlying message: “Innovate or stagnate.” The choice is pretty obvious if you want to increase conversions and profits.

Optimizing content for voice search and adding in featured snippets are just two of the new Google features we need to adapt to.

This means a more intense analysis of keywords will have to be undertaken. New tools and strategies are necessary to better figure out how users interact with search engines.

A Solid But Flexible Action Plan For Writing Content

An essential aspect of a great content marketing strategy is writing content. Thus, to ensure that our content writing efforts are not futile, a well-thought-of approach must be employed.

Believe it or not, the biggest obstacle that gets in the way of good content from becoming exceptional, is failure to plan.

At Dilate, our content writing team is one of our most precious assets. So aside from working out a reliable content writing strategy, we also make sure the process is collaborative and flexible enough to make way for the best ideas to flourish.

Content Clustering: Key Topics Over Keywords

Another revolutionary step in digital content marketing is the sorting out of relevant ideas into main topics. This strategy banks on the premise that “groups always stand out or are stronger.”

And it works.

Topic clustering helps a lot in getting your valuable content to your prospects and in increasing brand authority. This is not easy to pull off without thorough planning and careful execution. When done well, however, this technique helps a lot in keeping your target audience engaged, and in attracting more prospects.

Achieving Outstanding Content With the Skyscraper Strategy

Let’s narrow down the basics to creating effective content. These are the only three key factors you need to take into account:

> Your prospects
> What you have to say to cater to your prospects’ needs
> How you say it

Now that you have effective content on hand, the next crucial step is to make it outstanding.

This is where the skyscraper technique comes in. This basically involves scouring the internet for reliable content, finding ways to make them more impressive, and handing them to the right people.

Such a strategy requires a lot of good creative thinking. How you say it is just as important as what you have to say.

Content Layout Can Be Make-it Or Break-it

Let us not forget the fact that users are using search engines primarily for convenience. Which means we need to make our content layout user-friendly, highly readable, and simple.

This, of course, doesn’t have to limit visual creativity. But it also not something to become overwhelmed with.

Simplicity is key to achieving a sophisticated balance of text and design.

Our New Process For a Brighter Future In Content Marketing

Dilate Digital’s edge as a content marketing agency is its attention to “process.” We know how crucial each detail of the process is to achieving skyrocketing results in all our marketing campaigns.

That’s why if we see the need to change the process to make it better, we act on it immediately, especially in this ever-changing digital arena.

From the allocation of requirements to content publishing, each step is meticulously dealt with. We believe that if we are primarily process-oriented, excellent results will come naturally - great content and great SEO.

Bodie Czeladka

Hi I am Bodie Czeladka, surfer and devoted dad from Perth Western Australia and founder of Dilate Digital. I crafted Dilate Digital from a home theatre room in 2012 and worked solo as a freelancer until hiring my first staff member in early 2014. Dilate Digital now has the privilege of employing over 50 superstars world wide and this is just the start. I believe the best of me is still hiding up my sleeve.

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