Industry Types That Work Best for Google Ads

Industry Types That Work Best for Google Ads

John Reserva
By John Reserva

Done right, Google Ads can boost your website traffic pretty quickly, increase your visibility and help the right people find your products or services. You may have heard about other businesses using Google Ads management to make impressive profits. But will it work for you? Afterall, you want to know that you’re going to get good results before investing in a Google Ads management agency The truth is, these days almost everyone uses Google to search for products and services. That’s why most businesses can benefit from well crafted Adwords campaigns.  That being said, there are certain traits that make some businesses more likely to succeed with a Google Ads agency. As a leading Perth Google Ads agency, we’ve seen what works and we know how to play the game to get impressive results. Not sure if PPC (pay-per-click) will work for your industry? Check out the business types below. If any of them apply to you, it could be time to make the most of a Google Ads agency!

You sell niche, hard-to-find products

If someone can’t walk into a brick and mortar shop to find your product, a knowledgeable Google Ads agency could help you increase sales and visibility.  Why? Customers have to research online for what they’re looking for.  If they can’t get a personalised vest for their dog at the local shops, they’re going to have to buy it online. Niche products – such as industrial equipment, organic food and zero waste goods – usually aren’t being searched by a wide range of people, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Digital marketing specialists use segmentation and highly targeted techniques to make your ads punchy and persuasive for your specific audience. Relevant, targeted ads hit the spot with the right audience and tend to have greater conversion rates and good return on investment.

You sell an urgent product/service

Emergency! A pipe just burst in someone’s kitchen. They jump online to find a plumber near them.  They’re not going to um-and-ah for weeks over which plumber to go with. They need to make a decision fast!  If your text ad for plumbing services is near the top of the search results page, they’re probably going to click through to your landing page. PPC tends to work well for businesses that provide an urgent service such as plumbing, car towing or job searching assistance.  A client’s decision-making is much shorter in these cases. When your ad appears at the top of the list, you’re more likely to get conversions if the situation is urgent.

You’re in a low cost-per-click industry

Cost per click (CPC) is basically how much you pay Google – or another search engine – when someone clicks on your ad.  In Google Ads, your CPC depends on a number of factors. One of the most important is the specific keywords you’re bidding on. Wordstream has done some cool research showing that the average CPC varies across different industries.  Industries with the lowest CPC include ecommerce, arts and entertainment, travel and hospitality. If you’re in an industry where the average CPC is $3 or below, pay per click advertising might work well for you. Why? ‘Cause a lower CPC can make your ad campaign more profitable. You’ll end up paying less each time someone clicks on your ad or invests in your product/service.

You sell a high margin product/service

Having a low CPC isn’t the only way for Google Ads to be profitable. If your products or services have a high profit margin, Adwords could be a winning strategy for you too. For example, let’s say that you’re a dental surgery offering services such as Invisalign and dental implants. You run a Google Adwords campaign to attract more clients. You might end up paying more than other industries for each click on your Google Ad.  But the amount of profit you make each time someone books you for Invisalign or dental implant services is worth it. Other businesses that have high margin products or services include lawyers, renovation specialists, mining equipment suppliers and financial consultants. For these types of businesses, attracting new clients through Google Ads management is often worthwhile.

You have a high customer lifetime value

Do you know how much your customers are worth?  Businesses that attract customers who stay with them for a long time or have repeat purchasers, usually do well with Google Ads.  Industries that tend to have high customer lifetime value include doctors, dentists, universities, TAFEs and utility providers.  These businesses can afford to spend more on getting new leads because their customers will spend more and stay around longer.  Yes, you might have a higher CPC, but once you land a new client you know they’re going to add a lot of value to your business.

You’re an eCommerce store with B2C products

Google Ads tend to work well for eCommerce businesses that sell products directly to customers.  PPC management translates beautifully for these businesses because the data is easy to gather and the results are highly measurable.  This makes it possible to create highly targeted and profitable Google Ads campaigns for eCommerce stores. Customers usually don’t have to jump over as many hurdles to buy a product compared to investing in a service. That means eCommerce campaigns tend to have higher click through rates and conversion rates. Now that online shopping is a trillion dollar industry, eCommerce stores that don’t harness the power of PPC risk being left behind.

You resell big brands

You know what people search for a lot online? Big brand names. Paid ads could be a powerful profit-making tool if your business resells big brands like Nike, Dior or Toyota. The cool thing is these brands already have a strong sense of identity that you can piggy back off.  Think about it. You see unbranded sneakers and a pair of Nike Air Max trainers. The presence of a well known brand name makes you more likely to trust and commit to the purchase. A Google ads management agency can help you create killer Adwords and Google Shopping strategies that get your products in front of the right people at the right time.

Google Ads management that actually works

Google Ads Management That Actually Work When it comes to successful PPC ads, it’s not just about what industry you’re in. You also need the right strategies and tools to get results. The best Google Ads agencies will get to know your business before creating a custom campaign that’ll set you up for success. Whether you’re new to Google Adwords or have had some bad experience using it in the past, Dilate is here to help. Chat with our marketing experts and we’ll help you find the best way forward to increase exposure and grow profit for your business. We’ve run hundreds of successful Google Ads campaigns and can help you maximise your campaign as part of a broader digital marketing strategy. Learn more about our Google Ads management services from a premium partner.

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