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Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

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Are you struggling to get your content seen?

Even if your content is the best on the web, it can be incredibly difficult to get it in front of your audience and shared around. Viral content can seem almost like a myth - but there’s still hope for you yet. Content marketing services are great to ensure you start seeing results with less fuss, but there are plenty of ways that you can rework your content strategy on your own. As you know, content marketing is just as important as your content. Your keyboard could have scorch marks in it from your feverish typing and that still doesn’t mean people will read it. So what is it about some pieces of content that seem to move mountains?

Pick Your Plotline

Everything to do with your brand has to work in synchronicity; the colour schemes tie in to the emotional responses they evoke which encourage your audience to use your product or service. Using this information, develop a story that your brand can tell to your audience. Let’s just say Gary owns a lawn-mowing service. Gary’s website may be using colour schemes of brown and greens, with hints of white and yellow to mimic daisies. Gary’s content needs to tell a story - not in the literal sense, but it must convey a sense of a developing plotline to carry the reader through. Whether it’s ‘Ten Ways I Save The Bees - And Ten Reasons You Should Too’, or ‘Care For Your Lawn In Summer With My Favourite Sprinkler System’.

Take Interesting Photographs

Tired eyes take refuge on images, so your audience will glance at just about anything. Why not give them something worth remembering? Take original, creative photographs and add them to your content for extra character points. If you use stock images, you could always conjure up quirky or imaginative captions for them to entertain the reader and to add your own personal spin to the photo.

Talk About What You Know

Are you avoiding sharing your expertise on the internet? Would Gary refrain from writing a blog with a how-to on correct lawn-mowing? The odds are that your techniques are out there on the internet somewhere if your audience truly wanted to research and develop them for themselves - the only difference is if they’ll be reading your content or someone else’s. And what if they are merely curious, or they read the content and decide it’s not for them and they’d rather hire a pro? If that’s not your expert opinion that’s educating them, then it’s not going to be your name at the front of their mind when they need a product or service! Become an industry insider and add value to your content for maximum read-and-shareability. Still not sure? It’s okay - we get it. Dilate Digital is a digital marketing agency based in Perth, WA, and our content marketing strategies are constantly being refined and updated as the industry changes. If you think that your content needs to be seen by more eyes or you’d like your content to be whipped up among the best in the business, call our team and find out more about our services.

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Our approach to becoming Australia's most respected agency.

Our approach to becoming Australia's most respected agency.

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