How We Ranked in the Top 3 for SEO Perth

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

You’ve just launched your business, the website is up and running, you’re taking advantage of every social media platform that’s graced the internet. You’ve been watching SEO videos on youtube to no avail, read countless blogs. You’ve been struggling to understand what the hell a google tag manager or a facebook pixel is and even tried your hand at meta descriptions on the back end of your website. But still, crickets, where is everyone? At this point you’re slowly losing hope. You’ve just invested a fair chunk of your life savings into your new mega business that was meant to retire you by your mid 40’s, but at this point you’ll be working well into your 80’s - and no - not by choice. So let’s talk about what, how and why? Why is your dog kennel business in Gin Gin, WA only showing on the 37th page of google when you type in “Dog Kennel Gin Gin”, whilst Dilate Digital is able to rank on the first page for ‘SEO Perth’. The competition for dog kennels in Gin Gin can’t be that large can it? The numbers don’t add up. Why is it so damn hard to gain brand awareness and visibility online these days? The answer is found in three exceedingly complicated, but simple words. Search. Engine. Optimisation.

What is SEO

Think of your website as a single tree in a forest. Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) are like the branches of that tree, and there’s two main branches you should be paying attention to; On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. These SEO branches have smaller branches, leaves and flowers growing on them, which are all the strategies you can implement to ensure those branches are fruitful and well optimised - such as tag titles, meta descriptions, content and the all important backlinking strategy you employ. When all of these individual parts of your website are optimised and working together, you will have a very, very healthy fruitful tree. But when they’re not being optimised correctly the tree isn’t much to look at - no branches, budding flowers, or leaves. If your website is the tree, Google is the person walking through the forest that notices your tree, and like a human it wants to be able to categorise, name and file you into his photographic memory in the nature outdoor section. If he can’t figure out what you’re about, he’ll ignore you and move on - and you’ll be lost in the forest of nameless trees forever. No not really, not if you pay attention to what we’re about to tell you.

On Page Optimisation

On page SEO refers to all the strategies that you can take within your website to boost your position on Google’s search rankings. For instance, when we were focusing on our on-page optimisation for Dilate Digital we paid particular attention to our keyword analysis. We knew that we wanted to rank for the keyword ‘SEO Perth’. Thus, Seo Perth became our new favourite catchphrase, we started using it in our title tags, meta descriptions, URLSs, blog content, anywhere we could - without trying to come across as too needy, because although google wants to be able to define you, he doesn’t like desperado’s. In fact he finds pages that use the same keywords too often somewhat “suspicious”. Essentially, what our on-page SEO did was help out Google to put a value on our relevancy in the field of SEO Perth. The reason Google does this is so it can help users easily find the website that meets their needs. This blog is another example of using SEO Perth to demonstrate to Google that we’re the experts and he can trust us! Here are some signals Google likes from an onpage point of view. If you haven’t heard of them before a quick google search will clarify. ● Bounce rate ● Mobile friendliness ● Average load time ● Percentage of repeat visitors ● Percentage of brand searches ● CTR - click through rate ● Page views per user ● Average time on site

Off Page Optimisation

But that’s not enough, on-page optimisation is great. But if you stop there, it’s like having the world’s tastiest chicken taco stand but no one else has tried it - and you want people to try it, better yet, you want them to be coming back the next day and bringing their friends. That’s kind of like off-page SEO. Generally speaking, and I say generally because reddit would have a field day if we tried to specifically define what qualifies a strategy as off-page SEO. But off-page refers to the measures you can take outside of your website to improve your websites ranking. It is heavily focused on link building, which in Google’s eyes, is a form of credibility that confirms whether you really are, what you say you are. Google dislikes low value content, and link building is his way of testing your authenticity. Now bare in mind that like opinions, not all links are built equal. If you’re getting rave reviews about your taco stand but it just so happens to always be coming from the same guy Fred, who turns out to be that neighbour who you’re always giving a discount to, then Google probably wouldn’t believe Fred as much as he would believe Michael Bauer, a famous food critics recommendation. So if you’re going to spend your time building links and relationships, build the right ones.

How we did it?

These are some of the ways that we, as an SEO services company, were able to ensure we ranked on the first page for keywords like ‘Perth SEO Services’, SEO Agency Perth, SEO company Perth etc etc’. It can be an intimidating process to start, and we’re professionals at helping you through this process to get your business booming online. But if you still want to have a crack by yourself, here’s a few things to be aware of when you’re DIY’ing your websites SEO. Firstly, make sure you have killer content - choose a few relevant keywords and work them into the content, without appearing like you have terrets - it has to make sense. Secondly, Reciprocal Linking, this is a clever tactic when you want to maximise impact without having to actually spend or do more. Reciprocal linking is like getting beer with a mate. I buy you a beer, you buy me a beer, we both end up with two beers, but we’ve only had to get out of our seats and open our wallets once. Lastly, duplicate content, having keywords in your content is important, but more is most definitely not merrier. Remember when you were small and went to a party and there were those two twins, Kevin & Karl that you could never tell apart, so you kind of just ignored them and hung out with other kids to avoid socially awkward situations? That’s how google feels when it sees duplicate content. So keep it fresh, unique and most importantly try and provide some value and not just ad to the noise of the internet. Google is a complex beast but once you understand why he does the things he does and what he likes, you’ll have an easier time getting him to notice you. And everybody knows that you want Google to notice you.

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Our approach to becoming Australia's most respected agency.

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