How we make websites that don't suck

By Bipu Bajgai in Dilate Digital on Sep 11, 2019

When we start a project we know that we are building a businesses most important business asset and we know its a huge, massive marketing tool.

If you arent building your website for what people are looking for your missing the biggest opportunity you've ever seen.

1. Discovery

Dilate Digital start at the very beginning we have this process we go through called the discovery phase where we get to know you but more importantly we get to know your customers because really, it is about them we're trying to build something for them, not for you. (We have to get to that guy.)

We're are a team of creatives and marketers and we bring it together to give you the outcome you're after. A beautifully designed and developed website that performs well.

We build your website kinda reverse engineered. We start with the search engine and we build backwards.

We let your customer inform us what website should be built and how it should be architected.

2. Design UI & UX

So once we have done all the research and the marketing team has come back with their findings we get down to the next process which is designing the website which is our favourite part because it involves a lot of UI and UX. We nerd out over that stuff.

UI and UX sound like complicated terms but all it is about is putting the right stuff in the right spots so that your user knows exactly what you want them to do.

3. Collaboration & Feedback

Working with a designer can be a little hard, there is a lot of back and forth involved, you have to articulate exactly what you want.

So we've taken the annoying sh#t out and we have built this tool where you can work with the designer and they can actually upload their designs in real-time and you can comment back and forth and help steer the ship so you know that you're getting exactly what you want.

4. Development

After the design phase is done and you and the designer have created exactly what you want your website to look like you can just sit back and chill that's when our developers will go to work making sure your website is fast and mobile responsive and most importantly exactly what you signed up for in the design phase.

5. Launch & Training

Once we have reached that exciting day and we have launched your website and it's online and everybody can see it we bring you in and train you on how to use it because ultimately this is your rocket ship, you're the pilot and you're in control.

Its just one small step in what could be a very giant leap for your business.

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Bipu Bajgai

Hi, I’m Bipu, a creative and full-stack developer. Basically, I eat code for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I love awesome designs and I'm super passionate about bringing it to life. It’s been my gig for 6+ years. I have completed my Master's degree in Information and Technology. But that’s just the work stuff. I love my soulmate, traveling, music, table tennis, skateboarding, surfing, and anything that involves nature.

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