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How to Stop Users from Abandoning Their Shopping Carts

How to Stop Users from Abandoning Their Shopping Carts
November 28, 2017 Bodie Czeladka

How to Stop Users from Abandoning Their Shopping Carts

Shopping cart abandonment is a big issue for a lot of businesses and it’s frustrating when you discover that a lot of users make it all the way to the checkout before clicking out at the last second. There are a lot of reasons for people abandoning their online shopping carts whether they’re distracted by other websites, only interested in browsing or finding your website difficult to navigate. So, what can you do about it? Today, we’ll be looking at simple things you can do with your eCommerce website design to encourage users to complete their purchases.

How to Stop Users from Abandoning Their Shopping Carts

Offer a guest checkout option

Yes, we know you want people to sign up with your website but the truth is that a lot of users simply want to purchase their product as quickly as possible and leave. Always make sure you have the option of a guest checkout so users can skip the option of entering their details and creating a login.

Use trust logos

You could have the most secure online store in the world but unless you clearly show it, users aren’t going to know. Even in this digital age, people are wary of providing confidential information. Always include clear trust logos throughout your website so users are confident that their details are secure.

Have multiple payment options

Don’t make the mistake of only having one payment option. Although having the option of people entering their card details directly into the system is fine, you also need to offer alternative options so you appeal to a range of preferences. For example, some users might not feel comfortable entering their credit card details but are happy with PayPal.

Show a product thumbnail

It might sound strange but it’s reassuring for people to have a thumbnail of their purchase visible in their cart throughout the checkout process. It just acts as a visual confirmation of what they’re buying and means they don’t have to leave the checkout if they want another look at the product.

Be clear about shipping costs

Users hate being kept in the dark about shipping costs and having to wait until the bitter end before they know how much it’s going be. Be upfront about how much you charge for shipping and add it to the total as early as possible in the process. Also, specify how long each shipping option will take for the item to arrive.

Use retargeting ads

If a user does get distracted and leave their shopping cart behind, all isn’t lost. Retargeting ads can be a very efficient way of reminding people that their items are still waiting for them and ads showing pictures of their items can be very effective in this context. Just remember not to target users for too long with shopping cart reminders as they’ll lose their relevance over time.

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