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Secrets To Facebook Advertising That Actually Works

Secrets To Facebook Advertising That Actually Works
September 7, 2017 Bodie Czeladka

Secrets To Facebook Advertising That Actually Works

If you haven’t been taking advantage of Facebook advertising for your business, you’re missing out on an awesome opportunity to reach a huge audience. Social media is big business and choosing paid advertising through Facebook is a cost effective option for your digital marketing strategy. When done right, it’s also highly effective. With that in mind, let’s look at how you can optimise your Facebook advertising with our simple insider secrets.

Secrets To Facebook Advertising That Actually Works

Match your ads with the correct landing page

This is important. It’s not just about getting people to click on your Facebooks ads – you also want them to actually convert once they reach your website. Make sure that when visitors are taken to your website, they are taken to the most relevant landing page. For example, don’t have an ad promoting a specific product only to have a link to your home page when people click. Take them exactly where they need to go!

Benefits, not features

It’s easy to list off the features of your product or service but this doesn’t actually tell your audience much. Instead, make sure you always focus on the benefits that your business can provide your target demographic, particularly in comparison to your competition. Take the time to think about the main benefits your business can provide and include these in your Facebook ads.

Provide an incentive

You could spend a lot of time spelling out why users should choose your product or service but one of the best ways to grab people’s attention is to provide a clear incentive. Think about things like 10% off, a free eBook, free shipping, obligation free consultation or any other promotion which could be worked into your Facebook ad campaign.

ALWAYS include a call to action

You might think it’s obvious what you want your audience to do if they like your Facebook ad but you must always include a clear call to action in every single ad. Yes, to you it may seem repetitive to do this each time but it really makes a huge difference. Experiment with different calls to action such as ‘click here’, ‘learn more’, ‘find out how you can…’ to see which works best for your ads.

Keep it short and sweet

You need to remember that your audience on Facebook will be scrolling through posts relatively quickly and this needs to be taken into consideration with the length of your ads. Keep your posts short, punchy and to the point. You also need to grab the attention of potential users so they pause long enough to see what you’re offering – think about using visual elements such as videos or eye-catching images. Often a great picture and a few words will be all you need.

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