Google Advertising to Elevate your Small Business

Google Advertising to Elevate your Small Business

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

When it comes to digital marketing for your small business, paid advertising is a key ingredient in your digital strategy. Google Ads, in particular, is a seriously lucrative marketing tactic that you definitely shouldn’t overlook if you’re looking to drastically elevate your small business.

As Ads management service providers in Perth, we’ve helped hundreds of small businesses gain epic returns on ad spend and experience real, sustainable growth.

So why is Google Advertising so damn good?

So why is Google Advertising so damn good?

The number one reason Google Ads works so well (when constructed and monitored by professionals who understand marketing trends and data) is because it is what we call “Intent” marketing. Here’s a quick lesson on marketing methods:

There are two primary paid ad marketing methods: intent marketing and interruption marketing. I’ll explain both using independent platforms: Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Google Ads is intent marketing - On Google Ads we advertise your product or service to an audience who are already actively looking for it on Google. This gives you greater visibility within an already “warm” audience in need of a product/service such as yours.

Facebook Ads is interruption marketing - On Facebook Ads, we advertise your product or service to your target audience, people who may potentially want your product, but they haven’t intentionally looked it up like they have to do on Google Ads in order to be seen. It interrupts your ideal audience, gives them a chance to get to know you and ideally attracts them to your site - so you can retarget them with more Facebook Ads.

As you can see half of the work has already been done with Google Ads. They’ve already admitted they are interested or in need of your product and service when they searched for it on Google. You’re just a business they came across when they needed it.

It’s important to note that in each case, whether it’s intent or interruption, professional PPC management services statistically give you a higher return on investment compared to attempting to manage it on your own.


How can Google Ads give us visibility in front of the right audience?

There’s a lot of mystery involved in how Google Ads work, we get that. Everything understands why they work - it’s logical that showing an ad to people who are already searching for your product/service would result in a customer. But the technical “how” of Google Ads isn’t so straightforward.

How it works

It works like this

  1. An online user searches for a term or phrase. Eg. “Dog Food”
  2. Websites that want their ads to show on the results page for that type of search bid on keywords they believe people will use when looking for their business type. Eg. “Dog Food, Pet Food, Organic Dog Food”
  3. Google shows the consumer relevant ads (above the organic listing) based on the keywords used in the search. Eg. “Bob’s Organic Dog Food for Healthy Dogs”

The frequency, or amount your ads appear in the search listings when people search your particular keywords, depends on the amount your bid compared to your competitors, the relevancy of your ad, and the quality of your website and user experience post link click.

So no matter how high you bid, if your business isn’t relevant to the keyword, or if people are bouncing straight off the site the minute they land on your page, your ad will show less frequently. This helps to eradicate the greedy keyword hogs of the internet world.

What are the advantages of Google Ads?

There is a multitude of benefits for advertising on Google, so to simplify it, let’s talk about three in particular.

1. Real Buying Intent

Real Buying Intent

The users searching for specific products or services on Google are actively seeking out what you’re offering, they’re already educated on the benefits, and they just need to decide who the best fit is. This is especially true of local businesses. For instance, it’s easy to assume that users searching for “Ads Management in Perth” are looking for our services in our direct location. They already know what they need, now we just need them to discover us when they do their research. Google Ads is how we do that.

However, if we’re advertising this service on Facebook for example, even though our ads can show to our ideal client who will potentially already be aware that PPC management exists. They might not know or think they need it yet, this is a colder audience, and the buying intent is not obviously there yet.

2. You pay per click on your ad

You pay per click on your ad

One of the best reasons Google Ads is so successful is due to the pay-per-click advertising model. This essentially means that you only need to pay when someone searches for a keyword you’re bidding on and are intrigued enough in your ad that they click on it.

Since you’re able to set how much you’re willing to pay per click on your ad and set your own daily budget, you won't waste money on extremely costly clicks and unqualified customers. This differs from traditional advertising where you are expected to pay a fixed price to simply display your ad regardless of whether people see it, let alone take an action on it.

Google Ads improved advertising opportunities from small businesses by changing the way in which small businesses are charged, reducing unnecessary costs that can create difficult cash flow problems for small businesses and start ups.

3. Improved Tracking Capabilities

Improved Tracking Capabilities

The Google Ads dashboard can be incredibly overwhelming at first glance, especially if you’re new to digital marketing. But all that data that may seem overwhelming is due to Google Ads incredible tracking capabilities, and it can help you turn your business into a revenue-generating machine if you know how to read the data well.

You are able to track how many people see your add, click on your ad, take an action on your landing page or website, and so much more crucial information about the real audience searching for your product/service. This is helpful for a multitude of reasons. For example, if you notice that hundreds or thousands of people are clicking through to your ad, but your conversions are minimal, there is most likely an issue with conversion optimisation on your site, or the ad is misleading and doesn’t reflect the true nature of your business. So you can tweak and adjust to improve your online presence in a way that is beneficial for users.

This advanced tracking capability allows you to keep your finger on the pulse so you can quickly and easily assess your ad performance, draw conclusions and implement solutions to consistently improve the way you market your business.

Is Google Ads Right For You?

Is Google Ads Right For You?

Google Ads is a great opportunity for businesses of all sizes to enter the online marketing arena. However, it’s also important to assess the applicability for your business as, depending on your industry and your business's specific needs, the entry point for some may be more difficult. That’s why it’s important to speak with a digital marketing expert before commencing a Google Ads campaign to assess whether Google Ads is a beneficial option for you. The team at Dilate Digital have helped hundreds of businesses execute successful Google Ads Campaigns, and they are here to help you find success, too. Start something, and call us today to discover whether Google Ads is right for you!

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