First Impressions Matter, Level Up on Your Businesses Graphic Design in Perth

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

Let’s talk about image. Us humans can all be a little more image focused than we’d like to admit sometimes. In Perth alone, we have million dollar industries capitalizing on the fact that we all just want something good to look at - social influencers, brand ambassadors, cosmetics, dieticians, fashion, medical, travel, you name it. And guess what? They’re all using graphic design. Why? The fact is that image matters, and first impressions matter. So when it comes to curating your business’ first impression, graphic design really matters. Let me give you a little perspective on this - people are receiving more than 5000 “first impressions” of new businesses every single day. If you consider that people are spending 8 hours per day sleeping & 7 hours working, that’s an average of 1 new business every 6 seconds. Yes you read that right - standing out from the crowd these days is hard work. That’s why you need to get get your game-face on about the strategy you implement for your Perth business’ graphic design. Like every good business, if you want customers to not only notice you, but to care enough to take a second, Graphic Design needs to become your new best friend. So how can graphic design agencies in Perth help your business, and why exactly is it so damn important? Here are 7 proven ways graphic design can help out your business. First Impressions Matter Level Up on Your Businesses Graphic Design in Perth

Graphic Design Makes a Good First Impression

Here’s a fun fact for you, our biological evolution has not evolved at the rate that technology has. Therefore we’ve genetically inherited the profound ability to make snap judgements in an insanely small space of time (you know, so we could survive in the wild and stuff). Matter of fact it happens in 50 milliseconds. That’s it, that’s all you get to leave a good first impression. And when there’s so much competition out there, don’t you want that impression to be positive? When you hire a Graphic Design Company in Perth like us, you get trained professionals who understand how to use design to psychologically capture your audience’s attention and leave a good first impression.

Good Design Makes People Trust You

Graphic design can be the make or break of your business. More and more, people are relying on the design aspects of their business to gain trust from new potential customers. In fact bad design directly correlates with lack of customer trust, less time on site, and the overall amount of visitors. There are many examples of bad design out there, and a graphic designer knows all the bad design trends to steer clear from in order to gain your customers trust.

Design Trumps Content (...in a good way)

This is a controversial point. You’ve heard the saying “Content is King” right? Now we’re not saying content is not important, it is still very important for a multitude of reasons. But for user experience and engagement, design is the true saviour. The stats are in and here’s what they have to say about this design vs. content debate. 65% of people are visual learners, which means they more easily engage with cleverly designed imagery rather than text. The design is the hook, whilst the content is the line and reel. The fact is, when we’re looking at user experience, a massive 94% of customers report to have left sites due to poor design, compared to the 4% which left due to poor content.

Design Dictates Perception

Gustave Flaubert once said “There is no truth, there is only perception”. That my friends might just be the epitome of clever design. There’s an occurence in behavioural science known as the “framing effect” - essentially it is the process of implementing small changes to create large intended effects. This phenomenon is commonly adopted in graphic design with the use of colours, icons, etc to influence behaviour. It affects everything from a customer’s spending habits, mood, and even their taste.

Good Design Saves You Time & Earns You Money

Your busy enough don’t you think? Being a business owner is hard work and requires focus and attention. Why spread yourself thin? If you’ve ever read anything remotely Tim Ferriss related you will already be familiar with the mantra “outsource, outsource, outsource”. There’s a reason people keep banging on about it and they’re fairly logical. Whoever you outsource is quite frankly, better at that skill than you - they’re faster, smarter, and know what sells. They understand how to cater to your industry and your specific company needs whilst remembering how to appeal to the customer the whole time. They understand how to make your imagery pop so customers pay attention. They will have connections in the industry and will know the most cost effective way to do things. Believe it or not - they’re also on your side. Money for you means money for them. All of these things contribute to the fact that outsourcing Graphic Design agencies can and will save you time and earn you money.

Design Makes you Memorable

This one’s pretty straightforward. Good design makes people remember you. As we said earlier, people are visual learners. Get users to listen or read something online, and just 3 days later, only 10% will remember what the hell the information was. So what happens when we get those same users digesting that information with clever design and imagery implemented? That percentage raises to 65%. Think about it. Nike, Apple, McDonalds, Adidas, MasterCard, Facebook, Instagram. Think of the first thing you remember about them, you’re getting visuals. We remember in visuals. Design is the visual aspect of your business. I rest my case.

Design Tells Your Story, Consistently

Consistency is key, consistency literally trains users/customers on how to interact with you, how to think of you, it even trains them on how to explain your business to someone that hasn’t heard it before. It says to your customers “This is me, this is our values, this is our vision, this is what we do, this is why we do it, and if you feel the same way then get on board pal.” It’s reliable, memorable, trustworthy and logical. That’s why people spend hundreds, if not thousands on getting a graphic designer to create a meticulously thought out brand guide. At Dilate, we have a team of dedicated developers and graphic designers who know how to create a memorable and consistent brand through design, if you’re interested in learning more about graphic design in Perth for your business, we love meeting local businesses and we’re happy to have a chat and explore how our graphic design agency in Perth can help elevate your business so you stand out in the crowd.

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