How To Attract Local Customers With Local SEO

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

When it comes to getting noticed on Google, there are key SEO services you need to consider. An effective, long term SEO strategy is key to ensuring your website gets in front of audiences actively looking for products and services just like yours. While SEO companies offer a range of SEO services including keyword analysis, link building and content marketing, Dilate Digital is a Perth SEO agency that knows how to reach local customers too with local SEO. A localised strategy is especially important for businesses with a physical shop front. In this article, we’ll explain how you can reach not just those people searching around your category online, but customers close to your store.

How to Have an Awesome SEO Strategy on a Small Budget

Imagine you’re walking down your local street looking for a pizza shop nearby. Or perhaps you’re searching for a travel agency, somewhere to print a book, or to chat with someone about a new phone contract. Across all different needs for information, the first place you’re likely to turn for recommendations nearby is Google. We carry the world’s biggest phone book in smartphone and it’s available to us 24/7 wherever we go. For local recommendations on the spot, Google is everyone’s local neighbourhood resident that has all the best tips. With this said, the first step to local SEO success is ensuring your business is listed with up to date information on Google search and Google Maps. With Google My Business, you can list your business on Google for free which gives an easy to read on the run preview of your business description, location, contact details and website.

In a similar fashion to on-page and off-page SEO, you can improve your local SEO through creating content on your website around local keywords as well as interacting with other local websites. For example, if you’re the owner of that pizza shop, be sure to let people know why you’re the ‘best pizza in Perth’, or ‘Perth’s favourite pizza shop’ through interesting, quality content on your website blog. To improve your Google My Business Listing further and create social proof, promote an incentive in-store for customers to review your business on your Google My Business listing with a star rating or comment.

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Social media is another great platform for improving your local SEO. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media pages are increasingly being listed on Google, sometimes even higher than a businesses website, so it’s time well spent creating great content and maintaining regular engagement on social media. First things first, ensure your ‘About Us’ or ‘Bio’ descriptions contain as much information about your business as possible and that it matches your Google My Business listing details. Next you’re ready to start creating and sharing content that’s relevant and useful to your local audience that they’ll love to engage with and share with their friends. Creating posts about local events as well as offering discount offers redeemable online or in-store are great social media tactics for improving your local SEO.

If you’re keen to improve your local SEO or learn more about other SEO services, Perth based SEO agency Dilate Digital is here to help with our team of experts. Give us a call today and let’s reach your local customers together.

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